Friday, December 30, 2011

cleaning house

Josh went to Silver Dollar City yesterday with Karl's mom, dad and cousins, so Karl and I used that time to get the Christmas things put away and I cleaned house. I still want to clean some more things like the catch all areas, Karl's desk and the kitchen bar are catch all areas in our house. I need to get those cleaned up. I started washing the curtains last night. I have the curtains in our room left and I will be done. Karl is sleeping, so when he wakes up I will get started. I want to get this stuff done before I go back to work.
I made the dogs more cookies last night, Darylynn, freezing the dough was fine, I let it thaw and then used my cookie cutters and baked. It turned out good. The dogs were excited.
The weather here is wonderful, near 60 and they are saying Saturday it will be 65. I am excited. The temperature is dropping on Sunday, but only to the 40's, so no big deal.
I got my teacher certification yesterday. The university said it would take 6-8 weeks, but I have it, so I got that stuff sent to the school I work for so they can update my file. Glad thhat is taken care of.
We do not have any special plans for New Year's Eve. We have a party on New Year's day though with Karl's family. They do that every year, it is their Christmas get together. That is what is going on here. I am going to try and visit blogs again. Have a very Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas!! It was good here. My parents came and we had a good time. Josh and I took lots of pictures, I think he has the good ones, but here is one I took of Josh opening presents. It was a nice day.
I haven't done much since Christmas and I am enjoying it. I have been trying to get things updated with my phone. I finally got into my old centurytel e-mail account and was able to get my twitter password, so I have that on my phone now and I was messing with Foursquare, but I had to charge my phone. That is all I have been doing and playing my games at facebook. I am planning to get Christmas things taken down and get the house cleaned up today or tomorrow. We have also been watching a lot of movies.
I made an appointment this morning to see the dermatologist. I have a spot on my tummy that should not be there and it needs to be removed. It makes me nervous. Hopefully it is just a spot that is non cancerous and will be removed and it will be over. Pray about it if you do not mind. I go January 24th.
Well, we have another Christmas get together on New Year's Day with Karl's family. I go back to work on Monday. Josh goes back to school too.
Josh is going to Silver Dollar City tomorrow to see the lights, it is beautiful this time of year there. He will love it. He is going with Karl's mom and dad and cousins. The weather is supposed to be near 60, so nice weather for it.
I better get going. Have a nice week!! Happy New Year 2012!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve.

It has been a fun week. We did some Christmas shopping...nothing like waiting until the last minute. We went to see a movie at the theater, which we never do. We saw The Muppets. It was cute. Josh and I have been baking cookies. We made double chocolate chip cookies one day and dog cookies the next. I made oatmeal raisin the other night. I plan to bake chocolate chip next week or so, once we have eaten what we have. The dogs are enjoying their dog cookies. I got the recipe over at Darylynn's blog. It is the first one Canine Coookies. I did freeze part of the dough like Darylynn suggested.
It is Christmas Eve. We have just been cleaning house today. We groomed the dogs yesterday. We are also watching movies. Tonight we have Cars 2 and Pirates of the Carribean (the most recent one). I have a couple of things I want to get made this evening for Christmas dinner tomorrow, but for the most part, we will make all of it tomorrow. My mom is bringing desserts and homeade stuffing.
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Craziness

Last week was crazy!! My final was on Monday night. I had an oral presentation of how I plan to work with familes. It went well and I got an A in the class. I am done with college!! Yay!! Then Tuesday was Josh's band concert, that was a lot of fun. The band sounded great. Wednesday I baked cookies for the Christmas party at the preschool on Thursday and did laundry and Thursday was the Christmas party for the kids, they got lots of gifts and I think they had a good time. Friday we started taking Christmas things down at the preschool and decorating for Winter. We will finish with classroom things on Monday. We are also getting more new students we need to get ready for. I also marked IEP's and did lesson plans for first week of January. We start our Christmas break on Tuesday. Josh is already finished, his Christmas break has started. The picture is of my co-worker Natalie and myself taken last week. I am standing behind Natalie, we were being silly. Then the picture below is me at home with Meisha in front of the Christmas tree. Meisha turned 1 year old.

Today I would like to get out and so some Christmas shopping. I just need to get something for my mom and dad. I have no idea what to get them. I also would like to get Josh some more things. We got him an Ipod for Chrismtas, but I would like to grab something else for him as well.
We are hosting Christmas this year at our house. I am excited. We did Thanksgiving at my parent's house.
I am really not sure what to do with myself since I do not have to study or do homework. I keep thinking I need to get busy doing homework and I am done. It has not sunk in that I am done. I should get my certificate in January and I am also testing for another certificate in mid January. I stay busy, but hopefully things will calm down a bot now. I will probably post again, but if not...Merry Christmas!!