Monday, June 17, 2013

Packing for Oklahoma

Josh and I went to the library last Monday to return his books. He did not get anything new because of our trip. We also went to the pharmacy and to the Dollar Store for some things. Then we did not do a whole lot until Friday. Friday I decided I was going to get some things done. I shampooed the carpets, washed the windows, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and dusted. I felt better getting something done. I also did the laundry. Tomorrow we leave for Oklahoma. Josh is spending the night with my parents tonight so they can make plans for the trip and they will pick me up in the morning. We will be back on Friday. I mostly would like to get some shopping done while we are down there. My Uncle is in the hospital with double pneumonia and in the we will try to visit him as we are able...he cannot have many visitors. I know Josh was hoping to do more things with my Uncle, but he will enjoy seeing my Uncle and his wife. I hope he is feeling better soon. If we stay at the hotel I am hoping to swim and I want to check out the workout room. I did my walking today. I would like to cycle in Oklahoma. I do still need to start packing. Have a great week!! P.S. did not flood at my house, but very close by. I was lucky. I was seeing a lot of homes on facebook with flooded yards and people saying they had 3 inches of water in their homes. There were many roads that were flooded in Springfield. My cell phone was going off all weekend with flood and thunderstorm warnings. It is still raining. There is no standing water here though. :)


  1. wow! How can you get all that work done in one day? Guess I could do that when I was younger!
    Have a wonderful time in OK. Take lots of pictures to share when you get home. Hugz!!

  2. Hi Lori,
    Have a great time in OK so sorry to hear about your Uncle hope he is better real soon. Hugs, Dru

  3. Hi Lori, I did not hear about a storm and floods in your area, but I was not watching the news much this weekend. I'm glad all is okay with that. I am sorry about your uncle i hope he gets well soon! have a fun trip. I know you will read this afterwards. So be safe. Hugs

  4. Hi Lori;

    We also had the storms too here in upstate NY but thankfully no flooding here in my area. I pray that your uncle feels better soon. Have a great trip my friend. Hugs


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