Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Favorites

It is time for Tuesday 4 Meme!!

#27 Holiday Favorites

1.   Favorite Holiday?:  I kind of like Thanksgiving because you just spend time with family, eat and watch tv.  It is relaxing.  I love Christmas, but it is busy.

2.   Favorite Holiday Character?:  Santa Claus

3.   Favorite Holiday Dish?:
  Pie...any kind

4.   Favorite Holiday Weather?: Ok, do not shoot me, but I am a fan of summer, so I guess 4th of July hot summer nights watching fireworks would be my favorite. 

This is a kind of busy week, just basically because of the running around I am having to do...not anything that is a big deal.  I do have a teacher conference on Friday I am looking forward to.  It is a Sensorimotor Integration conference.  Several of us teachers are going.  It will be fun.  Teaching special education, we see this a lot in our kids and we need to be able to address it.  I have swings, rockers, pressure vests, weighted backpacks and blankets....the list goes on and on and all of our teachers have a lot of items in their classrooms, this conference will just give us some more ideas.  Remember Merry-Go-Rounds?  Those were great for sensory input for kids, but they are "not safe" anymore, so the kids do not get the input they need and teachers see the results in the classroom with kids not being able to focus or just kids acting out trying to get that input they need.  Anyway, I am looking forward to it.  Have a great week!


  1. Hi Lori! That is the cutest sig tag, ever!:) I enjoyed your meme answers. I hope you have a good conference! It sounds intriguing!

  2. Enjoy your teacher's conference. Sounds interesting. I remember merry-go-rounds. They were fun.

  3. Hi Lori! We all enjoyed Merry go rounds for decades, & now they're not safe?? I wondered why I never see them anymore. I hope you're enjoying this season. I'm finally finished with my decorating. I am hoping to post new Christmas siggies tonight, so hope you drop by. Sending big hugs!

  4. Hi Lori. Hope your teacher conference went well. That's sad about merry-go-rounds. I love them! Hope they make a comeback. Happy Saturday hugz!

  5. Merry go rounds were around for ages and were plenty safe for us kids back in the day. I think there is too much regulation today.
    Hope you had a great conference.


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