Monday, July 11, 2011

Fireworks and Fun

I finished all of my reading and my paper for my class. I just need to do the discussion boards online and I will be done. The last face-to-face class is tomorrow. It is partly online also though.
Now that the class is out of the way I need to get down to the preschool and start my lesson plans for the fall. Josh is going to Oklahoma this week with my parents. They will pick him up today, so after class tomorrow I plan to go to the preschool and get started on them. I am hoping it doesn't take a long time. I do have to do 10 weeks of lesson plans though and leave notes on what to do for 8 weeks of the lessons. I am hoping to get that done this week. If I can do that, I will have a week off. I was planning to do lesson plans next week.
Today I am doing laundry and cleaning house some. I had a terrible headache yesterday and did not get anything accomplished. It is so hot too. It was 102º yesterday and 100º the day before and supposed to be 100º again today. This is usually our August weather. I am concerned with this heat.
We went to a fireworks display on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun. My friend Malinda and her family was there. They live here in town and she subs with me sometimes at the preschool if someone needs to be gone. Then another friend of mine from high school (Barb and her family) also came. If you are on facebook, there are tons of pictures. It was nice just being able to be with friends and do something fun besides homework. There is a picture of Josh and his friend Malena with a horse, there is a petting zoo at this place also.
Well, I better go. Have a nice week and stay cool!!


  1. Hi Lori,
    Love the new look here. You're making so much progress so quickly. You're amazing! Good luck with the lesson plans. Hugz!

  2. Hi Lori! I have spent some time here tonight to catch up with you & all that I have missed. I saw your new 'baby'! She's so pretty. I thought it would be another Corgi, so was suprised when I saw a different breed.

    I laughed when I read about how you go peek in windows that you see (empty homes of course!) & like. I do too, & Mike hates that! :)

    I am not back to blogging regularly yet, but I did start posting again in my Simple Woman's Daybook tonight, & I put up a new summer sigtag. I do miss blogging, but feel as though my posts are 'so' boring! I am going to stay caught up with all my reads, so I will stop in here often to visit you. Have a wonderful week Lori! Hugs

  3. Happy Tuesday Busy Lady ;-}

    I marvel at how you manage to do so much with classes and school work plus running a household. It's been so long for me that I forgot how that was. :)

    Love the photo of Josh with his friend and the horse. Have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  4. It sounds like you are having lots of fun and are busy as always! It seems like we are always running here and there also. It would be nice to stay home for awhile... or go on a vacation to some deserted island where we couldn't go anywhere! LOL

  5. Love the pictures, especially the one with the horse. :)

    Sounds like you're getting lots of good sunshine! We've had some, but it's back to raining today. Booooo!

  6. hey lori its good to hear that ur almost done with the class. Yay. Well ur lesson plans should b easy as makin a jelly roll.. But hey ur lil genius. U can do anything without studyin for it.. Housecleanin and laundry ill do it if you want. Im not kiddin. Ive done it all. But the pics are beautifull. Both the ones u took and malinda did too. Im glad josh is havin a great time. Karls probably busy with construction of houses buildin and such. Its harder gettin started and easier toward the end. Well dont have to much fun doin ur lesson plans. Take care. Ur friend. Ttyl. Ang


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