Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I thought I had posted after I finished student teaching, but I didn't. I think I make blog posts in my head sometimes. My last week was good, but like I said, it was really hard to leave. I loved it over there. I cried and I still think about those kids and wonder how they are doing.
I have been back to work for about 2 weeks I think. They have sent me 3 new kids and are working on 3 more. I welcome more kids. The kids do better overall when there are more of them to play with. We have 10 between two classes right now. That is not very many.
Karl is laid off again. It does sound like there will be some more work soon though. That is good.
There is nothing going on with our house. We had a bid and the amount offered was good, but they wanted us to sign something stating that we would fix anything an inspector might find wrong with the house. Well, depending on the inspector, they may find nothing, they may find thousands of dollars of stuff. There is no way to know, so we didn't sign. We have an old house too, so that was too scary to sign.
Ok, here is a Josh story. I painted my nails dark purple for Halloween, they look black. Well, Josh asks me when I painted my fingernails and why they were black. I told him for Halloween. He informs me that is bad and that it is goth. I even got him a black jacket and he says it is goth, he doesn't like to wear it. He cracks me up. Maybe I will dye my hair black too and see what he says...LOL!!
My night class will be over in December and I will be done with college. I can almost taste it!! I am so excited. I will be at night class for Halloween. How exciting right? Well, I am going to go. Have a Happy and safe Halloween. I am excited to decorate for Thanksgiving...even though I think Wal~Mart wants me to decorate for Christmas. ;)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

shock for the day...

I really need to get out more. So, Karl usually puts gas in my car, but he has been working crazy long hours, so I needed to get dogfood and I was out of gas. I went to get gas and I was shocked at the price. I looked up and thought I was paying for mine and someone elses's...LOL!! I know gas prices are down some, I paid $3.09/gallon. I cannot imagine what I would have thought if I would have got gas when it was higher. I have a small car, not an SUV, so I do not know what I was thinking, but anyway... Ok, so after that shock, I proceed to Branson where I am going to Pet Smart for dogfood. Well, I did not realize our dogfood brand was so expensive. Karl usually does this also. I am usually there, just not paying attention. I really hate knowing how much money we spend. Ok, so the last time I got dogfood we had one dog and we got a much smaller bag. We now have 3 dogs and need a bigger bag, plus I get a pet store brand and not a walmart brand. I also decided that they needed new toys and some dog treats. Ok, well that isn't really even my "I need to get out more" moment for the pet store. I go to pay and the machine will not take my debit card, I swiped it like 4 times, then accidentally it taps the side and goes through. I was like OMG, what happened??? The girl tells me I have one of the cards you only have to tap to get the machine to work. I told her I didn't get out much. She was nice and told me not many people know about it because not many places have those machines around here. It was cool. Anyway, I dropped over $100 in about an hour, so I thought I better get myself home.
Well, this coming week is my last week of student teaching, then I will go back to work October 17th. It is bittersweet. I need to get back to work, but I will miss the kids so much. It will be a rough week for me.
The house hunting is not going so good. It is such a long story, let's just say the people that were interested in our house did make a bid, but it did not work out.
Karl is working a different job, but I am not sure for how long, so I will not go into it. He is working long hours though. It is hard on him. Good paycheck though.
I am just waiting for my parents to bring back Josh. He spent the night with them. Have a great weekend!!