Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Freeze

Well, I have another snow day. I thought I would drop in and make a post. We did not get the "blizzard" they said we would thank-goodness. We are not used to that kind of weather here in Missouri. There were some places that got close to 20 inches around here, but we got about 6. Just 6 inches has paralyzed our town. It is cold now. It was -9 last night. So far the pipes haven't froze. Maybe the snow is keeping the wind out. Let's hope. We have a really old house.
Well, Karl went back to work today being out from the storm. It is so cold. The roads were really bad. They still may be, I am not getting out in it.
We have still been looking at houses. Not seriously though. I do not think we can seriously look at houses until I finish school in the fall. I will have no paycheck for 8 weeks when I am student teaching, so we will probably wait until then. The house I had talked about in my last post was super inexpensive. I guess if we found the right deal we could do it, but until then we just have fun looking.
We are missing a lot of school. I hope much of it is forgiven so we do not have to make all of it up. I do not enjoy being in school when it is nice out in the Spring.
Well, I will wrap this up. Enjoy the Superbowl!!