Saturday, January 22, 2011

January update

I wish I could say I have been really busy and that is why I haven't blogged, but I haven't been. We started back to school at the preschool. We have some new kids, they are precious. This has been a good year so far there.
I started my second set of methods and I think those classes will be less stressful than last semester. We do not have as many assignments. The good news on the college front is that hopefully I will be able to take my last two classes over the summer and then do student teaching in the fall and I will be done. That is the plan anyway. I will see what happens. I know they are planning to offer the classes over the summer, but if there are not enough students that need the class, they will drop it. I will keep you posted.
We have been looking at houses. We found one that was great. It overlooked a golf course and was by the river in a valley, but it had some problems, we were more than willing to fix, but DNR was being ridiculous about the whole thing, so we said forget about it. It is a very long story. Anyway, we are still looking. We are taking our time. God has the right house for us in His timing.
Josh is doing great in school. That is the other thing. I hate to move him from our current school district, but I haven't found any homes here in town that I like much, or they have a lot of land with them and it jacks the price up. We do not necessarily need land. There are a loot of horse or cow owners here though that do need the land. I just want a big back yard.
Josh is also doing well with his braces. The last time we went he got his night gear. He hates that, but the orthodontist said about 6 months is all for the night gear, so hopefully that is all it will take.
Karl is currently working, but there are not many jobs in construction right now, so we will see how that goes.
We have been out of school and work a lot lately with snow. We have to make all of those days up which stinks. I do not want to be in school at the end of June again this year. That was a short summer last summer.
Here is a picture I took of Meisha on Jan. 20th on one of my snow days. She is so sweet still, getting bigger.