Saturday, January 3, 2015


I have really enjoyed my time off for the holidays.  I hate to see it end.  January 1st we took our Christmas stuff down and cleaned the whole house.  I will feel better knowing things are clean as I go back to work.  It is hard to keep up with when we are working and running to tutoring at night.  They are saying it is going to get really cold starting tonight.  I hope you all stay warm.
Josh has gone to stay the night again with my mom and dad.  It is good.  He is the age that he doesn't like to be home.  It is good for him to spend time with them.
We have watched so many movies over this break.
The Interview...kind of dumb
The Maze Runner-  we liked it.  Sort of like The Hunger Games/The Giver/Divergent...that feel.
Belle-  really liked that one, if you are looking for a rental, that is a good one.
Blended-  very funny and enjoyed it very much.
When the Game Stands Tall- was not looking forward to this one, but it is good.
We really need to look into getting Amazon Prime or Netflix or something.  We rarely find what we want at RedBox.  We usually purchase our movies through Google Play.
I am going to try and make another blog visit tonight.  It will probably be my last for a while.  Have a nice winter and stay safe and warm.


  1. Hi Lori. I love your movie reviews. So glad you got to enjoy your break from school. Happy week at work. Hugz!

  2. Hi Lori, Happy New Year! Glad you are enjoying yor time off! Great movie reviews, we saw Blended, it was great!

  3. Hi Lori glad you enjoyed your vacation. I love how your blog looks. Snow in the cities where we live is very rare. The kids had fun but said it was so cold. We will be at 80 mid week. That is So CA!

  4. Hi Lori; Time goes by so fast that it's hard to believe we are into 2015 by 4 days already. You will be missed until the next time now that your vacation is over. I too like your winter theme in here. Have a blessed week ahead dear friend. HUgs


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