Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Tuesday 4 Meme- Fall Traditions & Memories


Fall Traditons & Memories

Welcome to another Tuesday 4 a fun meme started by Toni Taddeo.  

It is Halloween , all Hallows Eve and tomorrow is All Saint's Day. Originally these days were to remember the deaths of Christian martyrs but things have certainly changed and the dark, the scary and remnant of Samhain (So-Win) have been introduced.

 1.  What is your opinion of Halloween?  It was a fun holiday for me as a kid.  I never knew about the evil until I was an adult.  I don't really celebrate anymore, but we do a few things at school.  We make a candy corn handprint and we have a costume party.

2.  Memories are important. Some of them are seasonal good times.  What fall memories and traditions can you share with us?  The only tradition I had as a kid was trick-or treating and dressing up.  I like to decorate my house for fall now as a tradition, but I have been so busy that I did not even get to do that this year.

3. Stews, soups and chili dishes warm the tummy on chilly fall days. Have you a good recipe to share for a good fall dish?  I don't have a recipe, but we like chili and potato soup here at our house when it is cold.

4. Fall is football season. Are you a fan of any teams? Do you watch games.  I watch the Kansas City Chiefs.  I have always been a fan of them living here in Missouri.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30, 2023

Getting caught up...

  I have been missing for a while, so I thought I would give an update.  I am fine.  It was about the middle of September when they told us that our building would be ready to move into by the end of September.  They had been working us a lot in preparation for that, so I was working every Monday and after school getting my things moved into my new classroom.  We have a 4 day school week, so the teachers usually work two Mondays a month.  We worked all of them, plus we still had kids to it took a while.  We had our Open House for the new building and the work was not completely done.  Anyway, our first day of school with kids in the new building was October 3rd.  There has been a lot to do since we moved in, but I am pretty much caught up with getting things the way I want them in the classroom.  I also wrote a classroom grant for Beebots...which look like Bees and you program them like a robot to move around a mat.  It is like an introduction to robotics for preschoolers.  I got that grant and I have the Beebots and I just need some time to get them ready to explore with the kids.  You can click on the Beebot word and I left a link so you can see what I am talking about.  You can program them to go forward and back and also left and right.  The kids can pick a color or building to take the Beebot to and program it to go there.

My mom also got sick right after I got the grant and I took her to the hospital again and she was confused.  She had another urinary tract infection.  She ended up staying with us for 2 weeks while she got better and her memory returned.  She went back home last week and is doing much better now.

As you can imagine, I was very tired and I had no time to blog.  I am hoping to be back in full swing now, but the holidays are coming, so we will see.

It has been very nice having my own classroom again.  If you had forgotten, they moved us to the intermediate school since last February and the two pre-K classes were together in the same room.  It was too much and too many kids.  We are all glad to be back in our own space.  The kids are doing better and the adults are much more happy.  I made a video for one of my kids I was going to share, but it was too long.  I have not taken any pictures since we got completely moved in, so I will try to do that and share some of those at a later date.

I think that about catches you up with what I have been up to.  I am happy for things to be back to normal and I look forward to getting caught up with all of you.  Have a great week!