Saturday, August 10, 2013

San Antonio, TX 2013

Since I last posted I hurt my back. I think many of you know that my back does this every now and then. I have no idea what in the world I did, but it was hurting so bad. My cousin also passed away. So we went to the funeral in Oklahoma. This was the son of the Uncle (Joe) I talk about who was in the hospital when we were down in June. So we got to see some more family. I came back and went to the Chiropractor about my back because it was getting close to my San Antonio trip. I was still hurting when we left for San Antonio, TX...but I got better after about 2 days. We had some room issues, but I will skip that and go to the good stuff.
We went to The Alamo on Josh's birthday, then to eat at a little burger restaurant and that evening we went to The Riverwalk and had dinner. Josh is very into history, so this was an awesome day for him and me too. I love seeing historical places like this.
Day 2, we went to Sea World. We were able to catch all of the shows we wanted to see and ride some rides and see all of the exhibits. It is a wonderful place!! I love Sea animals, so it was a great day. We saw Pet's Ahoy, Cannery Row Caper, One Ocean, Azul, Sea Lions Tonight and Shamu Rocks. The whales were awesome to see. I loved all of the shows. Day 3, went to Schlitterbahn waterpark. It is absolutely huge. We did a lot of fun tubing rides and water rides, but you have to walk so far and wait so long everywhere you go. It was very fun though. We had pizza afterwards and went to bed. The last day we slept in a little and then went shopping at the Premium Outlet Malls. We got Josh some things and my sisters-in-law got some things. It was fun and we ate at Garcias Mexican restaurant. It was excellent. This picture is Josh and I at the Riverwalk
We drove home on Thursday. We left at 5AM and got home around 5:30PM. I did some laundry, went to bed and did the rest of the laundry yesterday. I also met with my bus driver yesterday to get things ready for school to start. I was hoping to get to lay out this weekend, but it is cool out and I am sure the water is cold. It has been raining the entire time we were gone. I will check it later, but I think it is too cold to swim. If so, I need to go to the preschool and get cubbies ready and names on the wall. Everything else I had taken care of before we left. We start meetings on Monday and kids start on Wednesday. This has been a very fun summer for Josh and I, so I hate to see it end. I am going to post a picture of our entire group that went to San Antonio.
From left to right is my sis-in-law Karla, her son Keifer, me, Josh and my sis-in-law Kayla. We had a great time. I cannot believe school starts back in just a couple of days and summer is over. I hope you all have a great August!!