Tuesday, June 5, 2012

vaccination question

Friday we took Molly to the vet and everything went well with that and I was able to get their flea medicine while we were there. We use Revolution and love it. It also contains heart worm medicine. Molly just needed her yearly shots. Then that evening we watched The King's Speech. I think most of the people who visit my blog are into movies, so you already know how awesome that movie is. We loved it. Saturday Karl took Josh to play golf and 18 holes this time, they have been playing on junior courses and playing 9 holes. They also got a golf cart and I think Josh really enjoyed that. Then Josh headed to my parents house to stay the night. He has been going to church with them the past two weeks. My parents haven't been to church in a long time, so it is a good thing. Karl and I went to church on Sunday as well. Today I took Josh to get his 8th grade shot. It was the contains pertussis and whooping cough. I also did the meningococcal (meningitis). Anyway, they also suggest a Hep A and Chicken Pox vaccine booster. So for anyone who might be visiting with 13 or older kids. Did you get all of these vaccines for your kids? They also suggested the HPV which at one time was for girls only. I was just curious if people were getting all of the shots or just the required ones. I guess I am going to go for now, Meisha is wanting to go out.


  1. Hi Lori;

    I never got to see "The King's Speech" but I'll have to check it out having heard nothing but good reviews about it.

    Not being around children anymore I never think about shots or boosters. But I'm glad the schools and doctors keep up with it.

    Have a great day ahead my friend. Hugs

  2. You are right to question Lori. There's a lot of controversy about vaccinations these days. Who knows who's right?
    My kids are grown & gone. Wish I could be more help. Hugz!

  3. Hi Lori

    My daughter and DIL both get all the shots for the kids. We don't have HPV here or well it is not required. I would not give that to my daughter though if I was a parent of young children.
    How fun for Karl and Josh father son time. Sounds like everything is going great for you all. Have a great Thursday. Hugs

  4. Hi Lori, I haven't seen the King's Speech but the reviews were excellent. I can't help with the vaccines but I can understand your questioning if all are necessary. *hugs*

  5. I am pretty sure the kids are all up to date on their shots... At least they were at their last well child check-ups. *lol* They aren't due for another check-up until next March.

  6. Hi Lori,
    Sorry I'm no help on the vaccination questions. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead :) ((hugs))

  7. Hi Lori, our pediatrician did not really give us an "option" on Hep A or Chicken Pox, so our kids both got those. However, we did not give our kids the HPV vaccination.


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