Thursday, August 19, 2010

school update...

Josh started school on Tuesday and he has done great. Here is a picture of him.
I took some pictures of him before I took him to school that morning thinking I better not take pictures of him in the middle school. It might be embarrassing for him. When we got there though, it was just his cousin and his friend Chandler, so I had to take a picture of him putting his books in his locker. The boys are trying to pretend I am not there, but even though they are in middle school, they were just little boys. They were asking me what they were supposed to do, what to take to class, all while trying to act big and cool. Josh doesn't act like that yet, but the day is probably coming. Josh is kind of laid back about stuff like that. Anyway, here is Josh's picture at his locker. He has had a good week so far. We got his MAP scores and they had gone up from last year...and if you didn't know, we pulled him from public school last year. Kind of sad that his scores went up when pulled out of school. He went to online school.
I started school with kids on Wednesday. On Monday our director gave us a new schedule to use and my kids are too young to do it...they had us doing center time for 1 1/2 hours. Most of my kids are 3 this year, so I asked if I could use my old schedule which is more chunked up into time intervals of 15-30 minutes and then the kids move to something else. The director said that was fine and today went much better. We do not have many kids right now, but like I said, they are all young. We will also get a lot more kids as the year goes on. We will enjoy it while it lasts.
I need to get fingerprinted again for work. I may try to do that Monday. Next week will be very busy. I will write about that this weekend. I need to get off here for now. I hope your week has been great!! Have a nice day!!


  1. We start back on Monday, Kristen had her open house last night and we got to meet her new teacher. She's not happy this year because we're starting a new school too and she won't have any 'old' friends there, but I'm sure it won't take her long to make new ones. Glad Josh enjoyed his first day back. Have a great weekend.

  2. Josh looks so grown up at the locker. How time flies. I kinda have been lost on things this year as I don't have kids in school anymore. Seems weird. But it happens, they grow up. Enjoy it while it last.
    Sounds like you are busy and happy. :)

    Have a super weekend.

  3. Sure can't believe your Josh is getting so big, time sure does pass quick. Sounds like you are very busy these days with school starting!

  4. It's nice that you went to school with him... My parents NEVER went to school with me. On my first day of 1st grade (I didn't go to kindergarten), it was my older brother who showed me to class. I took the bus to school in first grade.

    Wait... They did take me to school one time, when we moved when I was in first grade. They had to register me and my siblings, and I do remember them in the office, but someone else took me to my classroom.

    But, I had to figure out middle school all by myself. *lol*

    Hope he enjoys the school year!


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