Saturday, August 20, 2016

First week of school...

It is always so hard for me to go back to school.  I enjoyed staying up late watching Hallmark movies this summer and visiting with Josh and my parents.  We had a staff meeting (district wide) on Monday and then a building meeting on Tuesday.  I was able to eat with my friends both of those days.  Then on Wednesday the kids came back.  I am always glad when the kids come back.  The meetings are so boring, but necessary.  The student I am working with had a great week.  I was so excited.  I am loving his class so far.  The kids are very well behaved and the teacher is very good at classroom management.  The student I work with needs this very much.  I also have my own area this year with my own computer.  I used a student cubby last year to put my things in.  It is kind of exciting to have my own space.  Anyway, week one was a success full moon and all.  The kids went over procedures and expectations this week.  They will start regular classroom work on Monday.
We got a call from Josh's Principal this week also.  He wanted to pass along a message that one of Josh's teachers wanted to let us know that Josh had a positive report and was being a leader this week.  I was so happy for him.  This is a new Principal, so I am really hoping Josh's last year will be a good one.  Josh has had pretty negative experiences with this school district for a very long time, so I am hoping for a good year.  I also work with the Principal's wife.
I went to visit my parents last night and they were good.  My dad was having a good day.  I love it when he is so on top of things.
Today I slept in and am just relaxing and recharging.  Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Back to School

Josh started back to school on was his first day of school senior year.  I cried when he left.  I start back on Monday, so I guess this is a wrap up the summer post.
We spent a lot of time with my parents.  The summer started bad with another fall from my dad and he had hurt his shoulder really bad and could not stand up on his own.  He had great PT over the next few weeks and was back to normal and released from PT the end of June.  It was a rough first week with my dad not able to help us lift him.  He got stronger fast though.  Josh and I still visited most days this summer to take my mom grocery shopping and one of us to stay with my dad at home.   She can take him out, but she needs time to herself.  It became frustrating to Josh and I both though because she would take hours out shopping daily.  I have to drive a while to get to a place to shop and I do not take that long.  Anyway, I did enjoy my dad.  He is so much fun.  I know as frustrating as it all is, I will be so glad we took this time to spend with them.
I was able to have lunch with several of my friends from work this summer.  I have met so many good people at my new job.  It will be good to see them again when we get back to work.
Josh had his birthday on August 4th...he turned 18.  I am glad we were able to spend time together this summer.  We got to go shopping together for his school clothes and the shirt he is wearing in these pictures is one I picked out.   Unfortunately he is wearing the same shirt in both pictures, but these were different days.  We went to eat at Ruby Tuesday and then had chocolate cake for his birthday cake.
Well, like I said, I start back to work on Monday, but I will try to sneak over and update if anything happens during the school year and I will try to update just because I enjoy reading everyone's blogs.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and fall.  I am so excited to decorate my house for fall.  I bought some new things to decorate with yesterday and I have stocked up on fall candles.  They are the best.  I did not get to go swimming at all this summer, so I will leave with a little beach siggie.