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Saturday 9: Diamond Girl


Diamond Girl

Saturday 9: Diamond Girl (1973)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song is by Seals and Crofts, a pair of Texas boys who met when they both joined a local band called The Crew Cats. Have you ever visited The Lone Star State? If yes, where did you go?  I have been to Dallas with Karl and his parents to go to a Nascar race and to go shopping at the malls.  We also took a girl's trip (Karl's sisters) to San Antonio to go to visit The Alamo, Schlitterbahn, The Riverwalk and outlet mall shopping.

2) Lead singer Jim Seals compliments his girl by comparing her to a precious stone. What's the nicest compliment you have ever received? Who was it from?  I get a lot of compliments on my teaching from parents at school, that would mean the most to me.

3) Diamonds are birthstone for people born in April. What's your birthstone? Do you wear it often?  Mine is Sapphire and I used to have several rings, but nothing currently.  I need to get a bracelet or necklace.

4) In ancient times, Hindus believed diamonds brought good luck. Do you have a good luck charm?  no

5) On the other hand, some believe that one of the world's most famous gems, The Hope Diamond, is cursed. 14 of its owners have died from unnatural causes. Those who possessed the diamond committed suicide, were murdered, tortured to death in prison, and even torn apart by dogs! If you received a beautiful piece of jewelry that was rumored to be cursed, would you be concerned? Or do you think curses are silly?  silly

6) Rare diamonds share an element with the common pencil. Both contain graphite. Sam is crazy about pencils, pens and felt-tip markers. Do you enjoy shopping for office supplies?  yes, ones for my classroom.  I love all of the mentioned above.

7) In 1973, the year this record was popular, Shelley Hack was a hard-working and well-paid model. She regularly appeared on the pages of catalogs, on magazine covers and then launched Revlon's popular Charlie cologne in print and on TV. What commercial have you seen recently? Did you watch it on TV, online or on your phone?  I have been watching Virgin River on Netflix, it would be a commercial from watching on there, but I don't remember the commercial now...on my tv.

8) Also in 1973, Motown great Stevie Wonder was in a car accident that left him with a scar on his nose. Tell us about how you got one of your scars.  I have a scar on my nose from chicken pox as a kid, one of my tummy too.

9) Random question: What's your perfect day -- weatherwise?  Sunny and 70 with a light breeze and low or no humidity.


  1. I bet the scar on your nose is cute. Like a freckle. Am I right?

  2. #2 I used to do guest lectures at colleges, but I gave it up. All the professors that I taught for have retired so I guess it was time to give it up.

  3. #9 has been fun--seems like we have the same favorite weather!

  4. Sunny & 70 makes for a great day!

  5. I don't think there are commercials on Netflix films. I used to watch Virgin River but stopped at the 3rd season because I knew what was coming and didn't want to watch any of it.

  6. PS Thank you for the extraordinarily kind comment on my blog.

  7. Yes to the weather choice! It is mine, too! A fun Saturday 9 and I enjoyed your answers, Lori! Happy weekend!

  8. I forgot about my chicken pox scars. I remember enjoying the smell of a new box of crayons. I bet you enjoy watching the kids with their new supplies!


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