Saturday, September 17, 2016

Decorating for Fall...

Things are still going good at work.  I am just enjoying this year more than last year.  I feel more included with this set of teachers than I did last year.  Last Sunday the 4th grade team had a cookout at one of the teacher's houses and it was a lot of fun.  I had a really good time.
This week the boy I work with was out of town on vacation, so I was in charge of the dental clinic at the elementary school.  The school has a dentist office that comes in and checks teeth and also cleans them for those that do not have dental insurance and no dentist.  It is free.  Ok, so I am not in charge of it,  but I get the kids for them and escort them back to class.  I am in charge of making sure the kids keep coming, so I have to know the schedules of each class and work around testing, recess, lunch, etc.  It is fun and I get out and about in the school and see people I do not usually get to see anymore.  I think we will be done on Monday.  The little boy I work with will be back on Tuesday, so it worked out perfectly.
I had a Scentsy party on facebook last night and that was fun.  The party made over $200, so I was able to get some free goodies.  I am so excited.  Scentsy if you are not familiar with it is like wax pot burners with scented wax turn them on and your house smells wonderful.  I guess they have car scents now too and I got some of those as well to try.
Karl and Josh are doing fine.  Josh is still hating school, but his grades are not as bad as last year.  He will be glad when he is done.  I will have less stress when he is done.
I redecorated here at my blog for Fall and I am thinking I need to start decorating the house too.  Have a nice weekend!