Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas is in the air

Everything has been fine here, I just haven't been on to update.  My job is going just fine.  I am still really enjoying the group of kids I am working with this year.  They are so much fun.  Josh just wants to be done with school.  It is his senior year.  I do not remember feeling like that my senior year until closer to the end of the year.  Karl is still working full time, so we are doing ok financially.
I go visit my mom and dad every Friday after school.  My dad got new compression socks for his legs, but my mom cannot get them on him anymore, so they are having home health care come out and wrap them instead.  I wish I did not have to work so I could help, but we would not be able to pay our bills.  It is stressful for everyone.  My mom wants me there all of the time and I cannot do that.
Anyway, we did go spend the day with my parents on Thanksgiving and it was a nice day and a great meal.  My mom had asked me to move her furniture, so when we were down I asked her where she wanted it moved and she had changed her mind.  We offered to put up the Christmas tree, but she said no.  She is just so tired and overwhelmed.  We actually left a little earlier than normal, so hopefully they got some sleep.
Karl and I went Black Friday shopping, but not until later in the day on Friday and it wasn't to snatch up any deals, but we did get a new comforter set for our bed, new sheets for Josh's bed and a Shark mop for the kitchen.  We managed to get the house decorated for Christmas and we also got it all cleaned up.  I am doing laundry now getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.  We also ordered several Christmas gifts for family online.  We have a good start.  I am excited to get them wrapped and under the tree.  The dogs do not mess with anything believe it or not.
We have been watching the Hallmark Christmas movies and I have been enjoying them so much.  That is about it.  Nothing crazy going on.  I just thought I would drop in and make an update.  I hope you are all dong great and I will try to visit over Christmas Break.  Enjoy the holidays!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Decorating for Fall...

Things are still going good at work.  I am just enjoying this year more than last year.  I feel more included with this set of teachers than I did last year.  Last Sunday the 4th grade team had a cookout at one of the teacher's houses and it was a lot of fun.  I had a really good time.
This week the boy I work with was out of town on vacation, so I was in charge of the dental clinic at the elementary school.  The school has a dentist office that comes in and checks teeth and also cleans them for those that do not have dental insurance and no dentist.  It is free.  Ok, so I am not in charge of it,  but I get the kids for them and escort them back to class.  I am in charge of making sure the kids keep coming, so I have to know the schedules of each class and work around testing, recess, lunch, etc.  It is fun and I get out and about in the school and see people I do not usually get to see anymore.  I think we will be done on Monday.  The little boy I work with will be back on Tuesday, so it worked out perfectly.
I had a Scentsy party on facebook last night and that was fun.  The party made over $200, so I was able to get some free goodies.  I am so excited.  Scentsy if you are not familiar with it is like wax pot burners with scented wax turn them on and your house smells wonderful.  I guess they have car scents now too and I got some of those as well to try.
Karl and Josh are doing fine.  Josh is still hating school, but his grades are not as bad as last year.  He will be glad when he is done.  I will have less stress when he is done.
I redecorated here at my blog for Fall and I am thinking I need to start decorating the house too.  Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

First week of school...

It is always so hard for me to go back to school.  I enjoyed staying up late watching Hallmark movies this summer and visiting with Josh and my parents.  We had a staff meeting (district wide) on Monday and then a building meeting on Tuesday.  I was able to eat with my friends both of those days.  Then on Wednesday the kids came back.  I am always glad when the kids come back.  The meetings are so boring, but necessary.  The student I am working with had a great week.  I was so excited.  I am loving his class so far.  The kids are very well behaved and the teacher is very good at classroom management.  The student I work with needs this very much.  I also have my own area this year with my own computer.  I used a student cubby last year to put my things in.  It is kind of exciting to have my own space.  Anyway, week one was a success full moon and all.  The kids went over procedures and expectations this week.  They will start regular classroom work on Monday.
We got a call from Josh's Principal this week also.  He wanted to pass along a message that one of Josh's teachers wanted to let us know that Josh had a positive report and was being a leader this week.  I was so happy for him.  This is a new Principal, so I am really hoping Josh's last year will be a good one.  Josh has had pretty negative experiences with this school district for a very long time, so I am hoping for a good year.  I also work with the Principal's wife.
I went to visit my parents last night and they were good.  My dad was having a good day.  I love it when he is so on top of things.
Today I slept in and am just relaxing and recharging.  Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Back to School

Josh started back to school on was his first day of school senior year.  I cried when he left.  I start back on Monday, so I guess this is a wrap up the summer post.
We spent a lot of time with my parents.  The summer started bad with another fall from my dad and he had hurt his shoulder really bad and could not stand up on his own.  He had great PT over the next few weeks and was back to normal and released from PT the end of June.  It was a rough first week with my dad not able to help us lift him.  He got stronger fast though.  Josh and I still visited most days this summer to take my mom grocery shopping and one of us to stay with my dad at home.   She can take him out, but she needs time to herself.  It became frustrating to Josh and I both though because she would take hours out shopping daily.  I have to drive a while to get to a place to shop and I do not take that long.  Anyway, I did enjoy my dad.  He is so much fun.  I know as frustrating as it all is, I will be so glad we took this time to spend with them.
I was able to have lunch with several of my friends from work this summer.  I have met so many good people at my new job.  It will be good to see them again when we get back to work.
Josh had his birthday on August 4th...he turned 18.  I am glad we were able to spend time together this summer.  We got to go shopping together for his school clothes and the shirt he is wearing in these pictures is one I picked out.   Unfortunately he is wearing the same shirt in both pictures, but these were different days.  We went to eat at Ruby Tuesday and then had chocolate cake for his birthday cake.
Well, like I said, I start back to work on Monday, but I will try to sneak over and update if anything happens during the school year and I will try to update just because I enjoy reading everyone's blogs.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and fall.  I am so excited to decorate my house for fall.  I bought some new things to decorate with yesterday and I have stocked up on fall candles.  They are the best.  I did not get to go swimming at all this summer, so I will leave with a little beach siggie.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

late night talks

How was the 4th of July for everyone?  I am glad it is over for my dog's sake, it seems like the fireworks have stopped, so her anxiety level is back to normal.  I love Independence Day and I love fireworks too, but seeing what they do to some animals is so sad.  My other two dogs could care less though.  They acted like nothing was going on, or it was normal.
Josh and I have just been hanging out with my mom and dad.  Josh got tired of shopping with my mom, so he has been staying with my dad.  It seems to be going ok.  My mom is a slow shopper, she always has been.  It takes her hours to grocery shop, so I go with her.
Josh and I stayed up until 4:30AM the other night just talking about stuff.  We usually have these talks in the summer in the daytime, but since we are never alone, we stayed up one night talking.  I enjoy our talks.  He is such a smart kid.
I am meeting up with my friends again on Tuesday for lunch.  I am excited to see them.  One of the girls will be working in another building this year, so we will not see her.  I am going to miss her.
It seems like last I wrote Dallas shootings have happened, Nice France and the Turkey military coup.  The world has gone crazy.  It is so sad to watch.
Josh and I just have a few more weeks before school starts.  We have a lot to get in and Josh will be turning 18 years old on August 4th.  I know some of you who read this blog have known me his whole life from back in the website days.  I cannot believe how fast time flies.  This will be his senior year, I am not sure what his plans are after graduation.  He had planned to go to college, but he has really had a bad experience with the school district here and has lost all confidence in himself.  He has time to figure things out though.
Have a nice week, it is going to be hot here next week.  I am going to be wishing I was in my pool.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

I had a fun time with my friends having lunch last Tuesday.  We talked for 3 hours.  Then I went to my mom and dad's to help out.  I hurt my back on Wednesday.  If you follow me here you may remember I have a bad back and it gets pulled out sometimes.  I went to the chiropractor on Thursday and I felt much better afterwards.  I had breakfast with another friend on Friday morning.  It was a nice week except for the back situation.  I was trying to help my mom bring in a case of water and my back just tightened up.  Ice helped it a lot too.
I have found Hallmark movies and Mysteries channel.  We did not have it for a long time, but it is part of our package now.  The past several weeks I have been watching mysteries on there and I just love them.  They are silly, but I do not care.  The past couple of nights I have been watching Christmas in July movies.  I just love Hallmark movies.  I am excited to have two channels of them to watch.
Karl has been having migraines this week.  We are not sure what is causing them, but since I have been married to him he has maybe one a year and this week he has had 3.
My dog Meisha has been having a rough week with the fireworks.  She is scared to death of them and will hide.  Her whole body just shakes.  It is so sad.  It has been raining some and there haven;'t been as many, so hopefully most of the fireworks will get set off tonight.  My other two dogs do not seem to care about the noise, but Meisha has always been scared.  She will even jump into Karl's lap and she is a lab.
Tomorrow I take my mom to the eye doctor.  We are taking my dad and I will stay with him in the waiting room or in the car.  I need to take her to get groceries too.
In the meantime, you all have a very Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, June 25, 2016


I did not want to leave you hanging.  After I made my previous post and knowing that I would be home all day I decided to message the friend that I was switched with at my job.  She verified that I would be working with the student I was with last year.  Then about an hour later the special education director (our boss) e-mailed and told me that they had decided to leave me with my student, so that was great news and a huge burden off my shoulders.  The position they were wanting me to do was something I would have been all about when I was younger, but as I age I am just not wanting to get hurt or beat on.  I am very happy and I will get to stay working with my friends.  I do not easily just open myself up to trust people/or easily make friends, but I met several last year and they are all treasures.  God has been so good to me.
Josh and I were with my parents last night and the Olympic Gymnastics girls came on tv.  I was so excited, so was my mom.  I am very excited about Simone Biles.  Is anyone else watching them yet?  They are looking good.  They will be back on tv Sunday night.
I have made plans to meet a couple of friends from work on Tuesday for lunch.  We are meeting at 11:00 and then afterwards I will go to my parents house.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

semi annual sales...

I am at home today doing laundry, but Monday and Tuesday I spent with my parents and I will be back there tomorrow.  Tuesday my mom went grocery takes her a while....about 3-4 hours, so Josh goes with her and I stay with my dad.  It is in another town that she has to drive to which is why it takes so long.  Then Thursday she is getting her haircut.  That will be nice for her.  It is always nice to get pampered a little.
I heard through a friend I work with on Monday that I was going to be working with my same little boy at the school next year....but for now it is a rumor and I have not heard anything official, but if that is true, it is good news and I will be happy to stay there.  I will just keep praying and hope to hear something soon.
The semi annual sales are going on at Bath and Body and Victoria's Secret, so yesterday my Bath and Body order came in and today my Victoria's Secret bra came in.  I am always so excited for the semi annual sales.  I got several wallflowers from bath and body, some lotions, scentportables for my car and soap.
We took my dad shoe shopping last Friday in Branson.  We got him some new shoes from S.A.S.  His poor feet are so swollen from the lymphedema that he took a size bigger and a triple wide, but he has shoes to wear now.  I am happy about that.
I guess that catches everyone up since I last posted.  I am getting ready to watch a St. Louis Cardinals game.  They are playing the Chicago Cubs.  We beat them 2 games and today is the 3rd.  Chicago's best pitcher is going though.  I love watching the Cardinals play win or lose.  Have a great week!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

summer update....

It has been a rough year.  My dad has been to the ER a couple of times this year because of falls.  He is fine, but I believe the doctor had intentions of admitting him back in the hospital and then back into the nursing home....except the hospital dropped the ball and sent him home.  The doctor says if he falls again, he will need to go back to the nursing home.  The lymphodema in his legs and the fact that his shoes do not fit properly are why he falls down.  We are going to look at getting him some new shoes this week.  He is actually falling less now because he has a physical therapist working with him.  Josh and I have been spending most of our time with my parents this summer.  I stay with my dad and Josh goes with my mom to get groceries.  My dad is having good and bad days which is to be expected.  Some days he talks to us and just seems a little confused, other days he does not know where he is.  I am just trying to be there for him.
My job...well, I understand I am being moved to a completely different position next year and it is not very desirable to here we go again with the job situation.  I feel like I am supposed to be with my family and not working, but that is not really possible.  I would love to find a part time job.  I really do not need this extra stress.  I will say work is a good way to stay distracted and busy though.  I have applied for a position at another school...I hate to leave my job because I have met some really good friends there.  They have been very supportive with my dad's situation.
Josh finished his junior year and starts his senior year in the fall.  It is hard to believe.  I took him to the orthodontist the other day and it was his last check up.  I guess his braces have been off for a year now.  They said his teeth have not shifted and he does not need to come back, so that was good news.
I am sure there is a lot I have left out, but I have been so busy just spending time with my parents.  I am home today doing laundry, so I thought I would decorate my blog and post an update.  I really do want to post better updates.  We will see.  If not, have a great summer and 4th if July!  I am truly going to try to be back before then though.  Maybe something good will happen.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Holy cow, well I have been busy since my last post, but everything is ok.  Middle of November my dad went to a doctor's appointment and they sent him straight to the hospital.  He has lymphedema in his leg and it was swollen and infected.  He was in the hospital for a week and then a nursing home for 3 weeks getting his leg better, but he also has alzheimer's, so his stay was very hard not understanding why he could not go home and forgetting we had visited.  He got to come home a week or two before Christmas.  He (his leg) is doing much better.  He has a nurse that comes to their house and physical therapy.  I understand they are just temporary though.  It is too bad.  I was hoping they would be there until my dad has to go to a nursing home because of the alzheimer's.  I think he is aware enough now to be ok at home.  He still talks to us and knows who we are.  He spent Thanksgiving in the nursing home.  I got up early, made Thanksgiving dinner, ate and then went to visit my dad.  It was all so rushed.  We had Christmas at my mom and dad's house.  I stayed with my dad the last day I had to work so my mom could go Christmas shopping.  It has been crazy.  I went and stayed with him today too so my mom could go visit a friend in the hospital. 
Josh and I start back to school on Monday the 4th and this has been the shortest break ever.  We did get our Christmas things put away and got our house cleaned up.  Things are a little busy and crazy, but that is just the way it has to be now.  I did take a day to get my hair cut and highlighted.  That is the picture I added in this post. 
If you think of us just say a prayer, it seems like we are always parents and my family too.  Just pray God would help us through and bring us peace of what is to come.
Happy New Year, have a safe winter.  I will try to post again soon.