Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer School

It was a quiet weekend, I went to see my parents for a few hours and we visited, but that is about it. Today was the first day of summer school at the preschool. I was a bit sad. Only one of my kids showed up today, but we had some phone calls and we can expect more kids tomorrow. I did get to work a lot with the one that showed up though and that is good. I guess it is a good way to start the week anyway. We were able to get some more cleaning done. We shall see what tomorrow holds. I had a meeting at the end of our day, which is at 11:00AM and then I headed to the chiropractor. I think I mentioned in my last post I had hurt my hip on Friday. Well the chiropractor looked me over and my hips were out of line again. He fixed me up, this time he took an x-ray. I am feeling a little better. I go back on Wednesday to see what he says about the x-rays and he will probably adjust me again. I work tomorrow, but not a lot going on, so I will be back on Wednesday to let you know what he says about the x-rays. Have a nice week. Can you believe it is June? **UPDATE** I see I did not post about hurting my hip. I was at the ATM and I leaned out to work the machine and my hip popped. It hurt a lot and I was in some pain all weekend. I am fixed up again though.

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  1. Hi Lori;
    Oh my! I'm so sorry about you injuring your hip. I'm glad you are feeling better.
    i love seeing 3 comments you left. I guess every one of them took LOL!
    I just started a new meme called Tuesday 4 Meme the url is in case you'd like to join in.
    Take care and have a lovely week ahead my friend. Hugs


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