Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme- Autumn This & That


Autumn This & That

 It's time again for Tuesday 4 held in memory of Toni Taddeo it's founder and previous host.   Thank you so much for joining in and helping to keep this alive. It is much appreciated.

It's Autumn and temperatures in many places will be going down, days will be shorter and leaves will be tumbling down. 

Let's discuss these things.

1. Do lower temperatures bother you or make you uncomfortable and are you more of a warm climate person?  They are comfortable to me.  The warm temperatures are starting to bother me now as I go through menopause.

2.  Do you like the colors associated with Autumn. Clothing wise do they look good on you?  Yes, I love fall/winter clothes.  They do look good on me.

3. Would you rather:… 

  •   … get lost in a corn maze or go on a hayride?  Hayride for sure!  I love hayrides.
  • … visit an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch ? pumpkin patch.  We are taking the pre-K class to the pumpkin patch on October 21st.  I am so excited.
  •  … eat a caramel apple or  a candy apple?  caramel.  I like both, but I like the caramel best.
  •  …Cinnamon buns or Pumpkin muffins?  cinnamon buns
4. There are 7,500 varieties  of apple.  What is your favorite and do you like apple pie?  We do an apple taste test in pre-K and I always enjoy the "yellow" apple the most.  It seems sweetest.  I guess it is golden delicious.  The kids usually pick "red".

Friday, September 23, 2022

Saturday 9: This Night Won't Last Forever


This Night Won't Last Forever

Saturday 9: This Night Won't Last Forever (1979)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) This song begins with, "Everybody likes a celebration." Do you have any birthdays or anniversaries coming up on your calendar?  Not for a while.  My birthday was September 9th, but we do not have one now until November.
2) The lyrics tell us Michael Johnson is stuck at a party while his heart is breaking. He finds it awkward and painful to pretend there's nothing wrong. Are adept at "putting a good face on it?" Or is it easy for others to tell how you're feeling?  It depends.  I am pretty good at putting a good face on.  Josh hates that I do that all of the time.  Sometimes though I get in a bad mood and I don't even try to hide how I am feeling.  I don't like to talk about what is wrong, so I just act like everything is fine.

3) Michael feels like this is going to be a long night. Is there a part of your day when time tends to drag? Or when it flies?  The day starts really dragging about 2:00 in the afternoon when I am at school.
4) As bad as he feels right now, he's still hopeful about tomorrow. What are you looking forward to for Sunday?  Church and the KC Chiefs game.
5) When he was 13, Michael taught himself to play the guitar. He went on to take formal lessons and mastered classical guitar. What's something you would like learn more about/do better?  I always wished I could play piano.
6) For a time he performed with a trio known as Denver, Boise & Johnson. The Denver was John. Do you have a favorite John Denver song?  Take Me Home Country Roads and Annie's Song.
7) He retired to Minneapolis to be near his adult daughter. But he never stopped performing entirely. For years he delighted loyal local fans with an annual holiday concert on December 26 at Orchestra Hall. Is there a performer you've seen in concert more than once?  The Beach Boys, I have seen them twice.
8) In 1979, when this song was popular, the cable channel ESPN launched. What's the last sporting event that you watched?  I am watching a St. Louis Cardinals game right now on Apple TV as I type this...Albert Pujols just hit his 700th career homerun.  What a beautiful moment in baseball!  Great career.  This has been such a fun season to watch.

9) Random question: Do you play Wordle?  no, I played it once and it just didn't do anything for me.  I waste enough time as it is.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme- Autumn Trip

Autumn Trip

 Welcome back to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4 where we put 4 questions up each week for you to ponder and answer.  Then we hope you visit all the other participants too. so we can get to know one another better.

Let''s plan a lovely vacation through New England to see the Autumn leaves..  Money is no object and we have all the time we would like.

1. How many days and  nights would you like to be away?  Karl and I took a vacation with Josh when Josh was around 5 years old.  We went to Florida to Disney World for two weeks.  We were able to do so many things.  So I am going to say 2 weeks again.  

2. What kind of car would you like to take on this trip? Maybe you would enjoy the train? Would you sail up the coast in a yacht?  I would like to do some car driving and train riding.  I have never been up that way, so I really do not know what we would need to do.

3. Would side trips be on your agenda? Perhaps to Mystic, Connecticut, Salem, Massachusetts, Plimouth, (yes, they spelled it with an "i" ) Massachusetts, Walden Pond, Lizzie Borden's home or maybe the home of  Emily Dickenson, etc.  I would definitely want to take side trips.  I like to see things.

4. Lobster roll, chowders, boiled dinners, brown bread, baked beans,  pancakes with real maple syrup, blueberry muffins, Parker House Rolls (well loved by Charles Dickens, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,  the Kennedy clan.), Toll House Cookies, Red Flannel Hash, Tourtiere  pork pie, (Recipe here)— what native foods catch your attention?  When I travel I like to try the local flavor, but I am not super familiar with that area, so I would just try some different things and see what I like.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Sunday Stealing- Staying Up Late


Staying Up Late


    1. Do you have any Pepto-Bismol in your house? no
    2. Do you have a favorite flavor of vodka? no
    3. Is your backyard big enough to fit a trampoline? ...and then some. oh yes,  
    I have a big yard.
    4. When was the last time you had eggs? the week when I was home with
    Covid (6th-9th)
    5. How often do you blow dry your hair, and what color is your blow dryer?
     blow my hair dry every day.   It is long. My hair dryer is teal.
    6. Have you ever gone to bed later than three AM? only a few times in college.
    7. Have you been to a surprise party before? I don't think so.
    8. What is your least favorite month? January
    9. Have you ever gone to see a movie the day it came out? two times, 
     I saw Batman with a friend and Josh and I went to see Beauty
    and the Beast on Opening Day.
    10. Do you like movies/books about drugs, and why or why not? Not
particularly, but so many are made and located in Missouri where I live, so I
watch them.  I have never done drugs, but it is a problem here.
    11. Do you have scrap paper by your computer desk? yes, I do.
    12. Have you ever kept a bag from a store because you liked it? only for trash.
    13.Was the last thing you drank carbonated? yes
    14. Do you own any yellow clothing? So funny you should ask. Next week
    our color of the week is yellow for Pre-K. I have nothing yellow to wear.
    I was just looking in my closet.  It is Homecoming week though, so we 
    will also be wearing certain clothes for Spirit week.  Tuesday is 
    Favorite team jersey day.  I will be wearing St. Louis Cardinals gear. 
    Yadi Molina and in Victory Blue.
    15. Last person you argued with? Probably my husband.

Friday, September 9, 2022

Saturday 9- No Roots


No Roots

No Roots (2017)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a woman who has moved a lot and is always packing boxes. Do you have packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.) in your home right now? Do you have them on hand to ship things, or are you preparing for a move?  I am saving some boxes for when our school building is done for me to move to my new room.  I am excited.
2) She sings that she moves from place to place, collecting memories. Would you rather travel light and travel often, or put down roots?  Well, I have put down some roots, so I suppose that is my answer.  I would like to travel often though.

3) She can recall all the gates and house numbers of all the places she's lived. Does your current residence have a fence and gate? Did your previous one?  My current house has a fence and gate.

4) This week's artist, Alice Merton, moved often as a child as her father's job took the family from Germany to the US to Canada to England back to Germany ... She wrote this song to help her deal with feelings of loneliness and longing. When you're feeling overwhelmed, how do you work through the feelings?  I have to take a break and let myself relax and then come back to whatever is bothering me.  

5) Alice is still on the move. Soon she'll be performing throughout Europe. Have you ever had a job that required you to travel? If yes, did you enjoy it?  no, I never had a job that required travel.

6) "No Roots" is a favorite of Kelly Clarkson's, who has performed it on tour and on TV. When you think of Kelly, is at as a singer, a judge on The Voice, or as a talk show host?  I guess a singer.  
7) In 2017, when this song was popular, Faye Dunaway made Oscar history by announcing the wrong winner for the biggest award of the night, Best Picture. It wasn't her fault as she was given the wrong envelope, but she's one who made the on-screen flub seen around the world. Have you recently had an embarrassing moment?  No, I don't think so.
8) Wonder Woman was 2017's most popular movie. She was originally introduced in a 1941 DC comic book. Comic books remain a big business. Have you ever been to a comic book store?  no, I have not.

9) Random question: Is your skin itchy this morning?  My skin is always a little itchy.  I do try to lotion though.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme- September


September 2022

 Hello and welcome back to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.   We are so glad you have you join in.

The "Ber" months have begun: September, October, November and December.   Let's talk about  September okay?

1. When you were in school or university, did you look forward to returning? Why or why not?  I was always excited to go back to school.  I loved school.

2. September has  Labor Day, which, for many is the signal of summer's end and fall's grand entrance.  Do you celebrate Labor Day in any way or is it just a day off for you?  We mostly just stay home and rest on Labor Day.  Karl and I both have covid, so we definitely stayed home this year.

3. September's birthstone is the Sapphire which is 2nd only to a diamond in hardness. (Ruby is a red sapphire by the way) It comes in many colors.  Do you know your birthstone and do you like it?  My birthday is in September...the 9th, so it is sapphire and yes, I love it.  

4. September's birth flower is the Astor. What is yours ?  

Friday, September 2, 2022

Saturday 9- Blue Collar Man


Blue Collar Man

Blue Collar Man (1978)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this week's song, we hear a job equated with security. Tell us something that gives you a sense of security.  Having enough money for groceries, gas, paying bills.  We are struggling.

2) Lead singer Tommy Shaw hopes someone will make him an offer he can't refuse. That's a reference to a famous movie quote. Without looking it up, can you name the film?  nope.  I am not a person that remembers movie quotes.  

3) Shaw recalls that this song was inspired by a friend of his, a blue collar worker who had been laid off and was frustrated by the process of job hunting. His friend wanted to work, not fill out forms and job applications and wait days for a response! Do you quickly become impatient?  not really

4) The name "Styx" wasn't the top choice of anyone in the band. As founding member Denis DeYoung recalled, "It was the only name none of us hated." Tell us about a recent compromise you made (which TV show to watch, toppings on your pizza, etc.).  Maybe a food choice.  I could eat Mexican all of the time and Josh doesn't love Mexican.  Nothing is really coming to mind.

5) Labor Day was introduced to celebrate the achievements of the American worker. How many different employers have you had? 7- McDonald's, 2 grocery stores, 2 supported living places and 2 school districts.

6) The first Waffle House was opened on Labor Day, 1955. What's your preference: waffles or pancakes?  I like both but cannot eat them very often...too sweet.  It depends really on my mood which I pick.  When we stay at hotels, I always choose waffles, when we make them at home, it is pancakes.
7) Labor Day mattress sales are a big business. Experts tells us we can expect to spend $1,000 for a good-quality queen-sized mattress. Will you be buying a new one -- or perhaps making another big ticket purchase for your home -- before year end?  I hope not, but the way things are made now, who knows.  We just bought new furniture over the summer and we bought a bed a few years ago, so we are good there, but the washer and dryer make me nervous and they are pretty new also. :/

8) Will you be attending a Labor Day picnic or barbecue?  no, I am hoping to read.  Karl is a Union Laborer though.  We probably should.  I have been to a union Labor Day picnic before.  It is fun.

9) Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall. Have you had any pumpkin spice yet?  I do not really go out of my way for pumpkin spice, I think I would enjoy it, but we do not spend money on things like that.  I do spend money on mums and pumpkins for my yard though.