Friday, November 30, 2018

Saturday 9- Call Me

Call Me (1966)

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.

1) Chris Montez sings that you can always call him, regardless of the hour. Do you believe that it's ever too late to phone someone?  Yes, unless there has been a death or an emergency, I have always been taught not to call people after 9-10 at night, but it depends on the person too.  I have called my mom at 11:00 at night before because I knew she was up and I have also called my cousin and she has called me really late, but non  I also have a co-worker that goes to bed at 8:30.


2) He insists that you can depend on him, even when your friends desert you. Who is someone you can trust to have your back, no matter what?  My mom

3) Billy Crystal serenades Meg Ryan -- via answering machine -- with "Call Me" in When Harry Met Sally. Answering machines have been replaced by voice mail. Who most recently left you a voice mail?  My mom

4) Chris Montez is a graduate of El Camino College in Torrance, California. The average daytime temperature in November in Torrance is 70º. How is the weather where you are today?  It was in the 60's today, but we are expecting thunderstorms.

5) Today Chris actively promotes a healthy lifestyle to children. He was honored for his efforts by the group SOPA (Stop Obesity, Promote Activity). Do you believe you get enough exercise?  No, I need to walk on my treadmill.   

6) Released in late 1965, "Call Me" became a big hit in 1966, reaching #2 on the charts. Even though it sold millions of copies and was certified as a Gold Record, it never hit #1. Is winning, or being the best, important to you?  not really
7) In 1966, when this was playing on juke boxes, kids were watching Batman and Star Trek. If you had your choice of watching an episode right now, which would you choose: Star Trek or Batmanthe tv shows...  neither, but I do love the Batman movies.

8) Also in 1966, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was born. Do you enjoy cooking?  not really.

9) Random question -- You have the opportunity to perform in the circus! Would you rather be shot from a cannon, or put your head in the lion's mouth?  my head in the lion's mouth

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wednesday Medley- 11/27/18...

1.  On November 28th, 1995, President Bill Clinton ended the 55 MPH nationwide speed limit that began in 1974 as an energy saving measure during the Mid-East oil embargo.  If you are old enough to remember this (I sure am) did it make you happy?  Do you have a heavy foot when driving or does 55 MPH sound good to you?  I do not remember feeling anything about it, I was probably clueless as I did not watch much tv at that time to learn about it.  I am however happy about it and yes I have a heavy foot.

2.  You are home alone on a rainy/snowy Sunday afternoon.  What Christmas movie will you watch?  I enjoy watching the Hallmark Christmas movies.  Here is a picture of one of my dogs...this is Mandy.

3.  What is something you have tried that you will never try again?   If I have tried something I do not like...and I am sure I have, I must had put it out of my memory.  If I think of anything, I will change my answer.  It would be something that frightened me probably.

4.  Today is National French Toast Day!!  Will you have some?  Do you like French Toast?  I love French Toast, but I will be at work and unable to prepare anything.

5.  The Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center will be lighted today, as will the one at the White House in Washington, D.C.  Do you have your tree up and is it lighted?  Have you ever been in New York City or Washington, D.C. to see the trees all lit up during the holidays?  My tree went up last weekend.  I have been to Silver Dollar City at Christmas, but not Washington D.C. or New York City.  Here is a picture of my corgi Christmas ornament from Hallmark.

6.  Tell us something random about this week of yours.  We are having pajama day at school today, I honestly do not love pajama day.  I love to wear pajamas at home, but not so much when I am working.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tuesday 4- Your Brand is Showing!
Your Brand is Showing!

1.   Food: ~ Do you buy brand names or go for the cheaper store name brand?  I am about half and half.  It really depends on what I am buying.  Some generic brands are really good.

2.   Clothes: ~ Wear designer jeans/slacks with a brand name or regular department store jeans/slacks?  I wear whatever looks good on me, so again, I am about 50/50.

3.   Handbags: ~ Buy a designer bag or look for a less expensive copy?  I rarely carry a purse, I have a big teacher bag, so it is just inexpensive.  My actual bag is designer.  I save it for special occasions, like when we go to Nutcracker in a few weeks.

4.   Shoes: ~ You got the drift, designer or a cheaper copy?  whatever feels the best on my feet.  I wear Saucony tennis shoes and L.L. Bean Mocs much of the time.  I am all about comfort.

Toni, I did not realize Tuesday Meme was back!  This makes me happy!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Sunday Stealing- Hooked on Memes

1. How many states have you been in? 10

2. If a sexist Man is called a pig, what is a sexist Woman called? something I should not repeat I suppose.

3. You see the one person who you absolutely despise. If you were guarentee'd that he/she couldn't say or do anything back to you.... What would you do?? Nothing, I find no joy in hurting people or confronting people.  I do not really think I despise anyone though.

4. How many states are to the right of you? And don’t give us a map to look at. 25

5. You can go anywhere in the world for free. Where are you?  Hawaii


7. Are you a boxing fan? YES!  I have not really watched in a long time though.

8. What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?  well, I hate the smell of liver and onions and as I recall I thought it tasted the same...I cannot think of anything else right now, but I am sure there are plenty to choose from.

9. Is it cloudy right now?  no

10. Someone gives you a $500 gift card to WalMart or Target. What are you going to buy?  Christmas gifts or groceries...probably both.

11. When you were little, what did you want to be "when you grow up"? And, how much different is your occupation now from where you thought it would be when you were younger?  I never had any clue what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I am a teacher now.  I teach preschool, so still trying to grow up.

12. what was your favorite toy as a child?  Barbie

13. What is the last place you had a good cry and why?  Well, I cry a lot...I just watched a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and cried during the commercials, but as far as a good cry I will say right before my dad died.  I knew it was going to be soon.

14. Which Sesame Street Character do you relate with the most and why?  Elmo, he is so free and full of life and silly.  I am like that a lot.

15. Did you ever make what you believed at the time to be a horrible mistake - that in hindsight turned out to lead you on the best path in your life?  yes, but it is too long to write about.

16. What’s your favorite show to watch on television nowadays?  I have been enjoying New Amsterdam this year and I started watching Victoria on PBS about Queen Victoria.  I binge watched it on amazon prime.  It is really good.

17. Do you believe there is life after death?  I believe in everlasting life in Heaven with Jesus.

Saturday 9: Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Woman

Saturday 9: Black Magic Woman (1970)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune: Hear it here.

1) Black is this week's signature color because Friday, November 23, was "Black Friday," when retailers cut their prices and consumers flock to the stores. Did you score any "Black Friday" bargains?  I got a few Christmas gifts and some mascara from Ulta...but not huge bargains.  We have done that in the past though.

2) On busy shopping days,  carts often litter parking lots. After loading your items into your car, are you careful to return your shopping cart to the store or the designated cart receptacleI usually put it in the cart receptacle, but if I am really close to the door, I will return it to the store.

3) Who on your gift list is hardest to buy for? My nephews

4) Feasting and football are also popular Thanksgiving weekend pastimes. Do your Thursday-Sunday plans include enjoying leftovers or watching a game?  Yes to both, we eat leftovers and watch some football.

5) Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is an annual event. It began in 1924 as a local event in New York. Today it's nationally televised. Did you watch it?  I actually watched it twice!  I watched when I was getting ready and then later in the afternoon as it was on replay, my son wanted to watch it, so we watched it again.
6) What did you give thanks for on Thanksgiving 2018My family

7) At the first Thanksgiving, there were no forks. Pilgrims ate with spoons and knives, and forks didn't become popular until the 18th century. Think about your Thanksgiving place setting. Did you have both a salad and a dinner fork?  we are not that formal, we each just had a dinner fork.  We did not have a salad.

8) Pies are a popular Thanksgiving dessert. What kind of pie did you enjoy? Or did you have ice cream? Or did you skip dessertPumpkin pie
9) This week's featured band, Santana, was named for its founder, Carlos Santana. He was born in Mexico. When at a Mexican restaurant, what do you usually order?  burrito, but I like a lot of things on a Mexican menu.  YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday Medley- Thanksgiving

1.    What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?  all of it, I love everything.
2.   What’s the happiest Thanksgiving memory of your childhood?  Just being with family, my Grandparents, cousins, aunt and uncle and of course my mom and dad.
3.   Who is the most consistently grateful person you know?  My co-worker is the most grateful person I know, she is amazing!
4.   If you could thank one person today—near or far, living or dead—for their influence on your life, who would that person be?  My dad, he taught me so many things and always encouraged me to just do my best.  I miss him.
5.   Who’s one person you’ve never thanked for their contribution to your life, but would like to?  Probably my mom.
6.   Tell us something random about your Thanksgiving week.  Today I am taking Josh to have some blood work done...I am officially on Thanksgiving Break, then to lunch and to the library. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Stealing- Back to Normal

1.What is your favorite animal?  dogs, I have 3 and I adore them.

2.Your dream vacation?  Europe

3.Last person's house you were in?  my mom's, I visit her every Friday.

4.Worst injury you've ever had?  It would be between my back injury that caused a sciatic nerve problem  or when I fell and injured my arms.  I was able to get my back and sciatic nerve back to normal with chiropractic care, but the arms...they hurt for a really long time.  They are fine now.  I will say those two are a toss.  I am pretty careful...or very lucky, so I haven't been hurt very badly.

5.Last play you saw?  I am not sure.  It has been a while.  I saw Phantom of the Opera in May, but that is a musical production.

6.Ever go to camp?  no

7.Were you an honor roll student in school?  yes

8.What do you want to know about the future?  I wouldn't want to know the future, I would just worry.

9.Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?  no.  I wore perfume when I was young, but my son is allergic, so I quit wearing it.  He is grown now, but I never started wearing it again.

10.Are you due sometime this year for a doctor's visit?  I see the doctor next month.

11.Where is your best friend?  sitting next to me.  My husband is my best friend.  I have several friends, but not really a best friend.

12.Do you have a tan?  no, unfortunately I have not even been in the sun in the summer for the last three years, two years I was taking care of my dad and last summer I was seeing doctors and taking my son to doctor's.  It sounds like I/we are really sick, but I am perfectly fine.  I just had not seen any doctor's in probably ten years, so I was making the rounds.  My son was diagnosed with depression and also had his wisdom teeth out, so we are still seeing his doctors for that.

13.What are you listening to right now?  nothing, I have been watching the show Victoria on Amazon Prime Video.  It is about Queen Victoria if you have not seen it and I really like it.  I watched season 1 today.  I just turned it off to answer these questions though.

14.Do you collect anything?  Christmas ornaments

15.Who is the biggest gossiper you know?  my in-laws, I do not tell them anything...unless I do not mind everyone knowing my business.  Like everyone...their friends, the rest of the family, people at church.  It is weird.

16.Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?  20+ years ago.  It was when I lived in Kansas City.

17.What does your last text message say? "Did you turn off the electricity?"...the power went off at the school on Friday and so I was joking, but my co-worker went to get the kids on the bus and I accused her of turning off the electricity at the schools...the power was out district wide for over an hour.  We almost got to go home.

18.Do you like hot sauce?  yes, but not too hot

19.Do you need to do laundry?  yes, Sunday is my laundry day.

20.What is your heritage?  I am adopted, so I do not know.


Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday 9: Sentimental Journey

Saturday 9: Sentimental Journey (1945)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Doris sings that she has her bag packed. Tell us about your luggage. Is your bag easy to spot on the luggage carousel?  I have never had my luggage on a carousel, so I am not sure if it would be easy to spot.  It is a multi shade brown suitcase with matching carry-on bag.

2) The release of this song coincided with VE Day, and so it meant a great deal to troops returning home from Europe. What song has sentimental value for you? Why?  Many songs from the 80's and early 90's when I was in high school and college.  I was just listening to my The Cars CD, it makes me think of college and good times.

3) As a young girl, Doris was passionate about dance. Concentrating in the studio and performing on stage helped distract her from heartache and embarrassment over her parents' divorce. When you want to escape from what's troubling you, what do you do?  I will often get on my computer and read websites or shop.  Sometimes listen to music.

4) Her dancing days came to an end when, at age 15, she was in a car accident and damaged her leg. During her recovery, she discovered how much she enjoyed singing with the radio, and was delighted to find others enjoyed hearing her. Tell us about a time you unexpectedly found happiness or success.  I am going to go with becoming a mom.  I was scared and I was not sure if I would enjoy being a mom, but of course I fell in love with my son as soon as I heard his little heart beat.  He has been my happiness ever since.
5) She moved from singer to actress in the late 1940s and was a major movie star for 25 years. She was paired with the most popular leading men of her time -- everyone from Clark Gable to Frank Sinatra to Rock Hudson. If you could share a kiss with any actor or actress, who would you choose?  I really do not know. I do not really want to kiss any movie stars.

6) 1968 was a terrible year for Doris. First, she suddenly became a widow. Then she discovered that her late husband and his business partner had squandered her money and she had to file for bankruptcy. Oh, wait! There's more! She also found that, in his role as her manager, her late husband had, without her knowledge, committed her to a weekly TV series. Do you have a 1968? What year you can point to and say, "Wow, I'm glad that's over"?  Not like Doris, but in 2017 it started with me falling on January 1st.  My arms hurt for almost a complete year.  I had gallbladder surgery that year also end of January.  I had complications with that surgery requiring a stent that had to be removed in March.  My dad got really sick and passed away in June.  In July I found out my dog had degenerative myolopathy which means she is losing the use of her legs.  That was the end of the bad stuff that year.  I did start a new job that year though that is amazing and I feel better now not having my gall bladder.  My dad was suffering from Alzheimer's, so he is not suffering anymore.  I feel like it was a bad year, but good came from it too.

7) After retiring from show business, she became an advocate for animal welfare. She has said we should be more sensitive to the loneliness, sadness and guilt people feel when they lose a pet. Think of a time you were grieving. What words or gestures helped you through? Conversely, what's something no one should ever say to someone who is hurting?  When my dad died a lot of people shared memories of him with me and let me know what a difference he made in their lives...he was a high school business teacher and football coach.  I found a lot of comfort in knowing what a difference he made and the prayers that were being said for all of us.  The things that were said to us when we were grieving that were hurtful were by family, so not an in general statement.  I think people just need to think.

8) Doris' only child was her son, record producer Terry Melcher. Terry had a successful, years-long collaboration with The Beach Boys. Do you have a favorite Beach Boys song?  I LOVE The Beach Boys!!!!!  I have seen them in concert several times.  I just love everything they sing.  I was able to hear Kokomo at a concert before it was released on the radio.  Just love them.

9) Random question: What's one thing you've never done, but have always wanted to try?  I think I will say travel more.  My husband has a job that does not allow for many vacations.  We have been places, but I will say leave the U.S. for a vacation.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wednesday Medley
1.  With the holidays coming, what is your most essential appliance to help you prepare for the celebrations?  My stove/oven, I think we make everything using the stove or oven that day.

2.  What is your favorite (clean) word?  awesome!  I say that all of the time.

3.  Are you a good judge of character?  I think I am.

4. What is the last thing you took a picture of? Can you share it with us?  I took a picture of the snow on my way home today from work.  We weren't supposed to get any in my area, but as you can see, we did.

5. Tomorrow, November 15, is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.  How do you intend to celebrate?  I will be at work, so not cleaning out the fridge.

6. Tell us something random about your week!  We got out of school early on Monday because of snow and it is snowing again today!  It hasn't been much of a problem though.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday Stealing- Something Different and Happy Veteran's Day!

Now for something different.  I hope you'll find it fun.  Pandora has been doing Sunday Stealing for years, even though she's in Australia and can't relate to many of the questions, so I invited her to submit an Australia-related set of questions. She checked these with friends and says that Australians could easily answer them.

Many of these you won't be able to answer, but give it a try--and understand how Pandora feels!  (I printed all of them because I figure you'll skip many -- feel free to check Google and learn some new things!)

1. Where to you land on the subject of vegemite? What is the optimum butter/vegemite ratio? Do you also eat Promite or Marmite or do you see these yeast spreads as something akin to treason?  I have never had it, just heard about vegemite sandwich in the song Land Down Under from the 80's.
2. Who was your favourite Prime Minister of the last ten years? (There have been five – choose wisely)  I do not have a favorite.
3.  Are you a Monarchist or a Republican? Why? neither?
4.  What do you think of our current head of state?  I have enough to worry about with our own government in the U.S., I just always hope things are going well for the other countries and concentrate on what is going on here.
5.  What are your feelings on compulsory voting. I think whatever works for you is fine.
6.  What is your favourite footy food? what?
7.   Your Nana is having her 80th catered for by the CWA. What CWA standards are you looking forward to at the spread? The Victoria Sponge? Yoyos? Asparagus Rolls? Brandy Snaps?  No clue
8.  What do you do on ANZAC Day?  Just a normal day here.
9.  Discuss the merits of budgie smugglers.  what?
10. What is outside your back door? Gumboots or thongs?  Oh my!  I would love to know.
11. As a kid you were given 20 cents for pick and mix. What will be in your bag? Teeth? Spearmint leaves? Gobstoppers? Freckles?  Are Gobstoppers candy in Australia?  If so, I will go with those.
12.  Redbacks or Huntsmen? ???
13.   The Mullet. Discuss.  It was a bad hairdo in the 80's here...hahahhaa
14.   Kath or Kim?  uhhhh
15.   Cricket – which code do your follow? Why? Do you think that 20/20 games are sacrilege?  I do not play.
16.   Football. Which code do you follow? Do you have an opinion about Collingwood or Essendon?  no idea?
17.   Do you agree that the lyrics to Khe Sahn should be on the citizenship test? Do you know the words to Khe Sahn?  nope
18. What is your favourite public holiday? If you're in Victoria, which do you prefer? The day off before the AFL Grand Final or Melbourne Cup Day?  I like holidays!  I am not familiar with these. 
19.   What do you do at Christmas? Ham sandwich on the beach? Seafood and salad next to the pool? Endure a full English roast with all the trimmings when the thermometer is pushing 35 degrees centigrade outside?  Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes/gravy, hot rolls, deviled eggs and of course pumpkin pie and pecan pie.   It is cold here.
20.   Ford or Holden?  Ford since I have owned one.
21.   What is the best Australian invention ever? (And yes, the Hills Hoist can be mentioned)
22.   Describe the following:  I have never had any of these.

    Fairy bread
    Chiko rolls
    Snot blocks

23.   What are the following traditional items found in all Australian homes?  no clue

    Dead horse
    Hills Hoist
    A slab
    A ute

24.   Who is your all time Australian hero?  hero?  Can I say the Pastor of Hillsong?  I like him.  Pastor Brian Houston. He has visited my church too.
25.   Translate the following: “Strewth! Nev was going flat out like a lizard drinking. But he had a nana nap and he's raring. Told him to get here pronto by not to miss the gate cos it’s impossible to chuck a u-ey for miles. Told him to bring a slab. We’ll have a barby. The kiddies can have snags. Joe the Pom will moan about everything. Jeez, he’s a bastard. Yeah…nah… no flies on him. “  Uh...this is English?  Someone is getting to a Bar-b-que in a hurry?  I have no sorry Pandora.
26.   What is your favourite Australian holiday spot?  I've never been. :(
27.   Do you eat the coat of arms?  I think not.
28.   You are stuck in a lift with the following: Karl Stefanovic, Peter Dutton and Alan Jones. Who do you kill last?  Kill???
29.   What is the NBN?  newschannel? 
30.   “Where the bloody hell are you?” Discuss.  in my living room answering these questions.
31. Complete the following sayings.  I don't know these sayings.

    Am I ever going to see your face again? ..................................................
    You're terrible, ...........................!
    Coupla days, ...............................

32. Potato scallops or potato cakes?  they both sound good, probably not what I think they are...hahahaha
33. Provide three uses for cane toads.  never heard of them
34. If you give a politician a koala to cuddle, what is the likely outcome? I do not know, but I would like to cuddle a koala.
35. Bagpipes are perfectly at home in rock songs. Discuss.  whaaa?
36. What is a Tim Tam Slam?  no idea?
37. If I ask for a FruChoc, where am I from? What are FruChocs?  I don't know the answer to either question.

Sorry Pandora, I did not do very well.  I do not believe I answered any correctly. 


In other news.  Happy Veteran's Day to those who have served or who have family that has served.  We are so thankful for your service.

In the USA, Veterans Day annually falls on November 11. This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918. Veterans are thanked for their services to the United States on Veterans Day.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Saturday 9- The Middle

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: The Middle (2018)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about compromise. When did you recently give in a little and meet someone halfway?  Today when I was asked to stay late for a meeting on Monday...I do not mean like 30 minutes, I mean like 3 hours. I will get to come in late next Friday though!

2) She sings that the floors are wet. Are there any floors in your home that could use a good scrub today? If you answered "yes," will those floors get cleaned this weekend?  Yes, Our floors all need a good scrub, I like clean floors.  They probably will get cleaned.

3) She also sings that the cabinets are bare. What's currently on your shopping list?  Maybe some drinks, but we are ok on food and it is going to be cold this weekend, so we may just stay in.

4) You may be familiar with this song from Target's TV commercials. Do you often shop at Target?  Not really, it is out of the way for me.

5) The lead vocal is handled by Maren Morris, a Grammy winner for "My Church," which is all about singing with the car radio. What's the last song you sang along with?  I can't remember.

6) This past April, Maren married singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd and they have performed onstage together. Who is the last person you sang along with?  I was singing with some kids today in class, we were singing Santa Claus is coming to town.

7) This song was composed by brothers Kyle and Michael Trewartha. With their bleached hair and sunglasses, they look like a pair of surfer dudes -- which they are, having grown up in Huntington Beach, CA. Is there a body of water near your hometown?  Table Rock Lake and lots of rivers.

8) January 2018, when this song debuted, we had a total lunar eclipse. When things like that happen in the sky, do you go out of your way to watch?  Yes I do. 

9) Random question -- They say we're all young at heart. In what way can you be childlike?  I teach preschool, so I am always playing games, singing with kids and doing fun kid stuff.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday Medley- It's all about - What, what, what???

Wednesday Medley
It's all about - What, what, what???

What is your claim to fame?  Child of God, wife, mom, daughter and Early Childhood Special Education Teacher.  I am not famous.

What is something you like to do the old-fashioned way?  Send Christmas Cards, read actual books I can hold and send letters through the mail.

What did you think you would grow out of but haven’t?  Caring about the way my husband's family treats me and my son.

What is the dumbest thing you’ve done that actually turned out pretty well?  When I was in my early 20's I up and moved to Kansas City.  It was pretty stupid because I was hours away from my family, but I got good work experience and I got to live in the city and experience a lot of things that happen in Kansas City.  It was fun, but stupid.

If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?  Delaney or Whitley

What is something random you can tell us about this week?  I was able to vote Tuesday and it was so busy!  That is great!  I love it when people get out and vote.