Saturday, November 13, 2010

checking in...

I have been working on my thematic unit today. It is kind of like our Final for my class and it is pretty involved. I worked on and off all day and I do not feel like I got much done, but I know I did. I am going to do a couple more lesson plans tomorrow.
Well, I did my lesson plan in practicum last week and as boring as I thought it would be, the kids were really into it. The teacher did a great job teaching them about the Pledge of Allegiance and they were excited about my lesson. I was very impressed with them. I tied it to Veteran's Day and they talked about the Veteran's in their lives also. It went well. I am almost done with practicum, I am going to miss those kids.
Work is going fine. I have really good kids this year. It is nice.
Karl is still working and that is good.
I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving. I am excited. I love Thanksgiving!! All of the food, football, Macy's Parade and relaxing. I will only have that one day I am sure. I will have to get back to doing homework after Thanksgiving Day. Everything is due the following week on Dec. 3rd.
Well, I just wanted to drop in. I am fine, just really busy this semester. Oh, I got enrolled for next semester also. I am taking my second block of Methods. I am excited. It will be assessment and curriculum. I better go. Have a nice week!!


  1. Hi Lori;

    It's been awhile and I've missed visiting. It was nice to see your post on Network Blogs. I too love Thanksgiving and always look forward to watching the Macy's Day parade. This year I'm spending it with my sister, her son and his family and my son & DIL. There'll be seven of us. No one's cooking as we are spending it at a local restaurant serving a full Thanksgiving meal. I don't care where we spend it as long as we spend the day with family. :)

    Have a lovely and blessed weekend dear friend. HUGS!!

  2. I'm not overly excited about Thanksgiving, because of where we are stuck going. *sigh* ... Sometimes I wish it could just be us...

  3. HI Lori, sounds like you guys are getting by okay and that is a blessing for sure. That sounds like a great lesson good to hear kids are learning about things like that still. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. big hugs

  4. Hi Lori, glad I found your new link (visited your 'old' blog page on your main site). Happy to hear you're doing well. Hugs ;)

  5. Hi Lori. :) I'm so glad that everything is going well for you. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hugs!


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