Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Bun Toting Librarian


Bun Toting Librarian



 1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
 Probably something along the lines of "you look so tired".

2. What shirt are you wearing?  Black pajama shirt

3. Do you label yourself?  I try not to, but I am sure I do at times.

4. What does your watch look like?  It has a silver band with a silver face and
black numbers.

5. What were you doing at midnight last night?  I was asleep last night.

6. Last furry thing you touched?  Molly, she walked by to get a pat.

7. Favourite age you have been so far?  Probably around 28.

8. What is your current desktop picture?  I have rotating backgrounds of
ocean and mountain scenes.

9. If you had to choose between $1,000,000 or to be able to fly what would it be?
I would choose the money.

10. The last song you listened to?  I cannot remember.  I have been listening to
an audiobook in my car on the way to and from work and I do not listen to
music when I am at home.  It is actually probably some crazy song I play for
the kids. OH!  I played It's A Small World on Friday and we learned how to do
rhythm sticks.

11. What do you do when vending machines steal your money?  I do not go to
vending machines very often, but in the past couple of years I haven't had one
steal my money, but it has happened.  I am sure I either just walked away or
added more money.  I am not one to complain.

12. Would you move for the person you loved?  I would and I have.

13. Name three things that you have on you at all times?  I typically have
a drink, my bag and my phone.

14. What’s your favourite town/city?  I wouldn't say I have a favorite town.
I do not travel enough to have a favorite place and I wouldn't say it is where
I live either.

15. Does anything hurt on your body right now?  not really, but my legs were
hurting Friday night when I was at my mom's visiting from standing all 
day at school.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Saturday 9- Cardigan



Saturday 9: Cardigan (2020)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) When she's feeling low, Taylor Swift compares herself to an old cardigan, forgotten under the bed. Do you store anything under your bed? Or do you try to keep that area clear (except for dust bunnies)?  I have one of those beds that sits up and down, it also massages.  It also has under bed lighting.  I do not think anything CAN go under the bed.  If it can, we do not have anything under there.

2) The lyrics begin with a reference to a new phone. Do you foresee yourself getting a new phone before 2021 ends? Or are you happy with the one you've got?  We just found out that they are going to stop updating our phones, I wouldn't mind keeping my phone, but if we do not update by the end of the year, we will next year probably.  I do not love updating my phone.  It works really good as it is.
3) She sings that her lover haunts all of her "what if's." Have you recently wondered, "what if?" What were you musing about?  There is a new show called Ordinary Joe that is about just that...what if he made a different choice.  It reminds me of the book The Midnight Library.  Anyway, I do think about what if sometimes, I think most recently I was thinking about if I had made other choices I would probably not be teaching.  I love teaching.  I am glad things have worked out in my life.

4) Taylor Swift admits that she rewinds after concerts by watching Friends reruns. What do you do to relax?  I play games online or read.  I read some really good books lately.  Malibu Rising really captured my attention.  The Therapist was really good too.

5) Thinking of TV shows, Taylor appeared on a 2009 episode of CSI. That series was about crime-scene investigators who use forensics to solve murders. Do you enjoy crime shows?  It depends on the show.  I do enjoy them.

6) Taylor grew up on an 11-acre tree farm where she learned to ride. Her mother was a horsewoman and hoped riding was a passion they could share. When she was 12, Taylor admitted to her mother that she really wasn't that into it and wished she could spend more time on her music. Her mother was supportive. Tell us about a tough conversation you've had that turned out well.  Maybe it was the conversation Karl, Josh and I were having last week about Molly.  I think Karl and I both thought we were going to lose Molly.  Josh wanted to keep doing everything we could.  We agreed to bringing her home and she how she did.  Molly is now off all of the medicine that she was on for the poisoning and she is completely neurological issues.  She is doing good....just one thing.  When they did scans on her they found she has bladder stones, so we have put her on special food to see if it will dissolve the stones, if it doesn't, she would have to have surgery, so I am praying the food will help.  This had nothing to do with the black walnut poisoning, they just happened to find them as they were taking care of her.

7) She enjoys good, old-fashioned mysteries, especially those by Agatha Christie. Are you currently reading a book?  I am reading Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  I believe she also wrote Daisy Jones and the Six...which I thought about reading, but didn't.  I might have to read it as much as I am enjoying Malibu Rising.  It is such a visual book for me.  I like how the author writes.

8) In 2020, the year this song was released, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek died. The search for a new host has caused interest and even controversy. Would you enjoy the job?  No, I would not be good at being a host.

9) Random question: Of Superman's three superpowers -- tremendous strength, the ability to fly, and x-ray vision -- which would you choose?  I wouldn't mind strength so I could do more on my own and not hurt my back, but I would also like to be able to fly, just so I could get places quick and be able to visit places.  

Friday, September 17, 2021

Saturday 9- I Left My Heart in San Francisco


I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Saturday 9: I Left My Heart in San Francisco (1962)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is a valentine to the city of San Francisco. Songwriters George Cory and Douglas Cross moved to New York to find fame and fortune and found themselves homesick for the city by the bay. Have you ever been homesick? Or, in the parlance of the song, where have you left your heart?  One time when we were on vacation we were staying in a bigger city and there was a lot of violence happening when we were there.  We live in the country, so it is quiet.  I was ready to come home during that trip.  I like to feel safe.

2) Cory and Cross were buddies with Ralph Sharon, a piano player who often worked with Tony Bennett. Ralph brought the song to Tony and the results were very happy for all involved. Have you more recently done, or been on the receiving end of, a favor?  I am going to say I have been on the receiving end.  I did make some copies of some of my lesson plans for next week for the other pre-k teacher Friday, but we help each other all of the time.  
3) The lyrics compare San Francisco to Paris, Rome and Manhattan. Have you visited those cities?  nope, none of them.  I would love to visit all of them.

4) This week's artist, Tony Bennett, sang professionally for the last time in August. He retired after performing at Radio City Music Hall with Lady Gaga. Their musical collaboration dates back to when they both performed at President Obama's inauguration. Though 60 years apart in age, they became fast friends based on their shared love of jazz. Do you find that most of your friends are older than you, younger than you, or within 5 years of you?  I think my closest friends are within 5 years...we just have more in common.  

5) While Lady Gaga grew up listening to Tony Bennett, as a young man Tony recalled listening to Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and Joe Venuti. Which singers did you enjoy during your teen years?  When I was a teen, I did not really have favorite singers and I just listened to a lot of different music.

6) While he's famous for singing about San Francisco, Tony is a proud son of New York. Born in Queens, he chose to end his career at Radio City Music Hall and was excited to perform "New York State of Mind" with Billy Joel at Shea Stadium in 2008. Do you have a favorite Billy Joel song?  Billy Joel is so talented and I like a lot of his songs, but I always really enjoy Piano Man.
7) Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra may have been competitors but they shared mutual admiration. Sinatra called Bennett "the best singer in the business," and Bennett did a Sinatra homage album called Perfectly Frank. Think of people you have worked with over the years. Tell us about someone who has impressed you, and why.  My friend Lori always impresses me. She is a great teacher, but she is such a great person.  She never has a bad thing to say about anyone.  I just enjoy her company.  I have never met anyone quite like her.

8) The 1970s were a difficult period for Tony. During the days of disco and Studio 54, he said singing new songs made him feel like his mother, a talented seamstress, when she was forced to make a cheap dress. OK, so Tony doesn't like disco! Is there a genre of music you just don't care for?  I do not like death metal...if you want to call that music.  It makes me feel anxious.  I hate that feeling.

9) Random question: Imagine you're the passenger in a long car ride. Are you more likely to be calm or fidgety?  totally calm.  I like a good car ride.

Update on Molly:  Last weekend was really hard and I thought more than once we were going to have to put her to sleep or she was just going to pass on her own.  It was bad.  Saturday night the vet hospital called us and she was still not eating and was not showing any signs of getting better.  Josh went to visit her and she perked up some.  The next morning the vet hospital called and Molly had eaten a little overnight, so we brought her home Sunday morning.  Sunday was a hard day.  Karl and I watched her all day and took care of her.  Josh watched her overnight since he typically stays up late.  Monday she ate a little better and each day she has shown improvement.  The first thing I did though when she came home was gave her less of the anti-seizure medicine.  I plan to take her off the day pill this weekend and monitor her.  Then is she does ok I would like to try to get her off of that early next week.  She has one more anti-biotic and some pills left for her liver function.  She really is so much better.  I was worried early in the week, but I feel so much better now.  Thank-you for your prayers and good thoughts.  I was super worried about Josh.  Molly is his dog...Josh is her person.  It was awful thinking she was fine one day and possibly going to die the next.  It was hard.  He is ok though.  I have told him more than once he is the reason she is alive.  Thank-you all for asking about her.  I was just so worried about her.  This was taken a day or so ago by Josh.  She looks so much better.  She was sleeping all day just last weekend and her eyes all glazed over.  You can see in this picture her front legs were shaved for her IV's.  

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Sunday Stealing- Not Quite 5000 Questions


 1. Who do you take for granted?  I appreciate everyone, but I will say my husband.  He is
the best about doing a lot around the house to help me out.

2. Short, knee, or ankle skirts? (if a man, have you ever worn kilts?)  I do not really
wear skirts anymore, but if I did they would be ankle.  I wore short skirts when
I was in college.  That was when the denim mini shirts were in style.

3. Do you wear a hat?  Sometimes I wear baseball caps, usually on hat day
at school.

4. Who's your favorite cartoon character?  I love them all...not really, but I do
not really know if I have a favorite.

5. Does break dancing impress you?  I don't care about it anymore, but I was 
probably impressed with it in the 80's.

6. Are you a miracle?  Everyone is a miracle....even me.

7. Have you ever eaten tofu?  I don't think so.

8. Does the moon have an effect on your mood?  I am sure it does.

9. Many people will say that the Harry Potter books are pure fluff with no
literary value. Do you agree?  I have not read Harry Potter.

10. What are you doing next Wednesday?  Hopefully working.  I missed a
couple of days of work with my dog Molly this past week.

11. Why do so many people think Elvis is still alive?  My mom says he isn't
in his grave because his middle name is spelled wrong on his gravestone. 
Well, she said that a long time ago.  I think she believes he is dead now.

12. Are your hands cold?  not as I am typing this.

13. Have you ever given blood?  no, sadly I have not.

14. What SCI-fi books do you read?  I do not read sci-fi, I find it a bit
difficult to read.  I love the movies though.  My mind just cannot see those
characters and I struggle with it.  I am told it takes practice.  My husband
LOVES sci-fi.

15. Have you ever belonged to a sorority or a fraternity?  no, I skipped that, it
was not a big deal at my college.  I think it would have been fun at a different 
college though.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Saturday 9- Jose Cuervo


Jose Cuervo

Saturday 9: Jose Cuervo (1983)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here. 
1) In this song, Shelly West sings that she woke up late on a sunny morning. How's the weather in your part of the world?   It is sunny and in the 90's.

2) She wonders if she started any fights while under the influence. Who's the last person you quarreled with?  Probably my husband, I do not get in many arguments.
3) OK, margaritas for everyone! Shelly sings that she likes hers with salt. What's your order? Classic or strawberry? Salt or sugar on the rim?  I do not like Tequila, so pass for me.

4) Jose Cuervo was a real person. He was one of the first to put tequila in bottles instead of barrels. Since bottles are easier to ship, it was a good decision. Tell us about a recent choice you're glad you made.  My dog Molly ate a black walnut or part of one that had fallen in our yard...they are toxic to dogs, so she has been in the vet hospital for 2 days, they are flushing her little system and hopefully she will make it.  She had several seizures, which have stopped now and her temperature is back to normal, but she was really bad off there at first.  She still is not doing great.  The best decision we made was getting her to a vet relatively quickly.  If you think of her, send her some positive thoughts and prayers.  I would appreciate it.   She is not out of the woods yet.  Molly is the black/white and brown dog...part corgi part blue heeler.

5) This week's featured artist, Shelly West, decided upon a career in music while still very young. She went on the road and sang backup for her mom, country music legend Dottie West, when she was still in her teens. When Sam was in her teens, she really didn't give her professional future that much thought. How about you? Did you already have career ambitions when you were in your teens?  no, I am so envious of people that know exactly what they want to do.  I wanted to be a medical technologist for a while when I first went to college, but I changed my mind.
6) In 1983, the year this song was popular, Sally Ride became the first American woman in space. Do you ever fantasize about being an astronaut?  I was always interested in space and learned all I could, but I never wanted to be an astronaut.

7) Also in 1983, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was born. The NFL season is just kicking off. Do you have high hopes for your team this year?  I always have high hopes for my KC Chiefs!  I am so excited the season is here.

8) In 1983, Motorola introduced the first cell phone. Do you have an easy time adapting to new technology?  I think I do.  I can typically figure it out myself.

9) Think of the last potato chip you had. Was it plain, sea salt, barbecue, sour cream and onion ...?  I think it was BBQ.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Saturday 9- A Hard Day's Night


A Hard Day's Night

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) John Lennon sings that he's been working like a dog. What's the hardest job you've ever had? What made it so difficult?  I am going to say teaching.  You are in charge of putting together lessons to help kids learn and if they do not learn, you must find different ways to teach them.  I have always worked in special education, but this year I am in regular education (pre-K).  The kids are learning so fast.  I am very impressed with them.  Then there are kiddos that have problems at home and you fill a lot of time teaching them how to handle pressure and stress.  I actually love teaching that the most.  So my work is harder, but I love this job the most.  This is the sign hanging on the ceiling by my classroom door.  I still haven't taken pictures of my classroom all finished, but I will.  I need to share it with you.

2) Despite the hard work, he likes his life and asks, "So why on earth should I moan?" What's the last thing you complained about? Who were you talking to?  Our Principal changed our schedule on us last minute the other day and it threw my whole class off (the kids).  They had a bad day.  The next day we were back to normal.  The kids did better.  I talked to the other pre-k teacher about the kids and how they were struggling.  She said her kids were too.  Anyway, it is worked out now.

3) John was raised by his Aunt Mimi. She meant well when she told the teen-aged John, "The guitar's all right, but you'll never make a living out of it." What's the worst advice you've ever received?  I can't remember. 

4) This week's song was cowritten and also sung with Paul McCartney. Paul's father was more supportive of the lads' show business aspirations than Aunt Mimi was, but he still worried that his son wouldn't be able fully support himself as a musician. To please his dad, 17-year-old Paul worked over the Christmas holiday season as the "second man" on a delivery truck. Paul would be the one to hop off the truck and drop off the packages while the driver could keep the motor running and the heat on. Where was the last package you received from? (Extra points if you share what was in it.)  It was a package from Lakeshore Learning and it was a chart for our daily schedule in the classroom.  This is what it looks like.  This helps visual learners.  I have 4 year olds.

5) After Christmas was over, Dad insisted Paul get a full-time, year-around job. He ended up at a factory, winding heavy coils to be used in electric motors. He hated the work but enjoyed the lunch hours, eating jam sandwiches and, weather permitting, kicking a soccer ball around the yard with his coworkers. What's for lunch at your house today?  We can have ham or turkey sandwiches or if we want something hot, we can have burritos.

6) In early March 1961, the Beatles accepted a booking to play lunch hour gigs at Liverpool's Cavern Club, and so February 28, after less than two full months, Paul said goodbye to factory work. What's the shortest you ever stayed at a job?  I had a job where I worked with adults with mental handicaps.  I did this line of work for years, over 10 years, but I worked for this one company only a year or so before I went back to the first company I had started with.  I quit doing that when I  got married.  I was working 3-11PM and my hours were so different than Karl's.  The answer to the question though is one year.  I am usually a dedicated employee.

7) Enough about these Brits! Labor Day was introduced to celebrate the achievements of the American worker. How many different employers have you had? Over the years, I have had close to 10 .  I jumped around companies as mentioned before and moved out of state briefly.  I have been in education for 16 years now.  I got a late start.

8) This weekend may offer a golden opportunity for napping and sleeping in. Do you snore?  I think so.  I didn't when I was younger, but I have gained weight and my head tucks down and it makes it hard to breathe right.  Karl says it is not a normal snore though.

9) Labor Day traditionally marks the beginning of the new school year. When she was a kid, Samantha was crazy for her brand new box of 96 Crayola Crayons. It even had a sharpener in the back! What do you remember about preparing to go back to school? If you're an educator, let us know how you get the classroom ready for the kids.  I don't remember preparing to go back to school.  I think my mom just bought everything and sent it with me.  I remember clothes shopping though.  I hated shopping then too.  Preparing to go back to school as an educator is a lot of work.  I was creating a brand new classroom this year, so it took weeks to get ready (we are expanding our early childhood department.  I am still putting things together.  I still need to have the janitors hang my curtains.  I am hoping next year will be so much faster and smoother.