Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

Ok, so first I should say Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and we had tons of wonderful food. My mom does not know how to cook anything bad. Then I did my nails and my mom opened her birthday present. We stayed all day. Then we came home and started getting ready for Black Friday. Many of you know that Black Friday is not my thing. I do not like crowds or standing in line. Karl is patient and that stuff does not bother him. Well, we go to Wal~Mart...yes we. He talked me into going because I was wanting a new cell phone. Well we get there and we had a few other things in mind we wanted. We picked up a new comforter set ($35) and some Rubbermaid things (18). Karl stood in line for a surround sound bar ($45). We already have surround sound, but it is going out, so we are trying this one. Anyway, while Karl was waiting Josh and I walked around and looked at other stuff. There were people everywhere. I did not have fun. I went for a cell phone, but they were out already, I also wanted some of the 600 thread count sheets which were also gone. Still glad we picked up a few things. Ok, so midnight comes and I see people rushing the front of the store. Josh and I were standing by the cash register, so we jumped in line, Karl met up with us and we checked out. That part did go well.
Karl went back out today and got Meisha a bigger crate...those were on sale also and if you own a dog you know big crates can be kind of pricey. He picked one up for $40 or $45. Hopefully Meisha enjoys some more space.
I took down the Thanksgiving decorations and I need to dust, then I plan to decorate for Christmas!! Yay!! I love this time of the year!!
Tonight we are going to meet up with some of Karl's family for a birthday party. It will be fun, we are going bowling. Have a nice day Black Friday Shoppers!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am so excited for Thanksgiving. This week we will work all day Monday and then half a day on Tuesday. Then vacation begins. I am ready. I love Thanksgiving. We are going to my parent's house this Thanksgiving. Speaking of my parents, I really need to write about what happened to my mom. She had been seeing this doctor in Oklahoma and long story short, she was super over medicated. She has been sleeping almost all of the time for the last several years. Everytime these doctor's would change her medicine, they would not take her off any of her old medicine, just keep adding new medicine. Anyway, she had started falling and she hurt herself. My parent's were at my house one night and she fell. She was also really shaky. These things could all be explained by her diagnoses, so I didn't think much about it...she has Parkinson's and COPD...I just thought her shaking was getting worse and that she was not taking her oxygen which would make her more awake. Well anyway, she fell at my house and she started asking if my dad was there. I could tell she had fainted. I told my dad to get her to the doctor and let them know she was fainting. Well, the doctor told her she was over medicated and changed her medications. She was also having nightmares and what I did not know was she was not able to use the bathroom. The doctor called her back and told her to get back to her office. Her kidneys were starting to shut down. When she went back, her kidneys were doing better because she had stopped taking all of the medications. My mom is also awake/alert now. She has been shopping and getting out. She feels so much better. I am so thankful the doctor caught this in time. She could have died. The doctor has been monitoring her kidneys and they are doing fine. Anyway, she is having Thanksgiving at her house this year and she wants to cook. I will get to go help her, but I am so happy she is feeling better.
Well, let's see. The last time I posted I had 2 new students. I got like 6 more since then. We have a lot of 3 year olds, so getting them used to structure takes time. We will get there. In the meantime, the holidays are here, so hopefully we will not get anymore kids until January. This will give us some time to work with the kids we have now and teach them our expectations.
Karl also went back to work. He is working at Bass Pro, building a museum inside of Bass Pro I believe-he does commercial construction. He has been working every day, no days off. The money will be good, but working everyday is hard.
I only have 4 more classes and I will be done with college. The last time I posted it was Halloween. I had to go to night class, but afterwards I rushed home and started handing out candy. We always get a lot of my students that come by. They looked so cute!! The picture is of my nephew Brandon and his wife Alicia and their daughter Chloe. They looked so cute!! I would have been so mad if I would have missed all of the trick-or-treaters because of night class, but as it turns out I didn't miss anything, I got home just in time.
Ok, well this is what happens when I do not post for a long time. I am sorry this is so long. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!