Thursday, May 31, 2012

this and that

It was a kind of quiet Memorial Day here at our house. We stayed home and grilled. Josh went to visit my parents. It was nice though. We watched some movies also. We saw We bought a Zoo and The Vow. I really enjoyed We bought a Zoo and The Vow was just ok to me. Josh had told me We bought a Zoo was not very good, but this coming from his school friends. I liked it. I was really wanting to see The Vow and was a bit disappointed. It was a little boring to me, I know it is a true story, and I sort of liked it, but it was just ok. The other movie is based on a true story also. Anyway, then Monday night we began watching The Hatfield's and McCoy's mini-series. I LOVED it. We have Silver Dollar City here which is a theme park and they really play up the Hatfield and McCoy feud being a turn of the century theme park. It was a really interesting mini-series. It had Kevin Costner in it and was on the History channel. This week Josh and I wandered out to Wal~Mart to pick up some things and then went to a local restaurant to have some ice-cream. I ended up eating lunch because I was so hungry, but Josh had some ice cream and when we got home Karl tells me we got a $500 check in the mail from a insurance policy we had canceled. It was kind of unexpected because we canceled the policy a few years ago. It was a nice surprise. I also took Josh to the orthodontist yesterday. Things are going well. They said next time they will be putting the brackets on his bottom teeth. He does not have braces on his bottome teeth yet because he had not lost all of his baby teeth. He has lost all but 1 now I believe. We had a storm last night and we had also lost our interenet earlier in the evening, so I was not able to get online last night. We do not have much planned today, but tomorrow Molly has to go to the vet for her yearly check-up. I hope you are all doing well. Have a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We had our last day of school at the preschool last wednesday. It was a half day. Josh had his last day on friday, so it is summer vacation here at our house!! Yay!! I had mentioned in my last post that I was going to teach summer school, but long story short I decided not to. I think it is the right thing for me because I have not been home all of the time for Josh because of my classes the last 4-5 years and he is getting to the age where soon he will be the one that will not be home. I want to spend as much time with him as I can. Josh and I went to a store called IPA yesterday and I was able to do some shopping for the preschool. I had my purchase order in hand and was able to spend $200, so we got in there and stocked up on things that we needed for the next school year. Josh enjoys teacher things, so I took him with me, he had never been to IPA and we had so much fun. We also had to go to Wal~Mart and pick up a few things, but that was not nearly as fun. Today my friend and co-worker Pat dropped by and brought me some things for my kitchen. She is redecorating and I am wanting to change decorations when we move, so I bought her things. She has a beautiful home. She decorated with the french coffee theme and the colors are really rich browns, black and burgundy. I wish we could sell our house. We haven't had many lookers lately. I am hoping that changes in June and July. I spent the weekend shampooing the carpets on and off. The rooms have all been cleaned, but I was working on some stains in the carpet and they are looking good now. Karl and Josh went to a baseball game on Sunday and that gave me time to work on the carpets. We are going to visit my mom and dad later today. My mom is cooking dinner, and that is always nice. She is a good cook. Josh has not been to visit them in a long time, so they will enjoy him. I guess I will wrap this up. I need to get in the habit of coming in here to post. Have a wonderful day!!