Saturday, January 26, 2013

guess who...

I have not posted since November, so since then we had a nice Christmas. My parents came to be here with us and we had a nice time. I got a treadmill for Christmas and I am finally going to try to get some of this weight off. I gained a lot of weight...well last year after student teaching. We got stressed out at the preschool and ate everything in sight. One of my co-workers has already lost her weight and the other two of us are working on it. This is a much more difficult year at the preschool, so I am not sure what got into us last year. I have been walking everyday and for right now, I am still trying to get stronger to work myself to a faster walking rate. I have been walking faster and more each week, but I haven't checked my weight. I do not really feel like I have lost any weight yet. I have not worked out since I started going to college and now that is over I can focus. It has been a busy month at the preschool and I will not get into it except to say that time is going fast. Things are also going well. Last weekend since it was a long one, Karl, Josh and I took off to Lake of the Ozarks. I was wanting Josh to see something new and it is pretty there but they have built up since I was there last and it turned out to be not a big deal...not like I remembered it. The lake is beautiful of course, but we went on to Jefferson City instead...the capital of Missouri. Josh wanted to see the capital building and we had the most fun there. I think all of my pictures are on my phone and hopefully most of you were able to see them on facebook since I have nothing to share here. It was nice to get away for the day and have some fun. We are all fine. Karl is working in Joplin, which is about at hour away, but hey it is work. He drives back and forth everyday, so he is here with us at night. Josh is doing well in school and work is going good for me. I plan to keep up my workouts and hopefully I will start seeing some results soon. I also got the app on my phone my fitness buddy and it helps me watch my calories. Well, I better go. There is not a lot going on here, just tired at night. I wanted to update for those of you who do check on me and I appreciate it!! I miss you all and think of you often. Glad facebook is there to see many of you. If you are not on my facebook, find me...Lori Burkett Ray. It is easier to keep up with me there. I am keeping my blog because you guys know I post the most in the summer when I am not working. I hope you are all well and the flu has not found you. Have a great weekend!!