Friday, April 30, 2021

Saturday 9- Love Story


Love Story


Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 

1) The lyrics tell us about a romantic summer night on a balcony. Does your home have a balcony?  no, I have a single a story home.

2) Taylor Swift sings that her father warns her boyfriend to stay away, but she sees him anyway. Tell us about a time you defied your parents.  When I was college age, but home for the summer, I stayed out too late a few times.  I did not defy my parents very often.

3) The castle in this video looks European, but it's in Arrington, TN. Castle Gwynn is the site of the annual Tennessee Renaissance Fair. This May the festival will be back, and among the items food vendors are offering are Scotch eggs. When did you most recently eat eggs, and how were they prepared?  It has been a couple of weeks and they were fried.

4) Love Story is also the story of Jenny and Oliver in a book by Erich Segal and a movie starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal. Are you familiar with either the book or the movie?  I do not believe so.  It sounds good though.

5) Taylor was born in Reading, PA. which is home to the Reading Railroad, one of the four railroads featured in Monopoly. Without looking it up, can you name the two most expensive Monopoly properties?  I cannot.  It has been many years since I played Monopoly.

6) When she's not performing on stage, Taylor likes to keep it casual and prefers to wear cowboy boots. Tell us about your favorite footwear.  I like to wear my tennis shoes.

7) Taylor's brother, Austin Swift, is an actor and producer who studied photography at college. Think about the last picture you took. Did you use your phone, tablet or camera? (Feel free to share it, if you'd like.)  phone
8) In 2008, the year this song was popular, the Emmy Award winning show Breaking Bad premiered. Were you a fan?  never watched it.
9) Random question: You and your best friend sit down to write the story of how/when you met. Do you think the stories would be almost the same or quite different? (In other words, will you two remember the event the same way?)  I am not sure.  I think they would be a little the same.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tuesday 4 Meme- The Times They are A-Changing


The Times They are A-Changing

Welcome once again to Tuesday4 in memory of Toni Taddeo...
Lets discuss the times we live in.

1. What changes are you grateful for? How have things changed in your life time?
We got cordless phones and microwaves, computers and smart phones during my
lifetime.  I am kind of thankful for all of those things...even though I feel like those
same things have made things faster, it seems we are busier.  Sometimes I just put
my phone in another room so I am not being bothered.  It is in another room as I 
type this.  We also have better medical technology.

2. Did your parents have things better than you today?  I think things are much
easier for me.  I am not sure about better.  I think in some ways they did and other
ways I had it better.  I think for me, it is just what I was used to.  I am sure
Josh thinks he has it the best.  It is just what we get used to.

3. What time period would you rather live in.. or are you okay with today? 
would not mind going back to the early 2000's...we had smart phones and such, but
people were not attached to them as much.

4. What changes would you make for our time to make it nicer/better to live in?
I just wish people would be nice.  It isn't hard.  There are a lot of opinions and 
beliefs in this world.  Stop telling me your opinions like mine do not matter.  That
goes for everyone.  That is why I do not share my beliefs and opinions.  Everyone
is different.  It should be respected.  It is good to be different.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Saturday 9- All I Ever Need Is You


All I Ever Need Is You


Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.  

1) The lyrics tell us that some men search for silver, some for gold. Are you wearing either silver or gold right now? Not as I am typing this.  I take my jewelry off as soon as I get home.

2) This song was a top 20 hit in the United States but sold much better in Canada. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of our neighbor to the North?  Cold and snow

3) It's performed by one of pop's most successful duos, Sonny and Cher. Can you name another duo that made hit records?  Hall & Oates...first to come to mind.

4) In addition to their recording career, Sonny and Cher were TV stars. In a recurring sketch on their variety show, Cher played a "v-a-m-p: VAMP!" These characters were always sexy and seductive. Do you consider yourself a good flirt?  When I was young, but no now now.

5) Sonny dropped out of high school in Inglewood, CA. Cher dropped out of high school in Fresno. What's the last year of education you completed?  I have taken some Masters level courses (9 hours), but I just have my Bachelor degree.

6) Sonny first became Mayor of Palm Springs, and then represented the district in Congress. The city erected a statue in Sonny's memory. Tell us about a statue or monument in your town.  There might be a monument down by the smallest Cathedral, but I live in a small town.  I am not aware of any.
7) Cher is often described as outspoken. Ask her for her opinion on anything from politics to plastic surgery, and you will get a frank answer. Does "outspoken"  apply to you, as well?  no, not at all.  I do have my opinions though.  If you are close to me, you will know them, but I do not share them with everyone.

8) In 1971, when this song was popular, Sears sold a portable manual typewriter. Described at the time as, "lightweight for travelers," it weighed 10 lbs. Today the average laptop weighs half that. Do you own a typewriter?  My mom may still have one, but I am not sure.  My dad was a typing teacher and she was an accountant, so they could both type really well.
9) Random question -- Which has gotten you out of more scrapes: your smarts, or your charm?  I will say my smarts.  Not that I am super smart, I am just not an idiot.  I do not do dumb things....I did when I was young...but not now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tuesday 4 Meme- Your Town


Your Town

Welcome to Tuesday 4 begun by Toni Taddeo and continued in her honor.

Let's talk about your town this week!

1. Do you like your town? Is it a city, town ? Can you describe it for us?  I live in 
a small rural town.  However, there is a large road that runs on each side of the town
and so there has been some growth here.  There is a lot of farm land here where I 
live and it is nice and quiet.  I do like it.  I like that it is small and quiet.

2. Are there any special points of interest in your town?  Not is a 
sleepy little town.

3.Does your town have parks, restaurants?  There are a couple of restaurants, but no 
park.  We have a salon and a post office and a gas station.  I believe the population
is 911.

4. Do you think your town needs changes to make it better and if so what changes 
would you make?  When I first moved here there was hardly anything here.  It has grown
quite a bit.  I love the growth, but I love the quiet too.  I like it just the way it is.  

Friday, April 16, 2021

Saturday 9- Saturday 9: Don't Rain on My Parade (1968)


Saturday 9: Don't Rain on My Parade (1968)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

 1) Is rain expected where you are today?  I am doing this on Thursday night and no, it was a beautiful sunny day.  We do have rain in the forecast though.

2) In this song, Barbra Streisand warns everyone to not spoil her optimistic mood. What is something you're feeling really good about today?  I am still really happy about Josh's new job.  He is loving it and was asked to work an extra day this week.  This is a huge big deal because of his depression and anxiety.  He seems to be doing so much better.
3) She sings that life is candy and the sun is a ball of butter. Which have you consumed more recently, candy or butter?  candy...chocolate to be specific.

4) This song is from the musical Funny Girl. It's based on the true story of Fanny Brice, who starred on Broadway, in movies and on the radio between 1910 and 1951. At the beginning of her career, no one thought she would succeed because of her unconventional looks, but she forged ahead, saying, "I make things happen for me." Are you focused, like Fanny?  Yes.  I like to think I am anyway.

5) When the stage version of Funny Girl was in pre-production, the part of Fanny was offered to actress Anne Bancroft, but she felt the songs were too difficult for her. Singer Eydie Gorme dropped out when told her husband, Steve Lawrence, could not play the male lead. Carol Burnett said she'd love to do it, but also admitted she thought she was wrong for the role. Running out of time and options, producer Ray Stark decided to give lesser-known Barbra Streisand a try ... and the rest, as they say, is history. Has there ever been a time in your life when you were glad things didn't work out as you'd originally planned?  Yes, definitely.  My first teaching job.  I had hoped to stay there.  It was really close to my house and I loved the kids.  However the last year they wanted me to go to another one of the co-op schools that was an hour away...(we serviced preschool sped kids in the 4 county area).  Anyway, I quit and started working at my current job.  It was not until I was working somewhere else that I realized how toxic (administrators) my first job was and how unhappy I was.  I love my job now and the people I work with are great.  Kids are great everywhere.
6) Funny Girl was the top grossing movie of 1968. #2 was 2001: A Space Odyssey. Given the choice, would you rather watch a musical or a sci-fi flick?  musical for sure!

7) Streisand's favorite color is burgundy because it reminds her of when, as a little girl, she received a hand-knitted sweater as a gift and wearing it made her feel special. What color is your favorite sweater?  purple

8) In 1960, she began performing in New York clubs but she had a hard time getting work because she was only 18 and most nightclubs wouldn't hire a girl not yet old enough to drink. Do you remember your first legal alcoholic beverage? What did you have?  I think it was just beer.  We had a party for my 21st birthday and we were drinking beer to celebrate.

9) Random question: How many people know the real you?  Probably more than should.  I am a bit of an open book.  I do not share everything with people, but I am not phony.  

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday 4 Meme- Weather or Not...


Weather or Not...

Welcome once again to Tuesday 4 begun by Toni Taddeo and kept alive in her memory.
Let's discuss the weather...

1. Spring is here. What do you like or dislike about it weather wise?  I like how in the
Spring it starts to warm up and flowers and trees begin to bloom.

2. How do you fare in humidity? Do you fade or come alive ?  I fade.  I have a hard time
breathing.  The humidity in Missouri is really high.

3. Do rainy days bother you or are you happy for an occasional break from the sunshine?
I am going to say they do kind of bother me.  I love rain and I embrace it because the plants 
and animals need it, but rain makes me sleepy and makes the kids crazy at school.

4. In your opinion, what is the best thing about each season?
Spring-  it starts to warm up and flowers and trees begin to bloom.
Summer-  I enjoy the heat and we are able to swim and get tan.  I am typically home
in the summer, so I enjoy family time or quiet time reading.
Fall-  I LOVE the colors, holidays and the temperatures in the fall.  Fall is my favorite
to decorate for.
Winter-  there is something magical about watching snow fall.  I feel that way because
we do not get tons of snow.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Morning Meme


Morning Meme


 1. You have just been hired to clean your own home, what is your first complaint?  I don't want to dust
all of this stuff.

2. Are you able to ignore a ringing telephone?  yes...I ignore my landline, we have caller ID, so most
of the time it does not get answered if I am the only one home.  My cell phone, I just swipe to
make it stop ringing.  I always answer if it is someone I want to talk mom or friends. 
We get a lot of junk calls though.

3. How often do you allow a ringing phone to go to voice mail?  If it is my cell, I swipe it quickly and
it will go to voicemail.  My landline picks up after 4 rings.

4. Do you answer your cell phone, out in public, every time it rings? Or do you silence it and get
back to it when you’re in a more private area?  My phone is silenced when I am out.  I check it 
occasionally to make sure I haven't missed an important call.

5. How often would you say you’re on your home phone? Your cell phone?  Not very often.  2-3 
times a week...this is talking on the phone.  I check my email and texts on my cell regularly.

6. Do you like talking on the phone or do you view it as a necessary communication tool?  I do not 
really enjoy talking on the phone.   I guess it is a necessary communication tool for me.

7. When did you last go for a bike ride? middle school I guess, once I got my drivers license I 
stopped riding a bike, but I rode a lot as a kid.  My exercise did not include biking.

8. Do you own a bike?  not anymore

9. Given the most popular New Year’s resolution of losing weight, would you consider putting
bicycle riding as one of your exercise options? Why or why not?  I would not, only 
because I do not have a great area to ride.  I typically walk on the treadmill, walk
outside and do aerobic exercise in my house.  I have a workout tape to follow along with.

10. If you had to name a smell that always makes you nostalgic, what would it be? What sorts of 
memories does the smell evoke?  Baking pies reminds me of my Granie's house.  I like to buy
thebakery scent candles to burn when I am not baking.

11. What did you do over the weekend? No detail is too small. This is your journal, so tell us about
 the mundane tasks in your life.  You guys!  Josh spent another day playing music for me and we 
watched an interview with Tennessee Williams.  We watched the Glass Menagerie last weekend,
so we watched an interview this weekend.  Just an update on Josh...he seems to be feeling
a lot better and he also is working as a bus boy at a Mexican restaurant.  I am so excited for him. 
It is just a couple of days a week, but that is good for him.  That way he does not get stressed
out.  He started last week, he will love getting that first paycheck.  It is good for him to be around
people  I also went to church this morning and I am currently doing laundry.

12. If it weren’t for my blog, I’d miss my friends and miss your advice and input.  I love learning tips
ad tricks that work for other people.  I also love book suggestions from you guys.

13. When was the last time you replied “because I said so”? Do you find yourself saying that a lot?
Or do you prefer to tell people WHY you want them to do something for you.  I am not a person
that says "because I said so"...That was used on me as a kid and I just hated it.  I explain
why something needs to be done.  It just works better for me.  

14. What is the worst gift you’ve ever received?  I love all gifts, it is the thought that counts.

15.  Tell us the worst gift you’ve ever given. What was the reaction of the recipient?  I have thrown
together some gifts in my life, but I try to give them something I would not mind getting.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Saturday 9- The Bones (2019)


The Bones (2019)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) They lyrics compare a relationship to a house, saying that despite superficial problems like peeling paint or broken glass, the foundation can still be solid and strong. What home improvement project is next on your list?  We have some flooring that needs repair in our laundry room.  I am not sure in reality if that will be out next project though.

2) Maren Morris sings that she knows she and her lover can face any storm. Are you afraid of thunder and lightening?  not really, loud thunder can startle me sometimes, but I am not afraid of it.  We get a lot of tornadoes here where I live.  I am afraid of those.

3) The video for this song shows Maren and her husband, singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd, on the beach in Maui. Would you rather go for a long walk along a beach or a hike in the woods?  I do not really love walking on the beach.  I like to relax and layout, but I do love walking in the woods if I feel like it will be safe from snakes.  So maybe a trail in the woods.  There are a lot of those here where I live.
4) "The Bones" won Morris and her collaborators (Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz) the 2020 CMA "Song of the Year" Award. Here's your chance to pat yourself on the back. What's something you have done well lately? (Go ahead. We want to hear about it!)  Keeping organized at school and being patient with the kids that are clearly ready for summer vacation.  We are not even close.  We are also learning coding in my computer class, so I am doing good teaching that.  The kids love it.  I say I am doing good because I am not great at computers.  This has been such a weird year.  I am hoping things will be back to normal next year.  We shall see.

5) The song was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Song. For the awards show last month, Maren put a lot of work into her look, including lightening her hair and lipstick and reshaping her brows. She was surprised when saw on social media that people confused her with reality star Khloe Kardashian. How long does it take you to prepare to face the world (on an average day, not for an internationally telecast awards show)?  I only take about 10 minutes to do my make-up.  It is my hair that takes forever...mostly drying it.  I also take my shower in the morning, so from start to finish it takes me about an hour to get ready to face the world.
6) Experimenting with hair and makeup comes naturally to Maren. Her parents have owned the same hair salon for decades. She and her sister played there as children and took turns working the reception desk when they were in high school. Do you have a hair appointment scheduled?  no, I will wait until we get out of school at this point to get it done again.
7) Mom and Dad do not go out of their way to play Maren's songs in their salon. They don't want to "bombard" clients with her music, just because she's their daughter. But, if one of Maren's songs happens to come on, they are naturally very proud. Where were you the last time you had to listen to someone else's choice of music? (Bank, doctor's office, friend's car, etc.) Did you enjoy it, or did you wish you could change the station?  About a week or two ago Josh spent the entire day playing music on YouTube for me....we streamed it to our tv.  He likes old music.  He loves Sandy Posey.  So we watched some Sandy Posey, but he also played me an episode of The Sonny and Cher Show and The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour.  He also played me some music from the 80's which I loved.  This went on all day, but I do not get time like that with my kid anymore, so I listened as long as he wanted....which started at 2:20 and stopped around 9:00 PM It was a great day for me.
8) Maren says her favorite foods are tacos and tortillas. When did you most recently eat Mexican food?  Tuesday is Taco Tuesday at the school, so Tuesday.

9) Random question: What do you call that thing in your living room? Is it a sofa, couch, or a davenport?  couch

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tuesday 4 Meme- Let's Do Lunch!!


Let's Do Lunch!!

Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.. where we continue the tradition of offering
you 4 questions weekly that you can answer. It proves blogging material and a way
to get to know others!

This week the topic is lunch..

1. Lunch can be either glorious or bland, hard to choose or easy.
Which is it for you and why?  Probably hard to choose.  When I am home
I have a hard time trying to decide what I want.  When I am at work, I also
have choices to make.  It depends on how I feel.

2. What are your choices for a nice lunch?  I suppose a nice lunch would be a hot
lunch at school...fried chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy, hot roll

3. Is lunch a big meal or a light meal for you?  It can be either.  Sometimes
I have a salad.

4. "Let's do lunch" has become a funny phrase used in movies and jokes and usually
just a throw away kind of thing to say. Do you organize lunch with friends or family
often? Do you eat out or in? If you eat out what is your favorite place to go?  I am 
usually working, but in the summer we sometimes get together for lunch at Spring
Creek Tea Room.  It is a little tea house that makes homemade wonderful food.
I typically have a chicken salad croissant or quiche with a homemade dessert of
some kind.  It is different every time you go.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Etsy



1. What’s your favorite kind of cake?  chocolate

2. What’s your favorite cocktail?  I do not drink

3. If you are alone for the evening, what do you fix yourself for dinner?  pizza

4. What make was your first car?  Ford Fairmont.  I did not have this car long though, 
it broke down.  My second car was a Chevy Cavalier and I liked it a lot better.

5. What is your height?  5'4"

6. What was your least favorite toy as a child?  not sure

7. What’s your favorite cartoon character?  Mickey Mouse

8. What’s your dream car?  I would be happy with a new version of what I have which is
a Toyota Camry.  It runs and runs and it is a 2002.  This is a newer version.

9. What’s your favorite pizza topping?  ham and hamburger

10. What’s your favorite sports team?  Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Cardinals

11. What’s your favorite TV show?  New Amsterdam

12. What is your favorite ice cream?  Vanilla

13. What is your favorite song?  I do not have a favorite song.  I like a lot of different songs.

14. What’s your least favorite chore?  dusting and mopping... it hurts my back

15. What was your first job?  McDonalds.  I worked in drive thru a lot.

Happy Easter!


Friday, April 2, 2021

Saturday 9- Here Comes Peter Cottontail


Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Saturday 9: Here Comes Peter Cottontail (from the archives)

1) Which do you prefer: colored hard-boiled eggs, chocolate marshmallow eggs, or plastic eggs with coins inside?  colored hard boiled eggs

2) What's your favorite color of Peeps (yellow, purple, or pink)?  I do not like peeps, but I like the color purple.

3) All this talk of sweets is making Sam hungry. What's for lunch?  It is Friday and I am home for Good Friday.  We are having goulash.

4) This song was introduced by country singer Gene Autry and it's still a favorite. Please share some of the lyrics. (And you're on your own; Sam didn't include a link to the song this week.)  Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail.  Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way.  Then I am not sure what comes next.

5) Gene Autry was so popular that a town in Oklahoma named itself for him. Have you ever been to Oklahoma?  Most of my family is from Oklahoma, I have been there a lot.

6) He and his horse Champion also had a TV show. Can you name another famous horse?  Silver, Black Beauty

7) Gene Autry also recorded "Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer," and it was, of course, wildly popular, too. Who is your favorite recording artist?  I do not have a favorite.

8) In 1950, the year Autry recorded this song, Diner's Club issued the first credit card. Think of the last thing you purchased. Did you use cash, a credit card, a debit card, an e-wallet service (Visa Checkout, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay ...) or a check?  cash

9) Easter is recognized as the start of the spring season. What are you looking forward to this spring?  Everything blooming and turning green again.  We have already mowed, so it is green, just not many flowers or leaves yet.  I am excited about flowers.  I wait until May to plant anything though.