Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!!!

So....I have not posted since August. Wonderful. Well, I just want to say, I had a really good year at the preschool. My job can be a very hard job, but this year it was quite manageable. The kids were great and they learned a lot. The winter was crazy and we missed a lot of school. Maybe that is why my year seemed easier. It is over though. We had our last day of school on Wednesday and we did a work day on Thursday to get ready for Summer school. I am teaching summer school this summer for the first time ever. For whatever reason, I am so excited. I have washed the curtains and play rugs for the kids just as if it were the first day of school. We start June 2nd and end June 27th. Josh and I also plan to visit Oklahoma with my parents this summer in July. Tomorrow I go to the doctor...I have been having this pain in my hip and down my leg. I am seeing my chiropractor tomorrow to see if he can help me. Today we are anxiously awaiting the Cardinals/Yankees game. They are in rain delay as I type this. I saw a graphic posted this morning and I wanted to share it with here it is
The Cardinals and Yankees very seldom get to play one another. It doesn't make any sense. They paid tribute to the World Series these two teams played 50 years ago and they also paid tribute to Yankees Derek his farewell year, he will be greeted in each stadium he plays in this year. The Cardinals gave some money to his charity and some cuff links with the likeness of Stan Musial (Cardinal Hall of Famer). The fans will go crazy for him.
Well anyway, it is Memorial Day. This day means a lot of things to me. It is the day we typically decorate the graves of those we have lost, but mostly it is the day we remember our Veterans that were lost fighting for our freedom. I do not know about you, but I am very thankful to live in a country where I am free. Thank-you Veterans! Whatever you are doing to observe this day, be safe and say a prayer for those who have defended us so bravely. Have a great day and Happy Memorial Day!!


  1. Glad to see you got back to your blog! :) I seen you visited my blog and so thought I'd stop by and see if you had a new post and did!! Have fun getting ready for summer school!!

  2. Welcome back stranger! Glad to hear you are a happy survivor of another school year! So nice to have you back!! Hope it'll be more often!! Hugz!


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