Sunday, November 1, 2015

Feeling Thankful- Chatterbugs November Blog Hop

Feeling Thankful.  I just started my new job about three weeks ago.  I have been waiting for this blog hop to write about it, because I am just so thankful for this job right now.  I know you guys know I had prayed hard about it and some of you had prayed with me.  I wanted just the right job for me.  I feel like God was wanting me to take a break from the responsibilities of teaching in a classroom, but when this one position became available, I felt like it was right.  It is a paraprofessional job at the school I used to attend.  It is at the Elementary in a 3rd Grade classroom and I work with a student with autism.  My responsibility is just this one student.  I am able to put all of my focus on him and his well being in the classroom.  I really love working with autism.  It was where most of my training has been over the years.  Once I got started I found out that there were about 3 staff working there that I went to high school with, so that has also been fun, plus meeting new friends as well.  The best part about my job of course is the student I work with.  He is so funny and so smart.  I have figured out some things to make his class work better and we are having a blast.  He is in the regular classroom most of the day, so I also get to chat with the other kids.  It is truly the best fit for a job for me right now.  I love it and I am so happy.  The best part is...  once I got started, I really felt like I could close the chapter on my last job and move forward.   Before then, I was thinking about whether or not I had done the right thing.  This has been great and it is good for me to be working again.  I do love staying home, but I really do not need to be thinking about what used to be or what could have been.  Now, I can move forward and this job I am actually not tired at the end of the day.  I am not stressed out and I feel like the teachers value my work and input.  So there it is.  That is what I am thankful for.  There are actually a lot of things I am thankful for, but maybe I will spread those out in different posts over the month.  Thank-you for visiting!!  Have a GREAT November.

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