Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! Josh got his braces, so he did not go out this year, but he had fun handing out candy here at the house. I decorated the house for Thanksgiving while he was handing out candy.
Well, like I said Josh got his braces. They are only on the front four teeth for now. They hurt him a couple of days after he got them on, but he is doing fine now.
Molly got her operation this past week...she was spayed. She is doing great. I was so worried about her, but she has done great.
Thursday night was Family Literacy Night at the preschool. It was fun, I am going to post a picture of me reading.

There were four of us reading. They were girls from my class at the college. We had to do this for our class, but it was so much fun!! We had two groups reading, so you see the side I was on in the picture, then on the other side of the room were two more girls reading to kids. At the end we did a leaf activity with the kids and it was a blast.
I am working on a lesson plan for my practicum class now. I am supposed to teach vocabulary from the Pledge of Allegiance. How boring right? This is what the teacher wanted me to teach. I didn't really get to chose. Well, I found a book...the same author as Brown Bear, Brown is called I Pledge Allegiance. I am going to read that and talk about the vocabulary with that book. I think that will be more fun that the worksheet the teacher wanted me to use. I do not care for worksheets, they are boring. I will be done with the practicum right before Thanksgiving Break and then we go back to our classroom for lecture.
That is what has been going on. I am totally covered up with homework, so I do not have a lot of time to do anything. I hop on facebook and mess around when I have some extra time, but that is about it.
I better get going. I hope you are all doing great!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

crazy week...

I have just been doing the same stuff these past couple of weeks, practicum and working. I haven't been overly busy, but I have been tired when I get home, so I haven't even tried to blog or make a post. I try to rest on the weekend.
This will be a crazy week though. The time has finally come for Josh to get his expanders out and get his braces. He does that on Monday. He doesn't have school, so he will not miss anything. Tuesday is normal, I will be in practicum. Wednesday I am doing our fall party at the preschool...yes in the middle of the week because my kids do not come everyday, this is when they will all be there and me too as I am not there Thursday. I have class Thursday and Thursday night a group of us from the college is doing a Family Literacy Night at the preschool. We are going to talk about reading tips, read books and dress up. I am going to dress as Cat in the Hat. I am not reading that book though, I am reading Green Eggs and Ham. It should be fun. This is for our class, and we have to turn tons of stuff in for it. Then Friday is normal. Now, with all of that said, it is time for my co-worker to have her baby!! She is due the 27th, so anytime now. It is a boy, so exciting!! Then of course it is time for Halloween!! I am excited, but it is going to be a crazy week. I hope you have a good one!! Happy Halloween!! I will update soon to let you know how Josh is doing with his new braces.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

staying busy

Josh did just great getting his other two teeth out on Monday. He was fine on Tuesday with no pain. Glad that is all over.
I did not want to go to class on Tuesday because the university was giving me trouble over my liability insurance...saying I had none, but I do. I asked them to call MSTA my insurance and anyway, I am glad I went to class. I got several papers back and I did good on them. I also got cleared for my insurance to work in my practicum. I started my practicum on Thursday. I am working in 2nd grade. It will be good practice because next year when I do student teaching it will need to be in a primary grade, and I am less comfortable in those grades. I am happier in preschool/kindergarten. Thursday was super busy, I went to the practicum, then to work, to the university to return books, then to my co-worker's baby shower. I didn't get home until 8:30PM. I was tired.
I have also been working on cleaning the carpets and furniture this week. I thought I was done, but I want to re-do a rug. It will not take long. Anyway, then once that is dry, I am done.
I also started working on my portfolio for my class, getting what I have completed put into the portfolio. I am going to do some more things this evening since I do not have any homework. We do not have class right now, just practicum, so I need to work on this stuff or it will add up at the end.
I better go work on that carpet, then homework. Have a nice weekend.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October is here...

It has been a while since I have been able to post. Josh is doing better since I last posted and in fact had two teeth pulled last Monday. He did great and the next day said he had no pain at all. I was so happy. He went to school and didn't miss a beat. He has the other two pulled tomorrow and after that we will be done with pulling teeth. We have to get some baby teeth out so later this month they can put his braces on. They will be removing his expanders and putting on the braces. He is happy about getting the expanders out, but not so excited about the braces. I understand, but his teeth are so crooked.
I have been doing homework. I had 8 papers to write last weekend. I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday on homework. I had one this weekend and I was able to rest. I start my in my methods classroom this week on Thursday. I am excited. It is always fun to learn from teachers and interact with the students.
I fell in the shower yesterday. I was looking for my razor cover and spun around and lost my balance and down I went. I have a bruise on my arm and my chest hurts too. I am fine though.
Karl has been working all over the place. They have been putting the guys everywhere to keep them working, which we are grateful for. He even worked nights for a while and may again. We will see.
I do not want this to get too long, but we have all been very busy and those are just some highlights. We are doing fine and I hope you all are too!! I will try to post sooner next time. I do not think I will be as busy with homework for a while unless I decide to try to work ahead, and I do that sometimes. Have a nice October!!