Tuesday, September 8, 2015

bathroom and birthday

Karl has been working on our bathroom.  He worked on taking the wallpaper down last week and over the Labor Day weekend he was able to paint and he put up some back splash behind the sink.  Here is a picture on the right of the bathroom I took last summer when I had just changed the decorations.  It is not awful, but wanted to get rid of the wall paper.  Then on the left is a picture after the paint.  The paint is gray.  Then there is a picture of the new sink and the back splash Karl is working on over on the right.  It is not done, but you will get the idea.  We will just stick with these decorations for now since I just re-decorated, but there are so many possibilities with gray.

I got up this morning to take Josh to school and my car would not start again.  This happened on the first day of school too.  My father-in-law just came over to look at it and there was a wire loose on the battery, so he tightened it up and the car started right up.  Thank-goodness it was an easy fix.

It is storming now.  They say we will have a few fronts move trough and then it will cool off again to the 70's for highs later this week.  I cleaned house and decorated for Fall yesterday.  I am going to let the ground get wet from the rain and then I will go put my fall decorations in the ground.  I tried the other day, but the ground was so hard.  So, our dirt has rocks in it and it is hard to do anything with.  My Grandparents had black dirt to work with.  I actually asked them if they had black dirt brought in because I thought everyone had bad dirt like us, but no.  Anyway, I will get that stuff put out later today or tomorrow and then I plan to start looking for mums and pumpkins.  I am so excited.  I love fall, but hate to see summer over.  We drained the pool over the weekend too.  So sad.

I am taking Josh to get his hair cut after school and my friend Malinda and I are doing some Essential Oils classes this week.  Wednesday we have Sylvan.  My birthday is Wednesday too.  Busy week.  Have a great one!
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  1. Hi sweetie. Melanie said she is going to try the pumpkin thing but she's offline so I'm not sure what's going on with that. I'll grocery shop on Sunday and pick up both items so when I try it, I'll be sure and let you know.

    Your latest project in the bathroom looks great. So nice you have a handy husband. If that was me, I'd have to do all that stuff by myself. Aw. Poor me! ha ha! Susan is into essential oils too! Sounds wonderful! Have fun! Hugz!

  2. That backsplash looks great! So much work making a house a home isn't it?
    I enjoyed using lavender essential oil. It really can help you sleep nicely.

  3. Hi Lori, my bathrooms are grey too. I just painted my bedroom grey too. Sure wish I could change the carpet too! I added a few pictures today. We have had super hot weather and I can't think about fall for a couple of more weeks. Love the look in here! Hugs

  4. Hi Lori! I love what you did to your bathroom! I was thinking of doing our main in a soft grey! You and Susan are inspiring me! Hope you are having a good start to your week! Hugs!

  5. Awesome. Karl did a pretty great job on the bathroom. The effort put into it is very commendable: from the wallpaper, to a new sink. I'm sure the final version of the bathroom will look very impressive, with both aesthetics and functionality factored in. Good day!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

  6. What a great job Karl did, it's nice to have a handy man! He did a wonderful job!
    I am so glad summer is almost over, but it is still warm here, although today is going to be cool. Loving it!



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