Saturday, August 16, 2014

Unconscious Mutterings

I saw this Unconscious Mutterings over at Toni's blog and so I decided to post it.

Unconscious Mutterings

1.Supervisor :: boss
2.Facebook :: friends
3.Almond :: Joy
4.Southern :: Belle
5.Hangnail :: Ouch!!
6.Runner :: Marathon
7.Authentic :: Real
8.Curls :: Hair
9.Skirt :: dress
10.Detective :: mystery

I slept in today and then watched some news to see what the latest was in Ferguson, MO with the riots. We are now getting ready to watch the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. Just a restful kind of day here.
Josh is at my parents house. He will be home tomorrow. Have a great weekend.
This sigtag is from Judy. Thank-you Judy!!


  1. I've heard about the riots in Ferguson. How awful! It is very tumultuous world we live in now. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Hi Lori; Enjoyed your answers to the UM meme. Truly a shame about the riots in Ferguson.
    How did the Cards do? The Yankees won yesterday for a change. I'm holding on hoping they make the postseason anyway. It may be a long shot though. Have a blessed Sunday dear friend. Hugs

  3. Hi Lori, that is crazy about the riots. To bad these things happen. I suppose you will be going back to school soon. Summer is winding down. It is hot here very hot in the upper nearly 100's still. I do hate the weather here in the valley.
    I can't wait until fall and someday to leave CA all together. Have a great school year! Hugs

  4. Hi Lori! I enjoyed your UM answers. I like that meme. It is terrible about the riots in Ferguson! I pray things settle soon. I hope the Cards won! Hugs!

  5. Enjoyed your UM answers. Hope you are not close to Ferguson. So sad! Have a great week at school. Hugz!

  6. I enjoyed your UM answers. It's so sad what is happening in Ferguson. I understand the protest but I will never understand the rioting and looting. Be safe! I hope you're far away from all of that.


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