Saturday, September 29, 2012

where does the time go?

Hello blogging friends!! Sorry I have been away for so long. The truth is, I have been really tired. We are in full swing at the preschool and we have a LOT of kids this year. It is a bit overwhelming at this point for all of us working there, so we are hoping things get better and calm down. That is not usually the way it goes though at the preschool, it usually just gets busier as the year moves on. I have been saying my prayers and asking for help from God. We have a super cute class though. I have also been getting some visits from my former students this year and that makes me soooooooo happy. I miss them so much and it is just good to see them doing so well at "big school". It has seriously been forever since I have posted. There is too much to write about. I have decorated my house and the preschool for fall. That is my favorite to decorate for. I went Halloween here at the blog. I could not find a background I liked for Fall. I am enjoying my fall scents I bought back in the summer and I got some Scentsy scents for my birthday that are fall smells and they are yummy also. Josh is doing good in school. He is in 8th grade and this year seems to have a lot of homework. He is currently working on a research paper for choir of all classes. I hate homework. Josh goes to the orthodontist next week for a check up on his braces. I have been trying to do some clothes shopping. I got a few things when I got my first paycheck, so when it starts to cool down here, I will have some new things to wear. I want to get like one new thing each month to build my wardrobe up. It is fun to shop for clothes. I have my pants, so now I can focus on new tops and I enjoy buying new tops more anyway. I have also been picking up some fun jewelry. I have done more than this and I could tell you some crazy stories about people asking about our house here lately, but I better wrap up for now. I hope you are all doing great. I miss blogging and hearing how you all are. Thank-you for understanding my schedule and visiting anyway. Have a great October!! Just so you know, I did make paragraphs...blogger seems to have crammed it all together, I had a hard time reading it...sorry about that.


  1. Hi Lori, sound like you are super busy. My grandson started Pre K and he loves it. My 2 year old grand daughter keeps me busy here at home during the week but I love seeing her grow. Have a great week. I did change my blog over to fall with pics of the grands on the front. Your furbaby is so cute!

  2. Hi Lori. Good question - Where does the time go? I never did figure out the answer to that one but if you do please share the answer with me. :)

    Anyway, sounds like you've been a busy beaver. Glad all goes good at school for you and Josh. 8th grade. wow! where did the time go?

    Hope you have time to blog more. In the meantime, good health and much happiness, girlfriend. Hugz!

  3. Mean ole blogger program! *rofl* ... We don't mind the missing paragraphs. We just like hearing from you!

    Sounds like you're crazy busy! That's the one thing I don't like about this time of year. The business!

    You're making me want to decorate for fall/Halloween. I should have Joe pull out the decorations from under the house. :)

  4. Good to read how things are going for you..I haven't been checking everyone's blogs lately so I guess I better get busy and start posting on mine too. I have tried to change it up a bit but have trouble with this new setup on blogger..:( Glad your teaching is going great!!

  5. Hi Lori! I'm sorry I've been away from blogging too, but a lot longer than you have been. I'm posting again, & really enjoying reconnecting with my blogger friends. Sounds like you are super busy! It's going into that time of year in which we will all get a bad case of the busys. I want to focus on just enjoying it this year & really taking it all in. Sending you big hugs!!

  6. HI Lori, I want to hear about your house. I love clothes! big hugs


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