Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Doctors...

Tuesday I went to see my doctor's. I saw my neurologist and that visit went fine, I had to have blood work done, so I was there for 2 hours. I love my doctor, he is awesome. I have seen him since I was 13. Next, I went to see my chiropractor about my hip/leg pain. He put me on his tables and adjusted me, but I was still having some pain. I went back today and he is thinking it is a pinched nerve/bulging disc. He put me on his roller table, adjusted me, then he did some acupuncture. I have never done that before. You cannot even feel it. I do not know if it helped or not, but we tried it. Then he put me on another table that stretches you out. That felt really good. Anyway, I go back on Monday. The chiropractor is the son of a lady that used to work with me. They are really good people. Tonight we went to dinner with Karl's family. It is his mom and dad's 50th Anniversary. It was nice. We went to a place called Buckingham's and it is Bar-b-que. It was really good. Tomorrow is the last day of school for Josh. He gets out at noon. I am taking him to see Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. That is the plan anyway. This school year went by really fast for me. I know he will be excited to be done.

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