Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Josh!!!

Well, we had a sick dog last Sunday. We woke up and Meisha had a mess in her crate. We think she ate some taco meat we had the night before. Maybe some was dropped on the floor or something. Anyway, Sunday was a long day for her and she was not completely better until Tuesday afternoon. She had two baths on Sunday and another on Tuesday. Glad that is over though.
Josh and I went out birthday shopping with my parents for Josh yesterday (Thursday). They got his school shoes and some socks. I was also able to find some capris for work for me, 2 pair of shoes and my fall scents for our wall flowers in our house. I think I got more than he did, but we bought a lot of his birthday in Oklahoma when we were there. Then we went to eat at Olive Garden. My mom and dad and I had fettucine alfredo and Josh had cheese stuffed ravioli. It was so good. My back did great and today I feel fine. Today Josh is going to see a play with Karl's family and tomorrow (August 4th) is Josh's birthday. He will be 14 years old!! I cannot believe it. He will be in 8th grade. I have only one week left of vacation before school starts and I am thinking that next week I am going to need to spend some time getting my classroom ready. I love doing that, so I will have fun. We have a really big class returning, so it should be a fun year. We also get to pick up Josh's schedule for classes and get him enrolled next week.
We have been enjoying the Olympics so much. I have loved swimming and gymnastics and I am so happy for Gabby for winning gold in the all around. I love the Olympics, they are so much fun to watch!! The little graphic and my sigtag are by Karin at Pixy Corner Well, I guess I better get off of here. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!