Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy July 1st!!

We ended up having to put a muzzle on Meisha, she was hiding under the chairs and would not come out. She scared one of the girls, so we muzzled her. Then another girl came out to help and Meisha was fine. They got the stitches out. So glad that is over.
I got a lot of homework done. I did my reading for next week and my discussion boards so I can start working on my paper. I am going to try to work on that today. I will not be able to finish it, but if I can just get it started, I will be happy.
I knew I would be preaching to the choir when talking about teaching with you girls. Most of you are teachers and understand. I get questioned a lot from family and friends. Thanks for understanding.
I need to do some laundry today too. This stuff will not take much time. I am not sure what else trouble I will get into, but I will let you know. Have a great day!!

Meisha's stitches

Today the plan is to take Meisha to the vet to get her stitches out. I wish they would have put the kind in that dissolve, I am worried about how she is going to act there. She gets so scared.
Then I plan to read ahead for homework and when I say get ahead, it will not last long because there is so much reading. I also need to start working on my paper for that class. I have all of the information I need, so I would like to get it started. Julie had asked if I plan to stay at the preschool teaching or if I will teach primary and that is a good question. I have had A LOT of people asking me that same question. I will be certified to teach birth- 3rd Grade. I could do First Steps, Parents As Teachers, teach in a classroom. I have lots of options. As of now, I plan to stay at the ECSE preschool. I love the kids and my co-workers and it is close. I am in a classroom and work for the school district. I think some think I work at a daycare and that is not the case. It is an early childhood special education preschool. I will also have to take the praxis for early childhood special education to teach there. I have my Provisional Certificate right now to teach. It is confusing I know. I also think that many have the idea that if you are not in at least 1st grade you are not really teaching and that is not the case either. I really believe in early intervention. I am a hige advocate for it. So, for now at least, I will stay. In doing my practicum teaching, I felt like the primary grades were easier, but that is not what I am wanting. I need a challenge. The special education kids give me that and at least for now, I love it. I say for now because I am getting older and I know I cannot do that forever. I may teach primary at that point.
Karl was not up for going out for dinner last night for his birthday. We just stayed in and had some Mexican food. It was yummy.
Did I mention I drove around looking at houses yesterday? I am really embarrasing for Karl to be with, I will park and go look in the windows if I know the house is empty. I did that and then drove by some of the houses we are interested in. There were two more on the market. I still have one house I really like, but the time is just not right yet....we still have to sell our house. Who knows what will be available when that happens.
I really should get moving if I want to get anything done today. Have a nice day!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Karl!!

Today ended week 3 of my college class. Just two more weeks. It is going fast and I still have a lot of work to do. This has not been a relaxing summer really and it is only going to get more busy. I am going to do lesson plans for the preschool once the class is over and my take my praxis test, which is my state certification to teach in July as well. Then in August is Josh's birthday and I need to get the preschool put back together then and about the tiime I get done with all of that, it will be time for school to start. I plan on being at the preschool the first week and then I will do student teaching. Some of you had mentioned the school paying for the FBI background check a few weeks ago. They actually do, but I am having to do this for the college and they make you pay for it. My job does not require me to do it every year right now. They paid for it last year.
My parents ended up not going to Oklahoma. Long story short, my mom had an appointment and it was canceled, so they did not go. Josh was so disappointed. He enjoys going down there and seeing my dad's family and they were going to take him some places. He is at their house today.
Today is Karl's birthday!! I am going to see if he would like to go out to eat tonight. He may not, just because it is so hot right now and he is tired when he gets home. We shall play it by ear.
Besides school, I have just been trying to clean a little bit at a time and keep laundry done. I did not feel so hot over the weekend. I had a headache and didn't do much. I feel better now though, so trying to catch up. Have a nice week!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

ready for the week?

I disappeared again. I had to finish up my job shadowing, which is the lab part of my class. It was interesting and my director does A LOT!! I know I would never want to do her job, I just think it would be too much stress for me.
Josh and I just hung out on Friday and did nothing. It was nice. I did get laundry done, but that is about it.
I did homework much of the day on Saturday. There is a ton of reading with my class and I have to keep up with it. Karl went to help our nephew and his family move. They lived in Joplin and moved back to Springfield. They did not lose their home from the tornado, they had planned to move before that happened. Their house sold really fast, so that is a good thing.
We went to look at a house today, but it turned out to be too far in the boonies, even for me. It was a gorgeous home though.
Tomorrow I need to get laundry done and get Josh ready for his trip to Oklahoma. He is going down with my parents and they are going to do some fun stuff and visit some family. I also need to do a discussion board for my class.
Have a nice week!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

job shadowing

Meisha did really well with her surgery and she is home and doing fine. I am glad it is out of the way. She was really scared when Karl went to pick her up. He had to go back and get her because she wouldn't come out of the cage they had for her. I need to take her back still to get her stitches removed next week. I hope she does ok, poor scared baby.
My college class is going well I think. I have been doing a lot of lessons, but the teacher hasn't posted any grades, so I hope we are all doing everything right. I am sure it is fine. We have to shadow an adminstrator for this class, so I am doing that this week. It is not boring like I thought it might be. I have been shadowing my director and she has a million things to do. I just couldn't see myself doing that kind of job, it is too much stress. My director is wonderful though and I am glad she likes it.
My parents came for a visit the other day and Josh stayed the night with them that night. It was kind of nice, that way he is with someone while I am doing all of this running around with class and job shadowing.
It is time for me to go soend some time with my director doing shadowing, so I will go. I will visit soon. Have a nice week.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Meisha to the vet

Today I took Meisha in at 7AM to get spayed. I hate dropping the girls off for that. I worry all day about them, I know she is fine though. It was funny because as I was giving her to the girl to take to the back Meisha was acting up a little and I asked the girl if she wanted me to help her and she told me what I tell the parents at the preschool. It is best if you just go, sometimes they will do better once you are gone. I kind of giggled on the way out. I should have known better right? LOL!!
So for my class I have to spend time with an administrator. So this afternoon I am planning on spending some time with mine from the preschool. I need to get in a lot of hours with her this week if possible because she is going on a 2 week vacation. When she gets back, I will be in my last week of class. My homework is caught up, so tonight I plan to baby Meisha.
Josh had a good time camping. He lost two teeth. He still has a lot of baby teeth and this has been a problem with moving along with his braces. We already had 4 pulled last year, so hopefully the rest will come on out. Anyway, they went floating on the Current River in Alley Springs, near Eminence, MO. It is really pretty there. I haven't been in years because of college.
I called my dad yesterday for Father's Day and talked to him for a while. Karl and I went to church and they had a nice Father's Day service.
Well, I better get started. Have a nice day!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

blogger comments

It seems like for some people (me), my blogger id is not working to leave comments and is causing problems for others as well. If you read this and you have a blogger blog, do you have a different type of comments section? Many years ago before I had my wordpress blog I had a blogger blog and I had a different kind of comments box, but I do not remember what it was and I probably wouldn't remember how to install it now...LOL!! I was just wondering about alternatives. Since I posted this I have been visiting other blogs and it seems like if you set your comments to pop out they work better? I changed mine. They probably just know what they are doing and I don't...LOL!!!! It is worth a try.
Josh is leaving around noon today for his camping trip and I need to clean house. I did not get anything done yesterday except a discussion board for my class. I took a shower, but did not ever dry my hair until was still wet where I had it pulled back. I usually get lots of company when I do that. I was lucky yesterday and no one had to see me being lazy. I had a headache too though. I will use that as my excuse.
Well, when I was visiting blogs yesterday I saw Darylynn got a new puppy in November named Cooper. I then realized I was not very up to date on people even though I am active on facebook. So I thought I would share about Meisha. Well, we found a puppy in our driveway in december and kept her. I have posted pictures of her here and on facebook, so most of you have seen her. This is Meisha. She is getting her little girl surgery on monday. She is a big girl now. The little dogs like her. She is really laid back. Anyway, most of you have probably seen her. If you scroll down the page you can see other pictures of her probably, I post so often and all.
I do not know why I am so chatty today. Have a nice Friday!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

posting question??

Well my summer school class has started. It is an adminisration class, so not my wheelhouse, but the teacher is awesome, so it is ok. It is a 5 weeks class, so one week down 4 to go. Those classes go fast. I am going to need to do some text reading this weekend, write a paper, do a discussion board and some other stuff on blackboard. It will keep me busy, not to mention I am going to have to spend 15 hours with an administrator over the next 4 weeks.
Josh is going camping with his cousins this weekend, so I will have plenty of time for homework. I will be so glad when I am done with school and I can spend time with him. He has been so patient. He will probably not want anything to do with me once I am done, just watch. He is getting to be that age.
I was just at Andrea's blog...if you drop by Andrea, I tried to leave a message, but I couldn't. I am not sure why. If anyone is having trouble leaving comments here, let me know in the tagboard and I will see if I can figure it out.
I hope everyone is having a nice summer so far. I love summer, it is my favorite.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I took Josh to the orthodontist tuesday. I think they basically just did something with his wires and we left. I had to take him back yesterday because they left the wires a little long at the back and the wires were poking him. Anyway, I hope we are done with that for a few weeks.
Today I am headed to get my fingerprints ran through the FBI. I have to do this for teaching and I have to have this on file with the university. There is a lot of this little stuff I have to do every summer to be able to be in the classroom. It just take some time and money.
I got an e-mail from my summer class professor yesterday. The class sounds like it will be fast paced. I start that next week. It is only 5 weeks though and it will be over.

Here is a picture of Meisha taken last week. She is getting big. I do not think she will get much bigger, maybe just bigger around. She is really sweet and calm. This is the dog we found after Thanksgiving in our driveway. She is potty trained now, so I cleaned the carpets right after I got out of school.

Monday, June 6, 2011

May update

Well let's see, since last I wrote, I finished my spring classes and of course school is out at the preschool for summer. I got pretty stressed out at the end of the year. I was trying to get part of my student teaching waived and wasn't sure of it was going to happen, but in the end it did. I will student teach in the fall for 8 weeks and that will be done. I am student teaching in a second grade classroom, so that will be fun. I also wanted to finish up my last two classes this summer and that isn't going to happen. I am taking one class this summer and I will take one in the fall during student teaching. So, I wanted to be done in October, it will be December. I am so ready, I am going crazy.
Karl finally went back to work in May, but we got behind financially with him being off, so I am really not sure what is going on with our house hunt. I am least want to put our current house on the market soon. It isn't like houses are selling fast or anything. I think Karl's concern is that if we get another house and cannot sell our current house for a while we will have two house payments and I am going to be student teaching for 8 weeks which means no paycheck. Otherwise we could swing it. We will just see.
Josh did great in school. He made all A's and one 89%. He was so close. I am very proud of him.
I start my college class next week. It is only for 4-5 weeks, so that will be nice. I am planning on writing my lesson plans for while I will be gone in July.
Tomorrow I take Josh to the Orthodontist.