Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I got the Job!!!

I had an interview Friday for the position I applied for last week and they called yesterday....I got the job!!!  It is a para-professioal job at the school where I attended K-12, so basically I will be with a student all day and go from class to class with them and make things better for the student as far as I may read some to them or whatever to make things easier for them.  I went to get my background check done yesterday, so the director is hopeful I will get to start next week.  The background check has to clear before I can start.  I never did go get any new clothes last week, so tomorrow after I drop Josh off at Sylvan that is what I will do, I will go to the mall and get some nice work clothes to wear.  My drive is exactly 20 minutes from my house to the Elementary School.  I am looking forward to it.  I really need to move on from my old job and staying home is kind of keeping me in a funk.  I think about how the kids are doing at the preschool and if I made the right decision.  I DID make the right decision.  I just need to stop thinking about it and this job will help me get past it.  It will be nice to have a little extra income also.

Today Josh has a follow up appointment with the orthodontist.  Tomorrow is tutoring.  I cleaned house this morning.  Have a nice week!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chatterbugs Fall Blog Hop

I tried to take a picture of my entire house decorated for house is not big at all, but the way it is built it is long across the front and I try to decorate the entire front of my house.  So, my picture of my entire house is not very good, you cannot see my decorations very good.  This picture is the very left side of my house.  There are purple mums on both sides of that door you see to the right in the picture.

To the right of the door and more in the middle of my house and under my picture window is this flower bed.  My roses are still alive, but this will be the last of them as it will be in the 40's overnight in a few days.  Just to the right of this is another door where I hang my wreath.  My mom made me this wreath last year and it still looks great this year.  It did not fade at all.
Then in the house I have some items decorated over our entertainment system cabinet and in another room on the top of a bookcase.

The first picture with the scarecrow, mums and pumpkins used to be in the yard in front of the wreath and the second flower bed and it looked really cute and pulled the decorations together.  I have two dogs though that try to eat the pumpkins and mums, so they got moved.  I do not like it as well, but it works.  I hope you have enjoyed my Fall tour.  The leaves should really be pretty soon too.  I will post some trees of the past years, once they turn it will really be pretty.  This tree is not actually in my yard, but the yard next to me.  I am standing in my driveway.

This tree is the very left side of my house.  We have trees all around us, they are really pretty.  We live out in the country too.

Ok, the next blog is Danna!!  Thank-you for dropping by.  Have fun!