Monday, June 6, 2011

May update

Well let's see, since last I wrote, I finished my spring classes and of course school is out at the preschool for summer. I got pretty stressed out at the end of the year. I was trying to get part of my student teaching waived and wasn't sure of it was going to happen, but in the end it did. I will student teach in the fall for 8 weeks and that will be done. I am student teaching in a second grade classroom, so that will be fun. I also wanted to finish up my last two classes this summer and that isn't going to happen. I am taking one class this summer and I will take one in the fall during student teaching. So, I wanted to be done in October, it will be December. I am so ready, I am going crazy.
Karl finally went back to work in May, but we got behind financially with him being off, so I am really not sure what is going on with our house hunt. I am least want to put our current house on the market soon. It isn't like houses are selling fast or anything. I think Karl's concern is that if we get another house and cannot sell our current house for a while we will have two house payments and I am going to be student teaching for 8 weeks which means no paycheck. Otherwise we could swing it. We will just see.
Josh did great in school. He made all A's and one 89%. He was so close. I am very proud of him.
I start my college class next week. It is only for 4-5 weeks, so that will be nice. I am planning on writing my lesson plans for while I will be gone in July.
Tomorrow I take Josh to the Orthodontist.

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  1. Glad to hear that your husband is working again. Hope your house sells fast!!!


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