Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Josh's 16th Birthday

It is time for Tuesday 4 Meme

#10 Time Tells All (Fill In The Blanks)
1. It's 9:00 AM Sunday and I'm usually waking up and starting laundry at this time.

2. It's Noon On Monday and I'm usually teaching my afternoon class at this time.

3. It's 8:00 PM Wednesday and I'm usually watching tv at this time.

4. It's 5:30 PM Friday and I'm usually having supper at this time.

Saturday we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. We all enjoyed it. It was good. Sunday I was hoping to hit the pool, but it was too cloudy. Monday was Josh's 16th Birthday!!!
I think most of you are on my facebook, but if not, here is the collage I made of him. I cannot believe he is 16. I had a hard time with it. I had a little cry, I did the same thing when he turned 1. Well anyway, we met with my mom during the morning of his birthday and we went shopping. We got him new tennis shoes for school and some new books. He is also wanting a movie. He doesn't ask for much. He is hard to buy for because if you do get him something nice...we got him an iPhone for Christmas...he doesn't really care anything about it. So, I learned my lesson, I do not get him stuff like that without asking him if it is something he wants. Later, we met with Karl's family and we all had supper together. He has a big family, so there were a lot of us. It was fun. Here is a picture of Josh at dinner.
I am hoping to get to the pool on Tuesday. I am afraid it is going to be cloudy again and as the week goes on it is supposed to rain. This has not been a good summer for swimming/tanning.
I need to get my driver's license renewed this week and I hope to get Josh and possibly me too a haircut to get ready to get back to school. Have a great week.
Here is my siggie from Judy. Thank-you Judy!


  1. Hi Lori!

    Enjoyed your answers to the meme. Wow! so hard to believe Josh is 16 years old already!! He's definitely a good looking young man. Happy belated birthday to him.
    Have a great day ahead my friend. Hugs

  2. Happy Birthday to Josh! I think the collage you made of him is so sweet. Have a blessed day.

  3. Hi Lori! Josh is so adorable and he does not look 16 at all! Happy Belated Birthday to him! Loved your meme answers and hope you were able to get in the pool today. Sending lots of hugs!

  4. Hi Lori, Happy Birthday to Josh. Wow has time flow by these past years. I hope you get to the pool. Hugs

  5. Hi Lori!
    It's so hard to believe that Josh is 16 already and there certainly is nothing wrong with a little cry. Moms are allowed to cry. :)

    It has been a very wet and not so hot summer for us too. I hope you have a good day! Hugs

  6. Toni's meme's are so fun. Are you serious? 16 years old? No way! He was just a little boy a few days ago! You know it will take me all day to get over the shock.

    He's really handsome. Happy Birthday Josh. Hugz!!

  7. Hi Lori. Like everyone else, I'm shocked at how time has flown. I remember when Josh was just a little guy--and now he can drive! Don't feel too bad, though, because my baby is going on 22 years old. My oldest is 27. It's crazy! This has been a weird summer for us, too. Right now it's overcast and 73°. We had some rain earlier and will probably get a bit more tonight. According to your YoWindow, it's a great day for you to be at the pool! We haven't had much of a summer here and time is running out. I hope winter isn't frigid. Have a blessed Wednesday! xo


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