Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Favorites

It is time for Tuesday 4 Meme.

#18 Autumn Favorites
1. Favorite Autumn Activity? I enjoy decorating my lawn and house for Autumn, I used to love going to football games.

2. Favorite Autumn Meal? I don't guess I have a favorite, maybe chili? It has to be cold for us to eat chili.

3. Favorite Autumn Drink? Apple Cider

4. Favorite Autumn Weather? Cool, sunny and 60's.

It is in the 80's this week, so it doesn't feel much like Autumn. We haven't had much rain, so I am not sure what our leaves will look like this year.
My mom's appointment went well last week and we do not go back for 3 weeks. Then she will be checked for glasses. I am sure she will be happy to have her new glasses.
Josh is STILL trying to make-up his homework from when he was gone. I guess one of the teachers is sick now.
There is a lot going on, but it has to do with work and I cannot talk about it, so for now I will go. Check back with me tomorrow and read my Autumn Blog Hop entry.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This Past Week Did You...

It is tiem for Tuesday 4 Meme!!!

#17 This Past Week Did You...
1. Have anything exciting happen? I got paid. The St. Louis Cardinals made the playoffs.

2. Buy anything new (and I don't mean groceries? I did buy some mums and a pumpkin for the yard, I also made an essential oils order.

3. Go anywhere special? Took my mom shopping for groceries where I also found the pumpkin and mums

4. Discover a new restaurant? nope

My mom's second cataract surgery went just fine and she is getting along pretty well. I take her back to the doctor for her weekly check-up this Thursday.
Josh is feeling better now and is trying to get caught back up at school. He spent the weekend doing English make-up work and he took a test today. He also has math to work on to get caught up.
Toni---The Cardinals made the playoffs, I am so excited!!!
We started watching a few of the new tv shows. Has anyone seen any they like? We watched Red Band Society, Gotham and Madame Secretary. I like all of them and of course Blacklist is back. I love that show. We also found that we have H2 on satellite now which is History Channel 2 and there is a show on there called 10 Things You Didn't Know...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that show. It is so interesting. If you can catch it, try to watch it. I think it is on Saturday night...but now sure. We set a timer for it. Anyway, they pick a topic..we saw The Flag, Civil Rights, Hoover Dam and American Revolution and they tell you 10 things you do not know about those things....well most people do not know those things, but you might know some of them.
I guess I had better go. I posted a lot more than I thought I would. Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In Two Words

It is time for Tuesday 4 Meme!!!

#16 In Two Words
1. Two words that describes you best? Happy and Silly

2. Two words that describes your personality? Honest and Kind

3. Two words that describes your taste in clothes? Casual and Comfortable

4.Two words that describes your home? Country and Cozy

Thank-you Toni for doing this meme, if you didn't I probably wouldn't even post. Well, Josh was sick last week. I went to pick him up early on Thursday, he had a temperature of 101.6 and had body aches and a sore throat. We took him to urgent care on Sunday and his fever had broke and the body aches were gone. The doctor said it was a viral infection and he tested negative for strep and mono. I let him stay home Monday and he was supposed to go back today, but he wanted to stay home, he said he did not feel well. I would have made him go, but he told me this about the time we needed to go. Anyway, he is going tomorrow. I think he just wants to stay home. The doctor said on Sunday he could go back to school on Monday.
My mom's second or (Left eye) surgery is tomorrow (Cataract). She has done very well with her other eye, so I hope this one goes just as well. I am sure it will. I believe she told me her surgery was at 7:30AM. She will be here at 5:15AM and we have to be there at 6AM.
Have a great week!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Birthday!!!

It is time for Tuesday 4 Meme.

#15 Back To The Rack
1. What's the oddest thing you've ever returned? Hmmm, I so rarely return anything, I cannot think of anything.

2. Do you return things you don't like or just keep them? Just keep them. I am careful with what I buy though.

3. What's the largest item you've ever returned? No idea

4. Have you ever returned a dress/outfit you wore to a special occasion? Oh no way.

Well, today is my birthday, the girls at work got me French Silk Pie.
It is kind of a tradition. One of my workers kind of slurs her words together sometimes and she was talking about French Silk Pie one day, but I thought she said "Frendship Pie"...well thus "Friendship Pie" was born and we have it for every birthday and sometimes if we are just stressed out. It was very good. It was from Village Inn. My co-worker who decided to stay home this year to be with her kids came by too and brought me lunch. So sweet. We are going out to eat for dinner also. I have had enough to eat already today. Maybe we should go tomorrow.
My mom's surgery went great. I take her to the doctor again this Thursday for another check-up. She is doing fine, the doctor said last week her eye looked really good. My dad is doing the drops this week as I am back at work. She told Josh last night he was doing good at putting them in. She goes for her second surgery next week. Have a great day!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Celebration Preferences

Happy Labor Day!! I am going to post my Tuesday 4 Meme.

#14 Labor Day Celebration Preferences
1. Holiday Shopping or Day at the Beach? Day at the Beach

2. Lounging by the Pool or Picnic by the Lake? Lounging by the Pool

3. Barbeque Cookout or Favorite Restaurant? Barbeque Cookout

4. Flea Market or Football Game? Football Game

I am enjoying the long weekend. I got some of my Fall decorations out and cleaned house a little. Josh is at my mom and dad's and he is helping them clean house. I cannot wait to see it. My mom's eye surgery is Wednesday, so I will be spending a lot of time down there, I am hoping I can shampoo their carpets while I am there. I am hoping to do a little more cleaning today and then it is back to work tomorrow and I am off the rest of the week (wed-fri) for my mom's surgery to do her eye drops. It is raining here today and it is a welcome rain. It is really dry here. Have a wonderful Labor Day!!!

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