Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Adventures #2

Creative Adventures

1. While on vacation in Europe I decided to visit an old landmark Inn at the top of the cliffs. The Inn was the place to stay for the rich and famous during the turn of the 20th century. As I rode along the winding road up to the top I noticed it was beginning to rain.

2. Gathering my senses I continued to the Inn grounds and drove the long unkept driveway to the now abandoned building. Stepping out of my car I walked to the door and found it was unlocked.

3. Entering the enormous lobby I walked to the desk and opened an old falling apart guest register and as I was reading the list of guests who were part of the past of this once famous Inn I thought I heard a door close.

4. Leaving this lonely ghostly place with a smile on my face I thought to myself why do I keep going in abandoned buildings.

Today I am just doing laundry and my parents are coming to get Josh later so he can spend the night. I got the wallpaper off pretty easy the other day and then Karl got the painting done when he got home. Tomorrow I am taking Molly to the vet for some shots. Have a nice day!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Manic Monday

I took Josh to the orthodontist today, then as soon as we got home there was a message on the phone from a realtor wanting to show our house. I cleaned the house and did some laundry really fast and while they were showing the house we went to the library. Josh returned his books and checked out a new one, in the meantime I have all 3 dogs in the car. Then after that we went to Karl's mom's house to wait until the people were gone from looking at the house. Well here is the thing with our house. The people last week that looked at it really liked it, but we have some repairs to make and it seems like they were in a hurry to get in a house and made a bid on another house. Since then we have been working on the repairs. Well, Karl and his dad have been. Tonight when we got home Karl started pulling wallpaper off the wall and painting the laundry room. I helped with the wallpaper. We are getting there.
Tomorrow I plan to do some training for work on the computer. It should not take long. I have to watch a film and take a test over it. Then I need to get back in there and try to get more wallpaper off the wall so Karl can paint it when he gets home. He likes to paint.
Have a great week!! Here is my new sigtag from Judy!! I love it!! Thanks Judy!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creative Adventures Meme

Creative Adventures Meme

An Old Abandoned Town

1. While driving through an old abandoned town you take a turn down a side road and spot a railroad yard with an old train station, thinking it might be fun to explore it, you stop the car and go in.

2. Walking through the old train station you get a funny feeling you are not alone, you turn to see a very tall man standing behind me holding a lantern.

3. Rushing back to your car and just about to cross the old tracks you hear the sound of a train whistle pass you by but there is nothing there.

4. Once in your car driving away you think to yourself I am never doing anything like that again.

Meme and More

Toni had posted her Saturday Special Meme, and it was one of my favorite's, so I am going to post it on here.

1. Traveling by Air, Sea or Land? Land. I like to stop and see the little things along the way.
2. Hotel, Camp Grounds or Summer Cottage? Hotel and Summer Cottage. We stayed in a condo in Orange Beach and I enjoyed that. I have not actually stayed in a summer house, but I would enjoy that also. I am not much of a camper considering I live in the woods basically.
3. Sightseeing, Weather Related Sports or Relaxing? Relaxing...right now I am all about relaxing. I am hoping to be back to relaxing and doing lots of sightseeing after my school is over. I am exhausted.
4. Favorite vacation season? Summer...but this summer is killing me. :/
5. On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how much do you enjoy watching sports on television? 10, I love to watch STL Cardinals baseball, KC Chiefs football, some college sports, Boxing.
6. If you could completely memorize any one work of fiction, which one would you pick? To Kill A Mockingbird I suppose. It is one of my favorite books.
7. What is your favorite breakfast food? sadly I never eat breakfast, but I would say biscuits and gravy rank pretty high for me. I have problems eating eggs and bacon now...I do not know why. I have acid reflux.
8. Name something fun you can do for less than $10.00? Rent a movie and microwave a bag of Orville Redenbacher unsalted lightly buttered popcorn. - this was Toni's answer, I will just keep it. I do not know what fun is these days.
9. How long does it usually take you to fall asleep? It depends. Somestimes I go right to sleep, sometimes I cannot sleep at all. It depends what is on my mind and how much caffeine I have had.
10. What are the two main reasons you do memes? I enjoy seeing what other people say about the same questions, many times you have things in common. They are also just fun.

So we looked at that house in Springfield yesterday and Karl feels like the houses were too close together. We are used to our privacy and peace and quiet I think. We are super picky. There is another house on the market here in town, but it is a little out of our price range, so we keep looking and praying.
Karl's dad is coming over this afternoon to help Karl continue the repairs. They are building a wall around our water heater. Karl's dad is a carpenter. Nice right? He is retired, but stays busier than anyone I know with work. It would be nice to have skills like that. Ok, well I better get moving. Have a nice day and stay cool. It is supposed to be near 100 again. Oh joy!!! I do not have my pool out because I didn't want to make a dead place in the yard from the pool as our house is shown to potential buyers. That and I am afraid Meisha would be swimming in it all of the time. :/

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

busy with stuff...

Josh got home last night around dinner time. He ended up staying the night with his cousins after Silver Dollar City and swimming. It is just as well, I have had my nose in my books trying to prepare for the praxis which I take on Saturday.
Karl and his dad have been doing the repairs to our house. There are just a couple of things that we felt like had to be fixed before we tried to sell it and actually the rest of the house is in good shape. The houses we have looked at are in need of help. That sort of irritates me. We are spending time on trying to get our house move in ready and the other houses need to be fixed up. Karl did find a house, but it is in Springfield. It is wonderful though. We may have to go look at it. It would have easy access to the road for us to get to work and it wouldn't be that far. The school district is one of the best in Springfield according to different girls I have talked to at the university. We really want to stay here so Josh can go to a smaller school, but who knows.
So, I was all set to blog yesterday and was even at Kat's blog and read it, but my phone rang. I am going to try it again today. Once the phone rings it seems I am busy the rest of the day. I hope you are having a wonderful week. It is hot and sunny here near 100 degrees. The farmers are having a hard time...the ponds are drying up and the hay is not growing as much as thhey would like. This will make for a hard winter feeding the animals. I just wish it would rain and cool off some. Take care. I will be by soon...she keeps saying and meaning it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

computer woes

I have been working on lesson plans and actually they are done. I am good until the second week of November.
Saturday I did not get anything done, I sat on my computer all day and tried to figure out why I was not able to view my facebook games properly. I know. This is why it is good for me to be busy. Anyway, I ended up downloading IE 9 and updating my adobe flash and I can view some games properly, but I cannot get into Frontierville at all now. It is a mess and I cannot figure out how to go back to the way it was. This all started because we got Josh a new computer for his birthday and his computer was loading games properly. It was an early birthday present. He was really excited about it.
Sunday we went to church. It was a wonderful message. I enjoyed it so much. It was just basically about how much God loves us.
Today Josh is at Silver Dollar City with his cousins and his Grandma. I am sure they are having fun, but hot.
I will be by to visit soon. Have a nice week!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Josh is home and answered prayer

I have been working on lesson plans the past couple days, just a couple of hours at a time, the first day it was too hot, so after about 2 hours I left, the A/C could not cool the place off. The next day I got my lessons to the end of September done, but the copy machine quit working. I tried and tried to figure out what was making it get jammed. I just came home. That night Karl and I went and looked at some houses. We saw one, and it looked really nice, but it was too dark, the house did not have any electricity, so we met with his Aunt again today...she is our agent. We went in and the house is a mess. It needs a LOT of work. I think we decided it would not be worth the money to try to fix it up when we can find another house that is more move in ready. It is a nice house. We will see. Then tonight I went back to the preschool to see about the copier. I said "Please God let it be fixed", well the copy got jammed. I pulled the piece of paper out and out came a tiny piece of construction paper. Awww, prayer answered. I tried again and the paper got jammed again, so I pulled out my piece of paper again and looked in there. I saw a big piece of construcion paper. I grabbed it out and tried a copy again. It worked!! God answered my prayers. I had done this the day before so many times and I couldn't see anything in there. So it is back to the preschool with me tomorrow and I will try to get the lesson plans finished up. I am so close.
Josh got home from Oklahoma this afternoon, he had a really good time. It is nice to have him home. I do not mind him being gone if I am busy for a day, but after that I start missing him so bad.
Well, I am going to get ready for bed. I hope you all have a nice Friday. I will be by to visit blogs tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My last class was today and I finished my discussion boards last night for my class. So glad to have that done so I can focus on something else.
I went to Wal~Mart after class and then came home and ate. Then I went to the preschool and started working on the lesson plans for the preschool. The A/C was off from no one being there and it was so hot. It has been 100º everyday. The A/C could not cool the building. I worked as long as I could, and I had to leave. I did get some stuff done though and I will go back tomorrow and try to finish up some more. I really do not think these will take as long as I thought they would.
Then next week I need to start studying for my praxis, which is my state certification test. It is on Saturday, July 23.
My parents picked up Josh early this morning before 7AM. I was just starting to do my make-up. They are in Oklahoma now for a few days. He will be back Thursday. That is another reason I want to get those lesson plans done. I do not want to do them when Josh is home. I want to be home with him. Anyway, he took his camera, so if he gets any good pictures, I will post them. Have a nice week!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fireworks and Fun

I finished all of my reading and my paper for my class. I just need to do the discussion boards online and I will be done. The last face-to-face class is tomorrow. It is partly online also though.
Now that the class is out of the way I need to get down to the preschool and start my lesson plans for the fall. Josh is going to Oklahoma this week with my parents. They will pick him up today, so after class tomorrow I plan to go to the preschool and get started on them. I am hoping it doesn't take a long time. I do have to do 10 weeks of lesson plans though and leave notes on what to do for 8 weeks of the lessons. I am hoping to get that done this week. If I can do that, I will have a week off. I was planning to do lesson plans next week.
Today I am doing laundry and cleaning house some. I had a terrible headache yesterday and did not get anything accomplished. It is so hot too. It was 102º yesterday and 100º the day before and supposed to be 100º again today. This is usually our August weather. I am concerned with this heat.
We went to a fireworks display on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun. My friend Malinda and her family was there. They live here in town and she subs with me sometimes at the preschool if someone needs to be gone. Then another friend of mine from high school (Barb and her family) also came. If you are on facebook, there are tons of pictures. It was nice just being able to be with friends and do something fun besides homework. There is a picture of Josh and his friend Malena with a horse, there is a petting zoo at this place also.
Well, I better go. Have a nice week and stay cool!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Week

I spent the end of last week getting ahead with homework and now I am trying to tie things up. My last day of class is next Tuesday. I need to finish up my paper and I have several chapters to read, but it is almost over. This class has been a cake walk compared to others I have had. I enjoy it also because the teacher is wonderful and two of the girls from my methods classes are in there. They will also be in my fall class which is my LAST class and I will be done.
Josh is getting ready to be busy. He is going to try the Oklahoma trip again next week with my parents. Then in August, two of Karl's sisters and his parents are taking the boys to Florida. I haven't been able to go...last year no money and this year too busy. I am planning to go next summer. Anyway, they go in August right after his birthday. He will have a blast. The ocean is wonderful. They are going to the gulf area. I wish I could go, but this gives me something to look forward to for next summer.
We went swimming on Tuesday at my sister-in-law's house. Josh got a little burned and so did I. It was the first time I had been in the sun this summer and I always get burned the first couple of times. We brought my nephew home with us and the boys played and had fun. He spent the night and went home yesterday. It has been a busy and fun week. Glad I got my homework done so I could enjoy it.
Well, I better go. I will be by to visit soon. Enjoy the rest of the week.