Friday, May 30, 2014


Today was Josh's last day of school. He went until 12:30 and I picked him up. We got the summer started by seeing Maleficent.
We loved it. I am a huge fan of fairy tales and to tell you the truth, I do not remember much from Sleeping Beauty other than Maleficent used to scare me to death. I enjoyed the back story of Maleficent and how the movie progressed. I do not want to say too much in case you want to see it. I think Josh is trying to make plans to go to my parent's house this weekend now. He never stays home. I did laundry today, but other than that the highlight was the movie. Have a great weekend. Here is a meme I found at Toni's who found it on Annie's blog: Annie's Meme 1. Do you recall your first date? Yes 2. What did you do? Where did you go? Did you have a good time? We went to dinner and a movie. It was an ok time. 3. Did you go out with the same person again or was that it? I think that was it. 4. Ever go on a blind date? How did that work out? I did go out on a blind date. We ended up dating for 2 years. 5. What was the best date experience ever? When I was in college I dated a guy that made a total fuss over me. We did not do anything out of the ordinary, but he always made me feel so special and treated me like a lady.


  1. Hi Lori;

    I was so happy to see your comment and was glad you left your blog's url. It's been so long.
    I'm so looking forward to seeing the movie Maleficent. The trailer was fantastic and Angelina Joelie really fits the part.
    Enjoyed your answers to Annie's First Date meme too. Hugs

  2. Was so glad to see you had stopped by my blog instead of waiting to read yours, I came right here to see what you have been up to!! Glad you and Josh had a nice "last day of school outing". Our kids around here have 2 more weeks due to the snowy winter we had. :( Have a terrific weekend!! Blessings!!


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