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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Blog Hop

Hello Autumn Blog Hop friends!! I am going to talk about how much I enjoy fall leaves. I have two trees in my yard I love to watch change colors. I believe this one is a sugar maple.
This tree is my favorite, probably because it is in the front yard and I can see it really good. This was taken a couple of years ago, probably early October. Then one week later I took this picture
and it is completely changed colors. It happens so fast. One friend suggested I take a picture of it everyday and watch the colors change. I keep forgetting. It is a gorgeous tree though. Last year I noticed one on the side of my house had really pretty color, so I will share it also.
It was such a beautiful shade of orange. I actually have people drive by my house to see these trees in the Fall and I love to ride around looking at leaves too. They are so pretty.
I also enjoy decorating my lawn and house with Autumn goodies and wonderful smelling Autumn candles. I always buy mums and pumpkins for outside. They just dress up the yard for the season. My mom made me an Autumn wreath this year that is really pretty that I will share with you. Here it is:
Since this is a blog hop I will make this short. I hope you have enjoyed my Autumn pictures.
The next blog on the Autumn Blog Hop is Darylynn Please click the image below to get to her blog.


Marge said...

Good morning and happy blog hop day! Love your trees, Lori. Love their Fall colors. Great job on the blog hop. Thanks for sharing! Hugz!

Toni said...

Happy Autumn Blog Hop Lori, I'm loving seeing all the beautiful trees with their Fall colors. I sometimes wish it would be Fall all year round. LOL! I enjoyed your post dear friend. Hugs

Jules said...

Hi Lori! I think taking a photo each day of the tree would be pretty neat to see! We have a tree in our backyard to changes to the brightest golden leaves. So pretty! Have a wonderful day! Hugs

Kim said...

Hi Lori! Wow, what beautiful autumn foliage you have! The color on those trees is magnificent. I agree with your friend, you should take daily pictures. That would be something to see! Your wreath is beautiful too! I forgot to take a picture of my porch for the autumn blog hop. Oops. lol There isn't much out there but pumpkins and a mum. Have a great Wednesday and Happy October! Hugs

Kathy said...

Hi Lori! Happy Blog Hop Day! I enjoyed my visit, and your trees are just beautiful! That is my absolute favorite about Fall, the changing colors! Happy Wednesday! Hugs!

Darylynn said...

Hi Lori! Your trees are super pretty! How nice to have such a big one you can look out your window and see daily! I enjoyed my visit to your cute blog! I see I'm next on the list so with you, I've concluded my hop! (((Hugz)))

Susan said...

Love the beautiful tree Lori, I bet it gives a lot of shade for the summer too. Nice wreath too!. Thanks for sharing in our Fall blog hop, so much fun. Hugs.

annie said...

Beautiful tree. I love sugar maples. My favorite tree and what a great idea to photograph the changes in fall color.
I hope your Wednesday is going nicely!

Jeanne said...

Hi Lori! Your trees are so pretty. I would love to have a couple in my yard! The autumn wreath is so bright and cheerful!!

Judy said...

Happy Blog Hop Day Lori! I love sugar maples! What beautiful colors, & how neat to have one that you can see from your window. We don't get the blazing fall colors here, but we do get some. Love your wreath! Thank you for inviting us to visit with you. I enjoyed this so much! Hugs