Friday, March 4, 2011

My March Madness

How is everyone doing? I am doing good. I am enjoying my classes this semester, they are lecture classes and not a ton of homework like last semester. It is nice to not be overwhelmed for a change.
I am also working on wrapping up my schooling. The plan is to take the last two classes over the summer and then student teach in the fall for 8 weeks and I will be done. I am waiting for one more signature and one 8 week block of student teaching will be waived for me because I already teach at a preschool. I plan to do my student teaching in primary grades (for me that is 1st-3rd). I have my provisional teaching certificate until then. It has been a long process, many of you have been with me the whole time. I am ready to be done. I hope to be about mid October.
The weather has been gorgeous here the past couple of the 60's. I love that, I can take the kids out for recess at the preschool and they have so much fun.
Let's see, the house hunt. We have been looking at houses. Mostly trying to get an idea of what size of house we want, how big do we want the bedrooms, how much storage space do we need, etc. We were looking at moving to another town. Josh is not doing so well with that, and as silly as it seems, we will probably try to stay here. He is doing so good in school now, after a not so good last 2 years that he was in elementary school. I wanted to move him away then and now that he is back in school and doing good in middle school, I am glad we stayed. It all works out. God has a plan and He will show us the house He wants us to have when the time is right.
Well, I know I should post more often so when I do post it isn't so long, but I have a lot going on and when I come home, I just want to relax. I will have a life again in a few months, I am so excited!! 7 more months!! If I do not make it back, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


  1. It sure is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel look brighter, huh?

    That's awesome! :)

  2. Hi Lori,
    Yes you've been really focused and doing so well with your classes, Lori. Seems like such a long time since you first told us your teaching plans :) I can understand you wanting to be done with it (studying, classes)! Great to see your post, glad you're doing well. Big hugs

  3. Hi Lori, good luck with your house hunt. I love looking for houses and it's a good time to buy since they are much cheaper at least in our area. We are underwater.
    Okay busy girl have a great week. big hugs


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