Friday, June 7, 2013

Catching up...Part 2

Josh was saved when he was 5 years old, but he never did get baptized. I did not want to push him and make him feel uncomfortable. The last day of school Josh tells me..."I talked to Pastor and I am getting baptized June 2nd". I was so excited for him. Here is a picture. The rest are on facebook. I am glad I never pushed him to get baptized and that it was able to be his decision. It just means more that way. I cried and was so proud of him. The Grandparents were there and one of Josh's Aunt's...Karl's sister Kayla. Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut to eat. It was a nice night. My parents also had their 50th wedding anniversary in April. We have been busy. We took them out to eat and had a great time with them. I did not get any great pictures of that because my dad is having trouble walking (his weight) and so he was off to the car before I could even snap a picture. He is suffering from Alzheimer's now and my mom has Parkinson's. They are doing ok for what they are going through for now. So yesterday Josh and I decided to go to the Japanese Stroll Garden here in Springfield. We went there and then we had a bite to eat at Burger King. Last night we went to Branson for dogfood at Petco and I got to check-out the new Ulta make-up store. We had fun. The stroll garden was so peaceful and pretty. It is in a big park, so we went there also and saw the Botanical Gardens and the Butterfly House. My phone died at the Japanese Garden I took so many pictures, so I did not get any pictures of the Botanical Garden or the Butterfly House. Josh did, but I haven't seen them yet. Here is a photo of Josh at the Japanese Stroll Garden. I think I am caught up on the important stuff now. Tomorrow we plan to go to Silver Dollar City...a theme park here in the area, so I will make a post about that on Monday. Have a great weekend!!


  1. Lori, that sounds like a nice day with Josh. I love gardens and out to eat. So happy for you and Josh about his baptism. Congrats to your parents! wow that is a long long time to be married. Yikes! Steve and I are about to have #25. Have a great weekend. Hugs

  2. Hi Lori, Conrats to Josh on his Baptism and your parents on their Annivrsary. Sounds like you had a delightful day with Josh. Happy w/e. Hugz!

  3. Hi Lori,
    I saw this picture on Instagram bt he was completely under water so I didn't know who it was? Congrats to him for the Baptisim. Happy Anniversary to your parents wow 50 years. Hope you have a wonderful unday.I will have a new post tomorrow :) Hugs, Dru

  4. Hi Lori;

    It's great seeing you posting again and visiting. How wonderful that Josh decided to get baptized. God bless him. I remember when my boys were water baptized (they were also baptized as babies in the Catholic church).
    Happy belated 50th Anniversary to your parents. I'm glad they had a wonderful day. Hugs

  5. Way to go, Josh! You must be so proud! ... All my kids are saved too, but not brave enough to go up and get up in front and be baptized yet. Like you, I don't want to push them. You're such a good mom. :)


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