Sunday, May 30, 2010

computer virus and ice-cream

I am on Karl's computer, so I cannot add any of my siggies or days of the week, but I wanted to make a post.
I was able to lay out in the sun yesterday, and yes I had on lots of sunscreen on. I have a little color now. It is amazing how my legs get to be glow in the dark white over the winter. Karl and Josh hit golf balls while I was out there and kept me company.
I was online last night on my computer and got some crazy virus, so we are dealing with that, but haven't had any luck getting the virus off my computer, so that is why I am on Karl's computer. I got it while surfing online. It shut my virus software off and everything.
Then we took Josh for ice-cream. It sounded like a good idea. Well, last year I was diagnosed with acid reflux, I took my medicine, but I must also be a little lactose intolerant because now my tummy hurts and I will leave it at that. I will be sticking home today until this passes. I need to clean house and do laundry anyway.
I am really enjoying blogger. I am glad you are all able to visit me. It seems like not many people blog anymore though. I need to find the active bloggers.
I will go for now. I hope you have a great day!!


  1. Hi Lori;

    It looks like the kids are getting smarter to be able to create a virus that shuts down virus software. One of the reasons why I rarely surf sites I'm not sure of and why I deactivated my FB account. I hope you are able to get your pc going again. Right now I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials (It's free to MS users) along with my XP's active Firewall. I gave up on McAfee as the new update locked up my system. I had to remove the program.

    I'm so glad you started blogging more and using Blogger. I think I mentioned I've been using it for a couple of years. I'm getting forgetful.. LOL! I've been using Blogger since 2006.

    I'll have to check out that History Channel program you mentioned. Tonight I'll be watching PBs' Tribute. Have a blessed weekend & Memorial Day. Hugs

  2. HELLO,
    Really a great job what you have shared us is imazing kewl really keep it up....

  3. I love the blog theme! Very pretty! As for glowing white in the winter? I thoroughly sympathise. I have been looking ALL over for my favorite self-tanner and it doesn't seem to be sold anymore! :(

  4. Hey Lori! Welcome to Blogger! It's SO much easier than WP was with all their updates and such.

    What kind of virus did you get on your computer? I have one on mine (even though I'm still using it). My virus has something to do with Java it says :-S Not sure what to do or how to fix it without taking my computer in. Hmmm. Just wondering if we have the same virus.

    I'm following you now so I'll be back often! Thanks for coming to visit me :-D

    I'm sure we have TONS of catching up to do ;-) Hugs xo


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