Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gallbladder surgery

I know many of you know about my gallbladder surgery, but I did want to post about it so I would have something written down here at my blog.  I had been having attacks in my abdomen for the past year and a half or so that would last a couple of hours and then go away and I would be fine.  Then I might not have another one for months.  Karl told me he thought it was my gallbladder, but it passed and I did not want to see the doctor.  Well in early January I had another one and had to be home a couple of days, then had another one a few days later and I just felt really bad.  If I tried to eat I felt sick.  My co-worker (Wendy)...her son was going through the same thing and they had found a doctor.  She gave me the number, because I had called my regular doctor and they told me it would be a year before they could see me.  The surgeon my friend recommended was able to get me in the next week, I went in and talked to him on a Tuesday, they ran an ultrasound and found gallstones and surgery was scheduled for Thursday of the same week.  I took Thursday and Friday and then Monday through Wednesday off for the next week to recover.  I had a complication when they went in.  They got my gallbladder out fine, but there was a gallstone in the bile duct the size of the end of a thumb.  They had to bring in another surgeon to scope that and get the gallstone out and they put in a stent to make sure no other gallstones were in there that could get to my pancreas or liver.  The stent has caused a great deal of pain for me.  It has been two weeks since my surgery and I am eating fine now and I am able to take less Tylenol for pain.  The first day back to work was hard.  I went back to see the surgeon again last Tuesday and he said the pain I am feeling is normal for what I had done.  My tummy still has bruising.  He said everything was healing nicely though.  I see the second surgeon on March 20th about the stent.  I have to have it removed also.  That is during Spring Break, so I am hoping they can do the surgery that week.  I will keep you posted.
I am still reading my Bible and I have stopped drinking Pepsi.  The surgery made the thought of Pepsi make me sick.  I am trying hard to not go back down that road.  I was drinking way too much caffeine.  I feel less tired now actually. 
So much has been going on, but I wanted to post about my gallbladder surgery so I can remember it.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Happy February and Happy Valentine's Day!