Monday, September 20, 2010

mostly Josh...

Since I last posted Josh went to his first school dance. I went a little early and watched the kids and he seemed to be having a lot of fun. He said he liked it when it was over. I am glad.
Saturday Josh went to the Laura Ingall's Wilder house/museum in Mansfield, MO with Karl's parents. They saw a play and looked at the house. He enjoyed that and when they got back there was a rodeo going on near our house, so they went to that too. Josh was not feeling well when he got home that night and the next morning he was running a fever. I do not even know what was wrong because he stayed home today from school, but the fever has broke and he seems fine. It is so strange how that works out.
There is really nothing going on with me. I am trying to get a loan for my school this year. We have been able to pay for it to this point, but now with me being gone from work for class and getting docked pay for every time I am gone...not to mention, I will be gone some with Josh and his teeth...braces, getting teeth pulled, etc. So we have applied for a loan. I believe it has been approved, we just wait. Speaking of Josh's teeth, he was supposed to have his first 2 pulled today, but because he was not feeling well this morning, I canceled the appointment. He goes again next Monday. He will have 2 appointments to get the 4 teeth that need to be pulled.
I have class tomorrow, then work. Have a nice week. More cute siggies from Judy!! I have had a few people ask about my siggies. Most of them come from Judy, you can find her here: at Grateful Heart Blog or the link or over on the right in my reads.



  2. Hi Lori! First off - happy belated birthday! Sounded like a great day. Josh is growing up - a dance! It's great that he liked it. Once they start growinp up, there's not stopping it. :-( I want Elliot & Emily to stay little as long as possible. :-)

    I'm glad you are enjoying your siggies...I posted another one today. Hope you have a wonderful week Lori. Hugs

  3. Hi Lori! I'm so glad to read that Josh enjoyed his dance and I'm really glad that he's feeling better! Good luck with your student loan, hopefully everything goes as planned for you. :) Have a wonderful day and thanks for a link to those siggies! They are super cute.


  4. Glad to hear that Josh enjoyed the dance! Hope he's feeling 100% better now!

  5. Hi there Lori..well it's been a while since I have been here and if you check out my blog you'll see why...hubby and I have been wandering our beautiful state again..taking in the fall colors and just enjoying seeing some areas we have never been to. It sounds like Josh is keeping you busy but that's what Mom's are for..right?? Hope things work out for your school loan. I love all of Judy's siggies too but I am waiting until tomorrow the official first day of fall before using mine..silly me but I am not ready to give up my summer!! have a great week!! Blessings!!

  6. Hi Lori;

    Dropped in to see what's new and I see you've been very busy. I hope all is well with Josh. It's no fun getting 4 teeth pulled. It's always a joy seeing your child go to their first school dance. How wonderful to be able to see Laura Ingalls-Wilder's home. I still watch the series on TV.

    Have a blessed week ahead dear Lori. Hugs

  7. Hi Lori! Just stopping in to check on you & see what you are up to. I hope all is well. I'm going to post my September giveaway tomorrow, so I hope you stop in & join in the fun. Sending big hugs your way!

  8. Thanks for the info about the siggies, looks like you are all doing well!!

  9. Lori, what fun to go to Laura Ingall's Wilder house and museum, I just loved that show and read all the books. That is nice Josh enjoyed that I do not think Morgan would like that. She is so picky. Have a great weekend. Big hugs


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