Friday, August 13, 2010

swimming and errands

Josh and I spent a few hours swimming yesterday, but other than that, we just hung out at the house trying to enjoy the last couple of days of vacation.
Today we are going to try to swim a little again. There is a chance of pop up rain showers, so we shall see. I kept hearing thunder yetserday, so we came in. I also need to do laundry and take some things down to the preschool. If you are new to my blog, the preschool is less than a mile from my house, so it is easy for me to run down there for short periods of time. I need to feed our fish down there too. Well, I better get going. Have a nice weekend.


Julie said...

Sounds like you're busy getting ready for the school year.

Me too!


Denise said...

Have a great weekend Lori. We only have one more full week of summer break and then we start back to school... I'm counting the days!!

Judy said...

Hi Lori! It's nice that your school is so close to you. I hope you get to enjoy a super lazy weekend before it starts. I'm having a lazy day, & loving it! Sending big hugs!

Kat & Steve White - The other White House said...

Hi Lori, sounds like you're enjoying the last of your summer days with Joshua! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. That's nice you live so close to the school, it' makes it fast and quick to get to work! big hugs

KrnDrln said...

Enjoy your last few days of summer! :)