Saturday, March 26, 2022

Sunday Stealing- From Pinterest



1. Are you living a meaningful life.  I believe so.  I teach children, which are
our future.

2. What’s the one thing you cannot live without?  God

3. When is it acceptable, if ever, to break the law?  Life or death situation

4. What do you want your final words to be?  I love you.

5. What do you think are the five most beautiful things in the world?
Sun/sky, nature, people, love, relationships

6. What makes you feel empowered?  a good plan and God's help.

7. Which is more important–what you say, or how you say it?  both

8. Do you live to work, or work to live?  both, but not anything
in an unhealthy way.  I love my job, but my family takes priority.

9. How do you think the world will change in 10 years? 50? 100?
I hate to even think about it.

10. What is something you’re certain you’ll never experience?
Jumping out of an airplane.

11. What one responsibility do you wish you didn’t have?  cleaning the house.

12. What is something you’re embarrassed that you’re so good at?  I can't
think of anything I am embarrassed about.

13. What’s the one thing you most want to achieve before you die?  Independence
for my son Josh.  If you are new here, he suffers from depression and anxiety
in a pretty major way.  He did not work this winter and I think that was hard
for him and his depression, but he started back to work on Friday and he
seemed much happier today.  We even watched an Oscar nominee getting
ready to watch the Oscars tonight.

14. What’s something that offends you?  People that cannot respect that you
might not have the same beliefs as them and try to make you feel bad for that.

15. What makes you most angry about the country?  I'm going to keep that to
myself, because we are such a diverse group here at Sunday Stealing...
something that makes me angry may be something you really like about 
our country.  It is kind of like when the kids at school do not like a certain
food we say don't yuck my yum.  Just because you do not like it doesn't
mean I don't.  Can you imagine a world where we all had the same beliefs
on everything?  How boring.  We are smarter when we have different ideas.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Saturday 9: Memories



Saturday 9: Memories (2019)

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) This song is a toast. Have you ever performed an official toast (at a wedding, a graduation, a retirement party, etc.)?  I do not think I have.

2) According to Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, this is a "toast to the ones here today." Tell us about someone in your life that you're especially grateful for.  I am grateful for my teaching partner Wende.  She teaches our other Pre-K class, and we collaborate a lot with our lesson plans and share materials.  We work together well.  Unfortunately for me, she is retiring at the end of the year.  I am going to be on the interview committee for the new Pre-K teacher next Friday.  I am praying the new teacher and I get along well.

3) Levine is the song's composer. He said he was compelled to write it, to help him cope with the death of a friend. His lyrics acknowledge that "everybody hurts sometimes." What advice would you share with someone who is struggling?  Things will get better.  It sounds so flippant, but it is really true.  I have had terrible days before only to be followed by really good ones.  I believe there is always something wonderful around the corner for everyone.  I also know there will be bad times.  Give yourself time to feel better.  Get some rest.

4) Adam Levine was one of the original judges on The Voice. Are you a fan of the show?  I used to really love that show.  Especially when Adam Levine was on there being silly with Blake Shelton.

5) Among his friends, Adam is known to be an excellent Scrabble player. Is there a game you're particularly good at (or you especially enjoy)?  I am not really that good at games because I do not play that often.  I am decent at Trivial Pursuit.

6) Though he's a multi-Grammy winner, Adam wasn't always successful. In fact, he was fired after just three hours at his first job as a waiter. Have you ever had a job that just wasn't a good fit?  I try to be careful with jobs and do things I want to do.  I have had jobs that are better than others, but I wouldn't say any of them were a bad fit.

7) In 2019, when this song was released, Joaquin Phoenix gave his Oscar-winning performance in Joker. Heath Ledger also won an Oscar for is portrayal of the same character in a different film, and Cesar Romero was The Joker on TV. Today The Batman is doing great business at the box office. Do you have a favorite super hero, or arch villain?  I like Batman, Iron Man and I like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.  I am a little tired of super heroes though.

8) Also in 2019, two familiar names had books on NY Times best seller list: John Grisham with The Guardians and Janet Evanovich with Twisted Twenty Six. Are either of these authors among your favorites?  NoI really struggle with Grisham.  I just think his books are boring.  I know, I know.  I have tried.  I have read probably 3 of his books and every single time I was bored.  The stories are so slow.  Remember I am a thriller fan.  I have not read Evanovich.

9) Random Question: What's something you wish you'd figured out earlier?  To believe in myself.  I can be very hard on myself.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Sunday Stealing- Swap bot

Swap bot

1. Do you like sushi?  I have not tried it.  The whole idea of raw makes me a 
little sick to my stomach.

2. What color is your car?  white

3. What is your favorite thing about the place where you live?  I have a big
bedroom and it is nice and quiet here.

4. Are there brands of certain items that you will ONLY buy that brand? Ie paper
towels, ketchup etc  Pepsi, detergents, tampons

5. Are you allergic to any food? Animals? Plants? Medicines?  I am 
allergic to dust and mold I think.  I have not been allergy tested.

6. Have you ever been stung or bitten by an animal?  I have been stung several
times by wasps, but never bitten by other animals.

7. Do you have a favorite bird? Do you feed the bird at your house or the park?
I like Cardinals, finches, Blue Jays and Hummingbirds.  I used to feed them
all of the time, but I am not home as much now.

8. What would you recommend binging on Netflix or similar?  I enjoyed
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime and Ted Lasso on Apple TV.
I also enjoy many shows on Disney Plus.
I would recommend the movie Coda on Apple TV also.  It is  
nominated for many awards and it was really good.

9. What is your proudest achievement?  Being a mom to Josh. ♥

10. Do you have or are you from a big family?  I have a small family.

11. What do you do for exercise?  I walk a lot.

12. What would be your favorite breakfast? (You didn’t have to cook it yourself.)
I like to eat eggs, toast, hash browns, biscuits and gravy and orange juice.

13. Is there an item that you really want but can not afford?  I would
love to move from this town to a new house, but this one is almost paid for
and everything is so expensive.

14. What was the farthest distance you made for your holidays?  I am not sure
if the meaning of holidays here is actually holidays or vacations.  The
farthest we have been on vacation is Florida from Missouri and holidays,
we only went to Oklahoma to be with family, which was a four hour drive.

15. Are you afraid of speaking in public?  Oh yes!  I absolutely hate it.


Friday, March 18, 2022

Saturday 9: GET ON YOUR FEET


Get on Your Feet

Saturday 9: GET ON YOUR FEET (1989)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Gloria Estefan encourages us to stand up and make it happen. What's something you want to accomplish this fine Saturday?  I'm not sure.  I have officially finished my Letrs training for school (this has taken all year).  It is reading curriculum.  The house is clean and my books are read.  I am going to rest.  If baseball is on, I will watch that (Spring Training).  

2) She sings that we've all been through some nasty weather. How has winter 2021/22 treated you thus far (weather wise)?  I have enjoyed it.  We have had a pattern of days in the 50's and then snow and cold...then repeat.  I like that we can get outside when we are at school.  We have not missed too many recesses.  The snow keeps us home and honestly, I don't mind because of the sickness.  We have a few days to make-up, but we can do it.

3) Best known as a recording artist, Gloria is also a best-selling author of children's books. When you were a kid, were you a big reader?  not really.  I read some ghost story type books when I was in middle school and Judy Blume.  Then in high school I read the classics for classes and same in college.  I did not really read what I wanted until a few years ago.  Many of you remember that.  I am a monster now reading books.  The latest book I enjoyed this past week was The Love Hypothesis.
4) In addition to music and writing, she's a linguist. As a college student, she supported herself as an English/French/Spanish translator at Miami International Airport. When were you most recently at an airport? Were you traveling yourself, or picking someone up/dropping them off?  I never have a need to go to the airport, we always drive everywhere, but when I was little we took my Granie to the airport to go to California...someone had died I think.  I have never flown.

5) Gloria made her acting debut in 1999's Music of the Heart, a Meryl Streep movie about music teachers in Harlem. Did you have music classes in school? Have you ever taken private lessons?  I had many music classes.  I was in choir in school, even college.  I took music appreciation in college.  Also, band and choraliers in high school which was song and dance.  I am 5th from the right back row of course.  This was choraliers.  Our canes are in front of the guys.  I have taken private singing lessons.

6) Today Gloria is one of the celebrity residents of Star Island, a man-made island in Biscayne Bay. Star Island is connected to the mainland by MacArthur Causeway, named for General Douglas MacArthur. Tell us about a street in your neighborhood, and who it's named for.  Oh the streets here are named after old timers in the town I live in.  I do not know them, just people that live on the road.  I am not from here.

7) 1989, the year "Get on Your Feet" was popular, was the year of the first HDTV broadcast. By 1998, high-def shows and TVs were dominant. How many TVs are in your home? Do you watch shows on your computer or phone?  There are 3 tv's.  One in the living room, one in mine and Karl's bedroom and one in Josh's room.  I watch tv on my phone if it is a ball game and I am out.  Otherwise, we DVR things.  Josh watches almost everything on his phone.  I am old I guess.  I do not see the appeal in watching things on a tiny phone screen.  Gal, his phone is how he watches classic movies or on his computer!  When he watches with me, we watch on my big tv in the living room.

8) Also in 1989, The Simpsons premiered. It's now the longest-running prime-time TV show ever. Are you a fan?  Not at all.

9) Random question: Should husbands wear their wedding rings?  Yes.  My husband works commercial construction and he wears his all of the time.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I have spent my Spring Break finishing up my Letrs training for work and reading a book.  I read The Love Hypothesis and I loved it.  It is a romance novel.  I started The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, but so far it is kind of boring.   I loved all of this authors other books I have read.  I am also reading It Ends With Us.  It seems good so far.  I have not read much of it yet.  My books are over there on the right.

I got my hair cut and colored yesterday and the house is all cleaned up.  It has been a busy week.

The weather here has been gorgeous.  In the 60's and 70's and sunny.  The rain is on it's way though for Friday.

I wanted to pop on though and wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme- Just Wondering


Just Wondering

Welcome to Tuesday 4 by Toni Taddeo...
Let's do one of Toni's last Tuesday 4 posts.

A Repeat ~ Just Wondering

1.   When was the last time you tried something new?:  I ordered
some foundation and I got a free product along with my foundation
from the same line.  It is It Cosmetics Bye Bye make-up.  It is
make-up remover.  It is similar to Clinique Take the Day off.
It smells like oranges and works great.  You put it on a dry face, 
and then wipe off your make-up.  I love it and it is a full size 
product which will last me a while. 

2.   Who in your family do you compare yourself to?:
my dad.  He gave the best advice and he was also a teacher.

3.   What lesson in life did you learn the hard way?:  Not to settle.
That there is a big world out there full of good things.  I thought if I 
didn't stay with my old job that I would regret it, but it was so toxic.  I
thought every teaching job would be that way, but when I left and moved 
schools I found out what I was missing.  I am so appreciated at my current
job and was fully taken advantage of at my old job and I didn't even know 
it.  I have learned change is often a good thing and even though it can be
hard for me, I am learning to embrace it.

4.   What can you do today that you weren't able to do before?:
Just to put things behind me.  To forgive and move on.  

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Sunday Stealing- Questions to Ask Friends


Questions to Ask Friends

1. What emotion do you experience the most? happiness, there are so many
things in this world that make me happy.

2. What embarrasses you most in front of other people?  maybe my appearance.

3. What do you love most about yourself?  I am kind and a good listener.

4. Who has influenced you the most?   my dad

5. What would you like to change about yourself?  I wish I weighed less.

6. If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?  travel

7. If you had the option of adopting a baby fox or baby koala, which
would it be?  We have a lot fox where I live and they are beautiful, but
I will pick Koala.  

8. If you had to be on a reality show, which would it be?  The only reality show I 
can tolerate is Little People Big World, but it is a lot of drama now, so not
even that.

9. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?  Maybe
Italy or Hawaii.

10. How many bones have you broken?  none

11. What do you fear about getting older?  someone having to take care of me.

12. How do you relieve stress?  I play games on my computer.

13. Are your feet the same size?  no, my right foot is a little bigger.

14. 100 kittens or 3 baby sloths?  I love sloths, so since we are pretending, I will
go with 3 baby sloths.

15. What do you want more than anything else in life?  I want Josh to be ok.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Saturday 9- Beautiful Day


Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day (2000)

Unfamiliar with this week’s song? Hear it here.

1) This song is about finding joy in an imperfect world. What brings you joy today?  We had a snow day today (Friday), so my Spring Break is a little longer.  Oh, and baseball is back!

2) The lyrics mention being stuck in traffic. A poll of Boston commuters revealed that drivers have a variety of responses to be stuck in traffic — everything from bored to impatient to angry. How do you feel when you’re stuck in a traffic jam?  I am impatient.  I rarely get stuck in traffic, but I hate it when I do.

3) This year Bono and his wife, Ali, celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Who is the longest-married couple you know?  My parents were married 52 years before my dad passed away.

4) When Bono inducted Frank Sinatra into the Grammy Hall of Fame, he complimented Frank on his “swagger.” Do you think you have “swagger?”  definitley not

5) When U2 guitarist The Edge did a charity concert at the Sistine Chapel, he became the first rocker to perform there. If you were to travel to Rome, what sites would you be certain to visit?  Colosseum, Catacombs, Pantheon, Vatican, museums and enjoy the food.

6) This week’s song was chosen because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and U2 is one of Ireland’s most famous exports. What else is Ireland famous for?  potatoes, I also think of green rolling hills.

7) Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day dish. Is it a favorite of yours?  no

8) St. Patrick is credited with driving snakes out of Ireland. Ophiophobia is the fear of snakes. Do you suffer from ophiophobia?  definitely.  I did not even know the name for it, but for sure.  There are a lot of snakes where I live and they are sneaky. 

9) St. Patrick’s Day fantasy: A leprechaun will share his gold with you, but you must request a specific amount for a single item. How much would you ask for, and what would you buy?  It would be the amount for a really nice home.  I have not looked at homes in a long time, but they are ridiculously high right now, so whatever that would cost.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Tuesday 4 Meme- Keep Calm and Repeat!


Keep Calm and Repeat!

Welcome back! Thank you so much for joining in with Toni Taddeo's
Tuesday 4.

1. Which book could you read over and over again?  I do not read books over
and over except for the Bible, but I do have a religious book called She
Believes by Debbie Lindell.  She is the wife of our Pastor.  This book is
so encouraging.  It talks about not listening to the lies Satan tells you. 
You aren't good enough, etc. It is one I could read every year to get my
year started off right.

2. What movie or TV program could you watch and never tire of watching?
I tire of watching all shows.  I rarely watch re-runs.  It is usually Friends 
though when I do.

3. What meal do you like enough to eat several times a week or several times
a month? Got a recipe to share for it?  Mexican...tacos are popular at our house.

4. What place do you enjoy so much that you go back again and again? Why 
do you like it so much?  I enjoyed my trip tp Orange Beach, AL because we had
an ocean view.  I was able to watch the dolphins play in the water every
morning and I was so relaxed and happy there.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Sunday Stealing- from Kwizgiver


Stolen from Kwizgiver

1. How long have you lived in your current residence?  25 years in May.  It will 
be our 25th anniversary.  We have always lived here.

2. What changes have you made to it since you got there?  We have painted all
rooms a couple of times, changed the decorations a couple of times, new
flooring in a couple of rooms.  Nothing too major though.

3. What surprised you about living in your place or in your neighborhood?  
How weird it is here.  I have lived in the city and I have seen stranger things 
here in this small town.  That was a long time ago though when I was a stay
at home mom.  I haven't seen anything lately.

4. If someone were considering moving in next door, what would you warn
them about?  Nothing really.  It was a little strange several years ago, but it
is quiet again now.

5. If you have to move in the next 45 days, what are you definitely not taking
with you?  My stone/oven.  I need a new one.

6. What are you currently reading?  Nothing right now.

7. What did you recently finish reading?  The Four Winds

8. What do you think you’ll read next?  The Four Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

9. When did you take the road less traveled?  I can't remember.

10. Did you ever participate in a talent show? no

11. When did you most recently strike out?  Plenty, but I can't remember specifics.

12 Where do you go to find yourself?  home

13. What do you have mixed feelings about?  the baseball negotiations :/ 

14. What did you most recently add to your collection of something?  It was a 
hair product, I think detangler.

15. When did something most recently stir you to tears?  My neighbor from when
I was a kid died this week.  He was still living next to my mom.  he called me
to check on me a lot when my dad died.  We played together every day when I was
a kid.  I am not sure if I have e ever mentioned him in one of our questions, but
his name is Shannon.  We rode bikes and played in the woods, climbed trees. 
My best memories of being a kid have him in them.  He invited Josh to watch
movies with him a couple of years ago.  Just the guys.  I am so glad Josh had that 
time with my friend.  Shannon was like a brother to me.  He will be missed. 
He had a blood clot go to his heart and killed him.  I am going to his funeral
on Monday. :(

Friday, March 4, 2022

Saturday 9: Good for You

Good for You

Saturday 9: Good for You (2015)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Selena Gomez sings about how eager she is to look good for her lover. What color do you look best in?  Probably pastels, but I typically wear black, red, brown and navy blue.
2) She compares herself to a diamond, which is the birthstone of people born in April. Do you know your birthstone? Is it a gem you often wear?  My birthstone is sapphire.  I always had sapphire rings and earrings when I was young.  I would like to have another sapphire ring and possibly a bracelet.  I do not wear anything regularly right now.
3) Selena Gomez is a successful singer who has appeared on the Billboard charts more than 30 times. She also has her own cooking show on HBO Max. In each episode, Selena invites a chef to help her master a new recipe. She says that, off camera, the dish she enjoys making most is spicy miso ramen soup. What's your favorite soup?  I am not a huge soup fan, so I will just go with chicken noodle.   
4) She was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the Hulu miniseries Only Murders in the Building. Have you streamed anything interesting lately that you would like to recommend to Sat 9ers?  I am currently watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  I just love that show.  It is on Amazon Prime and they are dropping 2 shows a week right now.  There are two other seasons too.
5) Selena Gomez provides the voice for Mavis Dracula, daughter of the Count, in the animated Hotel Transylvania movie and its sequels. In these family movies, Dracula and his family run a luxury hotel where monsters can vacation and get away from it all. The tone is similar to The Munsters and The Addams Family, TV shows from nearly 60 years ago. Caspar the Friendly Ghost has been entertaining children for generations. When you were a child, were you fascinated by ghosts, goblins, monsters and other such creatures?  I enjoyed reading ghost stories and writing ghost stories.  Probably just the ghosts for me that I was fascinated with.  

6) Selena's busy schedule is especially impressive when you realize that she lives with lupus, a chronic condition that can affect the skin, joints and kidneys. She credits "diet, routine and medication" for helping her avoid flare-ups. Do you have any tips that might help us increase our productivity and efficiency?  Vitamin D, I think it helps me not be so tired and helps my health.  I also like taking probiotics.  Those help me not have tummy issues.

7) In 2015, when this week's song was popular, Leonard Nimoy died. Without looking it up, do you know why he was famous?  Star Trek character.

8) Also in 2015, NASA announced that water had been found on Mars. Do you follow news about science and space?  Yes, I was always fascinated with space as a kid too.

9) Random question: What was the best year of your life?  I am not sure.  I have really good things happen to me every year and also bad things happen.  Maybe the year Josh was born would be the best.  1998.