Thursday, July 26, 2012


Josh and I went to the dentist on Tuesday to have our teeth cleaned and Josh did well, I had a small cavity. I went back yesterday to have it fixed. So all is well with that for 6 months. Josh also went to spend the night with my parents. I took him down and had dinner with them and then I came home. Josh will be home later today. My back is doing better. I am not having to take pain medicine (ibuprofen) for it anymore. I am still going to rest it because next week we have things planned for Josh's birthday and we will be out and about. When I turned 30 years old, I pulled my back out bending over doing laundry, moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Ever since that happened my back pulls out easy or tightens up. I can go years and have no trouble with it, but when I am down, it hurts. This time it was getting better and when I went shopping with my mom it tightened back up. I could hardly walk and sleeping was hard because it hurt to move. Anyway, it is much better now. I am so glad. I also took Josh to pick up a few school supplies the other day, but not many because I did not have a school supply list. They have e-mailed it out now, so I just need to print it off and get the rest. That is what we have been up to this week. They say we could get rain today, so I am praying they are right!! It has been in the 100's all week. Have a nice almost weekend!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

my back

I think I failed to mention that I threw my back out a week ago or so. It was before I went shopping for my work clothes. Anyway, it still hurts and was getting better until I went shopping with my mom last Tuesday. It tightened back up and so I have been trying to relax. It is getting a little better now. I wish it would feel better so I could get out and shop some more before school starts, but I do not feel like trying on clothes right now. I have been taking it easy like I said except for Saturday. We went to see The Dark Knight Rises. We found out on the local news that night that while we were in our movie someone came in the theater we were in carrying a handgun. That is normal here for people to carry guns openly, but I was surprised after what happened in Colorado that someone tried to carry a gun into a theater. They were asked to leave and get rid of their gun and they did. The sheriff was called. We never even knew. It was all resolved before we left. It was a really good movie. Then we had church on Sunday. We watched Dateline or one of those shows last night about Colorado. I just hate that all happened. Tuesday we go get our teeth cleaned. I wish I could say I was excited. This is supposed to be another week in the 100's and no rain. I so wish it would rain for a few days.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the shots

My mom and I went to Ross, Marshall's, JCPenney Home Store and Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday. I was so excited to go to Ross because I found so many good things in the Ross store in Muskogee, but this store was either picked over from the Grand Opening that was on Saturday or it is just not as good. I was looking for stuff for my house. I found one thing at Ross and all of the rest of my purchases were from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They had a lot of nice things, but their prices are higher, so I did not buy as much. Anyway, once we were done we had some lunch at Red Robin and then headed home. I got almost all of my wall hangings up while my parents were still here at our house. They liked them. Josh stayed home with my dad and they had fun together. This morning I took Josh to get his shots. He got the booster of the chicken pox and the first shot of the Hep A. It will be 6 months before we can get the second shot and she said even if I would want to wait until next summer that would be fine...that is probably what I will do. I am glad we have those out of the way. She explained to me that the chicken pox booster was because they were finding kids were still not protected with only one dose and were still getting it, so they went to two. I did not realize that. It is mandatory now for kids to have the second dose before 2nd grade...that was not the case when Josh went to 2nd grade, so anyway, he is caught up now and I feel better about that. When we were done with the shots we ran by Wal~Mart and I picked some things up. I am still looking for a school supplies list, I am thinking I may have to look online for middle school. Then I went to Dollar General and now we are home for the day and I am doing laundry. I will let Josh rest his arm. Have a nice day!! Found this at Toni's blog:
Your Life Will Be Huge in Ten Years
You are driven and energetic. More than anything else, you want to be successful - and you will be.
You are happy to work hard to get to the top, and rest assured, your work will pay off.

Ten years from now, you'll probably have your dream job, your dream house, and your dream life.
Make sure to seek some balance too. Your relationships will suffer if you let yourself become a workaholic.

Monday, July 16, 2012


We went to see The Amazing Spiderman shortly after it came to theaters. We really enjoyed it. Josh was not wanting to go, but he had a good time. The next movie we plan to see is the Batman movie. It looks so good. I took Josh to the Orthodontist last week and he got his bottom braces on. They hurt for a couple of days, but he seems to be used to them now. I am glad, I was not sure how that was going to go. He is still losing baby teeth, so this is very slow going, but his teeth are changing. They will look nice. Today my mom and I are going to the new Ross store. They had their Grand Opening on Saturday, but I HATE crowds, so decided to wait until this week to go. I am redecorating my house, so I will be wanting to look for things for the house and if we find any clothes/shoes that will be a bonus. I think we are also planning to go to Marshalls. I went shopping again for clothes for me last week. This time I picked up some clothes for work. I am terrible about buying clothes to lay around the house...sweats, t-shirts. I made it a mission to make sure I was only shopping for work. I got several shirts. I am still looking. Maybe I will find some things today. Wednesday I am taking Josh to get some more shots. Do you remember me asking about the immunizations? I got some good feedback and talked to friends here and most parents are getting them for their kids, so I am taking Josh for the chicken pox and the 1st shot of the Hep A series. Once he has the second Hep A shot, he will have them all. I will feel better. Those are the highlights. I better go for now. Have a nice week.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

Well, Josh and I went to Oklahoma about 2 weeks ago with my parents. We did some shopping, spent time with my Uncle and Aunt and just relaxed. It was fun. We stayed about 3 days and then came home.
The picture is of me is outside the Cherokee Heritage Center. They had a Trail of Tears exhibit that was so neat. There were statues of Native Americans that were walking on the Tail of Tears, you click a button and it tells stories of each statue, in the meantime there is a sound byte playing that sounds like wind blowing to make you feel like you are there. It was an amazing place. We could not take pictures, but this photo is of that room from the website. My mom is Cherokee, it was very emotional.
Josh also went to the Muskogee city museum, he really enjoyed that also. I stayed at the hotel that day hoping the sun would come out so I could swim, but it never did. I enjoyed shopping at Ross and got lots of wall hangings for my house. I re-decorated my living room and I am working on my bedroom. They are opening a Ross here in a couple of weeks, so I am very excited about that. Karl's birthday was Friday, we got him a birthday cake and card and we got him a little gift. We also went to see the movie Brave. It was really good. We rented Sherlock Holmes...the 2nd one. It was so good. We also rented Red Tails which was also very good. We have been watching the Olympic Trials. I am very excited about our chances. The Olympics are so much fun to watch. Well, I better go. Have a fun and safe 4th of July!! I am not sure what we will be doing. I am enjoying getting to do fun things on my time off and not having to go to classes anymore.