Wednesday, June 22, 2016

semi annual sales...

I am at home today doing laundry, but Monday and Tuesday I spent with my parents and I will be back there tomorrow.  Tuesday my mom went grocery takes her a while....about 3-4 hours, so Josh goes with her and I stay with my dad.  It is in another town that she has to drive to which is why it takes so long.  Then Thursday she is getting her haircut.  That will be nice for her.  It is always nice to get pampered a little.
I heard through a friend I work with on Monday that I was going to be working with my same little boy at the school next year....but for now it is a rumor and I have not heard anything official, but if that is true, it is good news and I will be happy to stay there.  I will just keep praying and hope to hear something soon.
The semi annual sales are going on at Bath and Body and Victoria's Secret, so yesterday my Bath and Body order came in and today my Victoria's Secret bra came in.  I am always so excited for the semi annual sales.  I got several wallflowers from bath and body, some lotions, scentportables for my car and soap.
We took my dad shoe shopping last Friday in Branson.  We got him some new shoes from S.A.S.  His poor feet are so swollen from the lymphedema that he took a size bigger and a triple wide, but he has shoes to wear now.  I am happy about that.
I guess that catches everyone up since I last posted.  I am getting ready to watch a St. Louis Cardinals game.  They are playing the Chicago Cubs.  We beat them 2 games and today is the 3rd.  Chicago's best pitcher is going though.  I love watching the Cardinals play win or lose.  Have a great week!


  1. Hi Lori; I now order and have my groceries delivered by Shoprite as I don't drive anymore. Much easier as I'm not shopper. I've come to depend on online shopping for just about everything now. It's great pampering mom and dads. Mine have both passed on years ago. I still miss them. Good news on maybe working with the same little boy. I pray that works out for you. Have a blessed day ahead my friend. :)

  2. Hi Lori, good that you can help with your parents. I was glad I did and I sure miss them. So you must be off for the summer? I still can't believe I am retired. I need get a bra at Victoria Secrets for my dress since it has to be strapless. Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for your visit. Hugs

  3. Hi Lori. What a nice surprise to see an entry from you. Shopping is getting more and more difficult for me so I'm thinking I should start shopping more online. So wonderful that you can help your parents. Chris comes once a month to help me. I'm so grateful for him.

    Hope you get some definite info about next years assignment soon. Don't you hate the wondering thing? Hope the Cardinals win. My 2 oldest boys were born there so we love St. Louis. So many wonderful memories of St. Louis Zoo. Hugz!!


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